11 thoughts on “The Naked Launch

  1. They don’t check names at the door. Get there early. Hole up next to the liquor. Nobody will throw you out.

  2. Jeez. Some people are never satisfied. Six for bloody six-thirty. Arrive earlier if you want to get properly drunk.

    1. ginnyswart says:

      So armed withe the date, place and TIME, I phone Kalk Bay books just to make sure you had your facts right, and they tell me smugly that they never announced it because your launch is FULLY BOOKED. I offered the girl on the phone R5 but she wouldn’t budge. And Roeland Street is far away in a different country . Its not the Southern Suburbs. I am fairly devastated but will have to wait until you write another book I suppose. Ah well.

  3. Actually, the launch is in Cape Town. Wednesday 28th May at Kalk Bay Books and a week later another one at the Book Lounge.

    1. ginnyswart says:

      OK thanks for that-now for the next step ( sheesh getting info out of some people is really difficult) you told us the PLACE but not the TIME!

    2. ginnyswart says:

      Well , brilliant move, very subtle , teller of good tales. Your launch isn’t mentioned in the Times book launch column yesterday. I realise this is just your PR’s idea, to make the whole event cloaked in mystery and excitement. There is another nameless one who is launching his odious work on the next night at the same place. Tch!

  4. There’s no article. It’s an invitation to my launch.

    1. ginnyswart says:

      so….seeing I can\t read anything, where’s the launch? Not in Durban, surely? All those crows. Come to Cape Town, where you belong!

  5. Ostripet KZN says:


    I used to get the actual article, now all I get is this

  6. Ginny, your computer is an enemy of the people. Destroy it at once. As for that Verbaan character, the less said the better.

  7. Ive been getting these mysterious front pages of the newspaper and wondering how the heck to enlarge them to read them. Then I see you told one of your fans to click on Weekend Argus extract. So I did. And my computer warned me against carrying on because Adobe didn’t like this. Did I want to override it? Yes! But when I told sternly it to obey me, it went totally black and shielded me from whatever ghastly improprieties you had written. I might have to buy the book, but Ive never heard of this Verbaan character, is he a good writer?

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