Incognito – The Memoirs of Ben Trovato

Peer review pressure is mounting

My books have garnered around forty or fifty reviews.

I have been called everything from “the Che Guevara of literary commentary” to “the literary equivalent of the Unabomber”. I have been described as Pythonesque and Pynchonesque. Arrogant and opinionated. Insane, bizarre and completely cracked. But that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Have you bought my memoir yet? I didn’t think so. Back to me, then.

Miraculously, not a single review over the years has been negative. Sure, there was one book that got sent out to critics with ten rand notes slipped inside, but I doubt that was enough to swing it in my favour. Any ethical books page editor would require at least a hundred bucks to say something nice.

For the first time, though, I’m feeling a little anxious. Being criticised for your writing is one thing. Being hammered for the things you’ve done in your life is something else. But I suppose that’s the risk you take when you write a memoir.

So far, so good.

Bruce Dennill

Brian Joss review

Ray Joseph review

11 thoughts on “Peer review pressure is mounting

  1. Jane says:

    Ive been hesitating to read it since I have this fantasy about Ben and don’t want to spoil it. Thing is how do you top it – so to speak – for the ‘twilight surfer’ years (borrowed from Don Clarke of The Drakonteur)

  2. Albert Jack says:

    Anxious indeed, know that feeling well. Just get back at the coal face and keep digging. We will reach the surface one day…

    1. Jesus, Albert. How much digging are we going to have to do if we hope to reach the surface? And which way are we digging, anyway?

  3. Diana says:

    I was stuck in bed (no, nothing nice about that one) and read your book. So there! I actually bought it. Loved it but jeez, talk about a hooligan of note. Glad you made it out alive to tell the stories and good stories at that. Being Dutch born I am not entirely surprised by you though.

    1. Of course. I can blame it all on my Dutch genes! Thanks Diana. I’ll call you as a character witness.

  4. just finished your book “Incognito,” and must say enjoyed it as I finished the read very quickly! hectic life story. I have three alter-ego`s in SA namely Gerry Nel, Randall from Idols and my top favourite Ben Trovato – please don’t stop writing Ben! regards John Metelerkamp

    1. Me, Gerry and Randall? What a thought. Thanks John.

  5. Monica Koep says:

    Hey, Mark.

    Don’t know if you’ll receive this e-mail, but if you do….just know that I bought your latest book as soon as it appeared on the bookshop shelves… a Father’s Day present for Pete……I read it in two sittings….and loved it.

    Take care.

    Stay well.

    Much love.


    Monica M.C. Koep International Development Cooperation / Democracy Consultant P.O. Box 3516 Windhoek Namibia tel: +264 61 236395 mobile: +264 81 127 8495

    1. Howzit Monica! Long time. That’s a hell of a Father’s Day present for Pete. I hope he enjoyed it as much as you did. If Gwen asks him for legal advice, he must tell her that she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Anyway, she’s writing her own memoir. I might have to put Peter on retainer.
      Great to hear from you again.
      Love xx

  6. Hey Jami. I have no doubt you’ll get fantastic reviews and it’ll be flying off the shelves in no time at all x

  7. JK says:

    Am super struggling waiting for reviews of my own story, so i know exactly what you are talking about!!

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