An Open Letter to Melissa Bachman

Dearest Melissa,

I just wanted to say how much I love that photo of you posing next to the lion you killed in South Africa.

The picture has gone around the world and everyone thinks you are absolutely wonderful. Well, apart from those who think you are a coldhearted filthpig who uses a gun to deal with issues of low self-esteem and other unresolved childhood pathologies.

I think you are great. I wish you were my wife. My dream would be to travel the world, just you and I, with matching His and Hers .357 Benjamin Rogues, shooting animals in the face just for the hell of it.

I can’t believe the size of your telescopic sights. This is not a euphemism. That thing mounted on your gun is huge. I’m surprised you even had to leave America. It would have been cheaper to just get on a stepladder out on your porch, face South Africa and pull the trigger.

I bet you’re a real tiger in bed, too. That’s a post-orgasmic glow on your face in the dead lion shot, that is. Was it good for the lion, too? Must have been. He looks completely exhausted. And who wouldn’t be after taking a bullet in the head? It was the head, wasn’t it? I don’t suppose it really matters. The important thing is that South Africa has one less lion. These furry bastards sleep all day and contribute nothing to the economy. We can’t even go out without one of them sloping up to our window and asking for a handout. And god help us if we don’t give them some kind of meat-based product right away. They think nothing of chewing our arm off right there at the traffic lights.

I read your tweet just after the gun battle. “Stalked inside 60 yards on this beautiful male lion. What a hunt!” Sixty yards sounds a lot, but it isn’t. Not if the lion charges and you have to suddenly make the five yards back to your vehicle.

Some honey-buggers seem to think it would have been a fair fight if you had been dropped into the middle of the bush by helicopter at night, and then used nothing but your teeth and nails to kill the lion. Look, you’re American. Those are some big-ass scary teeth you have in your head, no doubt about it. But who said it has to be hand-to-hand combat? Jesus talked about survival of the smartest. Besides, if lions enjoy living so much, why didn’t they invent guns?

I see on your website that you have killed almost every animal that ever dared to walk, fly or crawl across your path. Well done. I particularly liked the one you gunned down in Alaska before you came over here to deal with our lion, nyala, duiker and zebra problem. The nice thing about zebra is that you can go over to them and shoot them in the back of the head with a handgun without even spilling your drink. We’re very lucky to have them. Or not have them. Whatever.

Oh, yes. The caption was, “My first Alaskan brown bear! A beautiful and extremely blonde one to top it off!!” It must have been particularly satisfying for a brunette like you, Melissa. Blondes have all the fun. Well, not any more they don’t.

I love how you have taken the sport of archery and converted it into a means of hunting. The same should be done with other sporty type things. Croquet is a giggle, sure, but how much more of a giggle would it be to substitute the ball for a splinter grenade? Place hoops at the entrance to fox or rabbit burrows. Get extra points for blowing up babies. That kind of thing. I’m surprised the British haven’t thought of it.

I can’t wait to see your beautiful lion with his head cut off and stuck on your wall where it belongs. Did you know that a lion’s front legs make great sock puppets for the kids if you hollow them out properly? Make sure not to leave any meat in them. You don’t want your children getting all maggoty.

By the way, I couldn’t help noticing that your lion has a couple of nasty scratches on his face. You might want to take him back and shoot a fresh one. Tell that Julious Heyneke at the Maroi Conservancy that you don’t want a second-hand lion.

I’m glad to see that those people at the “conservancy” point out on their website that all the meat from hunted animals is given to the local community. But they must be careful. I can already hear the complaints.

“That’s canned lion three times this week. Fuck that shit. We’re on strike.”

Oh, wait. They don’t have lions. But it was on your “wish list”. So when you asked them for a lion, they said, “Sorry, lady, we’re out of lions. But we know a guy who knows a guy in Zeerust.”

I don’t like pimps myself, whether it be for chicks or lions, but hey, whatever gets your ovaries off, babe.

Anyway. Good luck with the hunting. If you ever come back, there are people who will pay you good money to take out a dangerous animal terrorizing parts of Johannesburg.

They call it the Krejcir from the black lagoon.



290 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Melissa Bachman

  1. Sarav says:

    Well, I love hunting too. I love to pose a pic with a bullet on Mellisa’s head. At least I hunted something worthless and useless to this world rather than a lion.

  2. bondage says:

    I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely loved every bit of it.

    I have got you book marked to look at new stuff you post…

  3. Please note 500 elephants is a typo which ought to read 100 elephants.

    While I’m here I’d like to say some more in answer to the various comments of people who like ‘hunting’ (or ‘cunting’ as Ricky Gervais has called it). It is evident to anyone who looks into the world of hunting that we are not being told the truth. There is too much money in it, and as the Bible tells us: “The love of money is the root of ALL evil”.

    Melissa Bachman is just one of many people who make a living this way. She is not the only one of her type. She is a ringleader, but there are others, who call themselves “Extreme Huntresses”, like Olivia Nacos Opre (Huntress Livy) or Eva Shockey one of a whole family of trophy hunters. If anyone is any doubt how wrong what these people do is, please try watching one of Melissa Bachman’s vids in which she kills one of the many bears that she has killed. This isn’t the worst of her vids, as I wasn’t able to watch any of them to find out, it’s just one:

    The problem is that there are too many sick people in the world who can think of nothing better than going to Africa to kill a lion, an elephant, a rhino – and that’s still very possible if someone has the money and it doesn’t cost anything like $350,000 – a giraffe, a hippo, a monkey, or anything else that they would like to kill. People go on holiday to Africa, take their children, and the highlight of their holiday is to kill one or even several animals during their stay. Sadly, going to Africa to kill one or more animals is on the bucket list of many people.


    Some of the more wealthy ‘hunters’ travel the world to kill hundreds of animals. There are various series of ‘awards’ organised by the Safari Club International for killing large numbers of animals of different types and countries. The list makes sickening reading, detailing the horrifyingly large numbers of animals involved along with the number of people who have won those awards.


    In the USA and Canada, there is a free-for-all, wholesale slaughter of bears, bobcats, cougars, wolves, coyotes and raccoons, often using packs of dogs. Some hunters get their kicks with the messy killings and like to use dogs and dream of cornering a cougar or a bear in a cave. In Australia, kangaroos and horses are ‘trophy hunted’ or to put it more accurately killed for the entertainment value plus souvenirs – which would be primarily the photo but also for various body parts. Commonly, children as young as 5 are taught to use a gun, kill for fun and pose for snaps afterwards. There are many pictures on the internet of truckloads of dead animals, as many consider it a hobby to dress up in camouflage and go out on their own or with friends and family killing animals. Some call it ‘varminting’.

    While 10,000 homeless pets and animals every day are ‘euthanized’ in ‘shelters’ in the US alone.

    Don’t listen to what the ‘hunters’ tell you. For the most part, they are either lying – perhaps even to themselves – or being extremely economical with the truth. The figures are horrifying. Take our closest relatives monkeys – which astonishingly some people will trophy hunt – as an example. There are 280 sub-species of monkey, and at least half of those sub-species are endangered. There are only 400 gorillas left. Orangutans are routinely killed often violently as their habitat is disappearing at a rate of knots. It is estimated that 4,000 orangutans are made homeless – many of that number are violently killed – every year due to deforestation to make palm oil, which is not even good for us yet is contained in 40% of the products sold in UK supermarkets.

    Once it’s too late, and the elephants, the rhino, the hippos, the giraffes and the big cats, the bears, the wolves are all gone, the same people who are doing all the killing will just shrug their shoulders and walk away. Don’t believe their lies as the nightmare scenario of these animals becoming extinct can and most definitely will happen if things don’t change very soon.

  4. Geo Trevius says:

    The aithor is my heroe! Should be writing more frequently to all mercenaries in this planet. Wish you would write complaining for the killing of Marius and Taiji dolphins. Once again amazing! You are my hero.

  5. Did you know about the practice of trophy hunting? Many people don’t. Did you know that 500 elephants are killed each day, that’s 1 every 15 minutes and only around half of those are by poachers, the rest are legally slaughtered through hunting permits that can be purchased from any one of a number of companies on the internet. Did you know whole families are going on holiday to Africa to shoot lions, leopards, giraffes, zebra and hippos and many other animals? Or that they are breeding certain animals including lions to be shot in thousands of game farms in Africa and America, using high wire fencing which is destroying whole ecosystems?

    Just so the ‘hunters’ can have fun, can be photographed with the body of the animal they have just killed as ‘the great white hunter’. Perhaps have some body parts made into souvenirs by companies who specialize in hunting souvenirs, like making wallets out of their skin, or having them stuffed and put into a trophy room.

    Did you know that there is wholesale slaughter of bears and wolves worldwide just for fun because some people think that makes a good hobby? That routinely especially all over the US, small children as young as 4 and 5 are taught to use a gun and kill animals for fun, not just deer but
    cougars, bobcats, bears, wolves, raccoons, possums, gophers, anything that moves.

    Did you know that every day in the United States 10,000 cats and dogs are destroyed because they are homeless? Not just old dogs, but of all ages, and many are only pups or one or two years old. They didn’t even have a life yet and for some of them all they knew in their life was deprivation and abuse. They are sentenced to die for their only crime, being homeless.

    There’s this and a whole lot more but there are also people doing something about it in various internet groups on Facebook and elsewhere. The animals need your help now.

    Visit http://www.endtrophyhuntingnow.com for a library of articles, links and pics and a iist of Facebook groups who are working to help stop this terrible cruelty.

  6. shirley grady says:

    What a beautiful letter. The quality, style, grammar and punctuation are sadly all wasted on this woman, as she obviously has shit for brains. Clearly, this is not of her own doing but that of her family, society and circumstance. After all, when ones money is in such abundance that ones personal needs, however heinous, qualify as legal – well, what is a hedonistic narcissist to do?

  7. Mareta says:

    I really don’t think it has anything to do with where you are from. If you are such an asshole to even think you are wonderful going round the world killing innocent animals that cannot defend themselves, I think one should put her & people like her on the other side of the gun. .. and yes maybe give them a 60 yard head start.

  8. fortu says:

    Thumbs up Letter Ben!! I hope them words slice through her heart to mark a painfull scar that will forever remind her to despise murdering animals for the thrill. Shuuu! How heartless

  9. it’s a shame to kill innocent animals and call it “hunting sport”.

  10. I cannot believe the amount of ‘interest’ this image and story has created. I think it would be very interesting to see hiom write about the freedom with which our ‘allies’ kill in Afghanistan. When all wars are stopped and we stop killing fellow humans then I may place some credence on these ‘intellectual’ debates! 🙂

  11. Johnny de Beer says:

    read this, may make you think a little…

    ODD as it may sound, American trophy hunters play a critical role in protecting wildlife in Tanzania. The millions of dollars that hunters spend to go on safari here each year help finance the game reserves, wildlife management areas and conservation efforts in our rapidly growing country.

    This is why we are alarmed that the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is considering listing the African lion as endangered. Doing so would make it illegal for American hunters to bring their trophies home. Those hunters constitute 60 percent of our trophy-hunting market, and losing them would be disastrous to our conservation efforts.

    In 2011, five animal-rights and conservation groups petitioned the Fish and Wildlife Service to list the African lion as endangered, arguing that the population had fallen dangerously low because of habitat loss, poaching, commercial hunting and new diseases associated with human encroachment. “The U.S.,” their petition said, “is by far the largest importer of hunting trophies from Tanzania.”

    While that is true, the lion population in Tanzania is not endangered. We have an estimated 16,800 lions, perhaps 40 percent of all lions on the continent, the biggest population in the world. Their numbers are stable here, and while our hunting system is not perfect, we have taken aggressive efforts to protect our lions.

    Tanzania has regulated hunting for decades; female and younger lions are completely protected, and the hunting of males is limited by quotas set for each hunting area in the country. We recently made it illegal to hunt male lions younger than 6 years old to ensure that reproductively active animals remained with their prides. And proposed amendments to our wildlife law would further crack down on the export of lions taken illegally, penalize hunting companies that violated our rules and reward those that complied.

    Africa, of course, is endowed with a tremendous wealth of wildlife, and Tanzania has been particularly blessed. We have roughly 130,000 elephants, two of Africa’s three largest populations of wild dogs, and spectacular landscapes like the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Mount Kilimanjaro. We have placed nearly a third of our land in national parks, game reserves and wildlife management areas.

    Of all the species found here, lions are particularly important because they draw visitors from throughout the world — visitors who support our tourism industry and economy. Many of these visitors only take pictures. But others pay thousands of dollars to pursue lions with rifles and take home trophies from what is often a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. Those hunters spend 10 to 25 times more than regular tourists and travel to (and spend money in) remote areas rarely visited by photographic tourists.

    In Tanzania, lions are hunted under a 21-day safari package. Hunters pay $9,800 in government fees for the opportunity. An average of about 200 lions are shot a year, generating about $1,960,000 in revenue. Money is also spent on camp fees, wages, local goods and transportation. And hunters almost always come to hunt more than one species, though the lion is often the most coveted trophy sought. All told, trophy hunting generated roughly $75 million for Tanzania’s economy from 2008 to 2011.

    The money helps support 26 game reserves and a growing number of wildlife management areas owned and operated by local communities as well as the building of roads, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure — all of which are important as Tanzania continues to develop as a peaceful and thriving democracy.

    If lions are listed by the United States as an endangered species, American hunters may choose to hunt other prized species outside of Africa or simply not hunt at all. This would add further strain to our already limited budgets, undo the progress we’ve made, and undermine our ability to conserve not only our lions but all of our wildlife.

    As Tanzania’s highest-ranking wildlife official, I ask on behalf of my country and all of our wildlife: do not list the African lion as endangered. Instead, help us make the most from the revenues we generate. Help us make trophy hunting more sustainable and more valuable. In short, please work with us to conserve wildlife, rather than against us, which only diminishes our capacity to protect Tanzania’s global treasures.

    Alexander N. Songorwa is director of wildlife for the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

    A version of this op-ed appeared in print on March 18, 2013, on page A21 of the New York edition with the headline: Saving Lions by Killing Them.

    1. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

      Johhny de Beer – thank you for an excellent perspective, and for adding some balance to the argument raging on this site

  12. Mick says:

    Come on South Africa and protect your gorgeous wildlife more.Don’t let idiots like Melissa into the country to kill your assets.There would be hell to pay if she came to Australia to kill a Koala or a Bilby….

    1. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

      Counrty Girl – Try to have a more open mind.

      There are parts of Africa where the politics of those paricular countries have resulted in echonomic chaos.

      Zimbabwe is one of those examples, Where a once vibrant tourist industry funded the developement and upkeep of its National parks. The past 12 years have seen the tourist trade dwindle to almost nothing as tourists from abroad no longer feel that it is safe to visit as they used to, and the consequence of that is that today we have a situation where the amounts of money once allocated to the bugets of National parks like Hwange (Wankie Game Reserve) are so small that they are no longer able to fund important aspects of National Parks Management such as anti -poaching. You may have recently heard of the hundreds of elephants that were poisoned by poachers using cyanide. Those elepant died gastly deaths – not the quick death suffered by Melissa Bachmanns lion.

      As the political situations worsens so does tourist trade – and when the amimals of these National Parks lose their value, a value created by tourist trade they will be deemed as not worth protecting any priorty they once had is lost. I leave the rest to your imagination. Privately owned and funded conservancies – those that are left that is – are fighting a losing battle against land appropriation – a battle they are fighting with folks who have no more concern for wild life Than Hitler had for Jews, and who view wild life as a short term get rich quick type of harvest (Bush Meat) Do yourself a favour and read all that you can on the subject of wildlife conservation in Africa – with all its warts and I hope in doing so you will begin to think with your head and not your heart – and by this I mean no offence.

      Like it or not the hunting indutry plays such a huge part in conservation that its destruction will eventually result in the loss of the very creatures well intentioned people such as yourself are trying to save. Now I am fully concious of the fact that many animal lovers fail completely to grasp this concept, and that most come to conclusions that are not based on practicality but on emotion.

    2. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

      Gday Mick-

      I don’t know of any self respecting hunters wanting a trophy Koala but I do know that Caramor Plains Wildlife reserve on the northern coast of Australia runs annual water buffalo hunts.

  13. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

    In defence of a lion killer
    The outrage about an American hunter, Melissa Bachman, who bragged on Twitter ab…See More

    1. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

      How many have opened the above link and read, and thought about what it has to say ??????

      1. CountryGirl says:

        Peter, I have opened it and read it. And again, as I’ve said quite a few times here already (deaf ears, pots and kettles and all that): I’m not concerned about whether or not it’s legal, or whether or not it’s good or bad for the economy. The only thing that I can see is a coward with a rifle gloating over the dead body of the magnificent cat she’s just butchered. There are certainly still people left in the world who see this as ‘fun’ and an ‘achievement’, but happily they are a – if you’ll pardon the pun – a dying breed. All the justifications in the world won’t mask the fact that she gets a kick out of killing beautiful, majestic creatures that are teetering on the brink of extinction. But hey, there are more tigers in captivity in the state of Texas alone than there are in the wild in the whole world, so how can we be surprised? Just ask the Houston SPCA, who are constantly called out to clean up the mess when fat, stupid, ignorant people who think it’s cool to have a tiger or lion in their back yard suddenly realise they cannot control, feed or provide for them when they are fully grown. It’s the mentality I have an issue with, Peter. I’m just really hopeful that it will soon be outlawed for the barbaric, bloodthirsty indulgence that it is. I also love how people cry ‘legal’ when it suits them, as if every law ever passed by our shining example of a government has been upheld as right. These same people who are using the stupid argument, ‘But it’s legal’, are the same people who sit moaning over their G&Ts about the other 99,9% of laws in this country. I never have, and never will, be able to feel anything other than sadness, disgust, anger and revulsion at seeing the stuffed head of a dead animal on a wall.

  14. Why the hell do the Americans want bigger teeth than lions? And whiter? What is wrong with them. Apparently hunting add R60 billion to our economy and GDP. Going to whom? Maybe this argument should be placed factual in the open so that it can be discussed and questioned by other people as well. What is vulgar about this picture? The lies, that Death is enjoyable, something to celebrate, lions can easily be hunted with 30 meters, and they are not sedated or at least tamed…A silicon inflated woman can do it here in wild wild Africa…What a buch of lies to market tie blodlust sport

  15. Pier says:

    Dear Sue Stolk
    I humbly apologise if my language usage offended you. The c-word I used was used purely because it rhymed with “hunt.” And I used it because when I read ben’s article I had tears in my eyes.
    I have NEVER taken the time to post a comment on emails like this – I mulled over what I wanted to convey to this woman for a long time, and I still can’t believe how angry I felt just looking at the supercilious grin on her smug, self-satisfied face.
    A friend of mine has since shown me a pic of the King family (I THINK it was king) standing proudly over an elephant they had just killed.
    I didn’t see the comments posted on this site, but did (they surely MUST have) anybody note that this poor animal was shot while eating… his/her mouth is full of greenery!
    The person who shot it didn’t even have the balls to face it head on and look it in the eye.
    What sort of people ARE THESE!!!
    Once again, my apologies.

    1. sue stolk says:

      Dear Pier,
      Your apology accepted my dear, I hear and understand where you are coming from – believe it or not….but truly I would ask that you go back and read again what i had to say …..

      Yes we do get angry, but we need to keep things in perspective and not lose sight of the facts and the facts are not always what they seem to be on the surface or what is portrayed in a simple picture ….Would love to sit and discuss this subject with you over a good glass of wine or a cuppa real coffee …. would even consider a good cuppa tea… and chocolate/cheesecake…

      Point being that there is always more to life than meets the eye … and quite frankly I am disappointed at what I see and read here, when there are truly soooooo much BIGGER issues at stake in our country than this ……

      If you disagree with me or can’t think of any greater issues than what is depicted here, let me ask whether you have had a look at the current farm murders (5 in the first three days of December), have you had a look at the pictures of the gang raped, gutted and hung up side down by the feet, woman or the murdered children …..check out these photos and then redirect your anger – just asking Dude….
      My last comment is directed at everyone who has been driven by their emotions ….. Just asking – the last time I looked, Human life still had more value on it than animals – regardless of what animal we are speaking about ….. or has this changed ….. let’s the human factor right before we worry about a few animal… please … what has happened to our priorities ???? Just asking because quite frankly I cannot believe what i am seeing here….. How sad that Human Beings have been moved so far down the food chain that atrocities committed against them, don’t even warrant a mention anymore……

      I have to ask my self the same question you do in your closing …” What sort/kind of people, ARE THESE ?”
      Peace and Blessings

  16. Sean Els says:

    Just to confirm.

    None of you lot who has such a issue with a lion being shot has ever killed a spider, snake or mosquito right?

    I mean a insect or reptile is also part of nature so the same “rules” should apply.

    1. Steve says:

      So a spider, snake, mosqituo are part of the Big 5? And also facing extinction are they? Not sure about your comparison!

      1. The big 5 is a marketing term, coined by SANParks decades ago to draw tourists to come and spend money here. Nothing special either taxonomically or otherwise about the big 5. It is totally arbitrary,

      2. comparing a lion with a spider, snake or mosquito etc …everything is the same…when clearly a case of subjectivism.!

    2. CountryGirl says:

      Sean, don’t be a knob. Your ignorance and arrogance are astounding. Comparing a mosquito to a lion? Really? Whatever it is you’re smoking, I advise you to stop it immediately…it makes you sound stupid.

  17. Zeb Lodge says:

    Storm in a tea cup. People brag about their massive fish caught! Lots of animals slaughtered and eaten. Killing, torturing and raping humans on farms is commonplace in S.A.
    This is a professional hunter – that’s their sport. What is your sport? – hunting down achieving females it seems from your remarks ?

    1. Funny when the hunters try to protect their point of view by saying: if you eat meat, then there is no difference. For ex. I can say that at least we eat those animals. But do you eat the lion? Do you eat the brown bear? Are the cows or hens at the edge of extinction? I presume if cows would be endangered, we would not eat them. Or kill them. Natural people, aboriginals all hunt for meat to eat. Do a ciitizen civil female of the big United States have to hunt for to eat meat? So please do not argue with this idiotism. It is another question, how we treat industrial animals – it is insane, antihuman, against nature. But cannot be comprehend to hunting wild animals just for fun and to show “how brave or great am I”. Thx.

      1. You miss the point Gabor. If you take issue with this woman killing a lion, whatever the reason for that killing, then surely you have to take issue with others who kill lions or else be a hypocrite?
        Now understand this: By supporting the meat industry, and particularly the cattle industry, you are ACTIVELY contributing to the demise of the habitat which lions need to live. In effect you are killing more lions through the habit of eating meat than melissa can shoot in her lifetime.

        Melissa on the other hand through the killing of a lion is preserving the habitat which would have been cattle farm if not for people like her who are willing to pay to satisfy their blood lust. Ironic I know but simply a symptom of the sick society in which we live.

    2. CountryGirl says:

      I still don’t understand how being able to shoot a lion with a rifle and scope makes her an “achieving female”. She snuck up on it while it was in a confined space and flexed one finger to cause the death of this near-extinction wild animal. What is her “achievement”, exactly? How is it “sport” when the odds are so conclusively in her favour. “Sport” is a competition – a fair battle using your natural abilities to see who is bigger, better, faster. No such opportunity was given to the lion. The only thing she has succeeded in “achieving” is showing the whole world what a disgusting Neanderthal she is. Put the gun down, face the lion head-on, and then we can talk about “sport”. In fact, I’m busy flexing a finger right now, but I doubt you would call it an achievement if you saw it.

      1. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

        Why is every one so hung up about what and who Mellissa Bachmann is or is not?? Why not instead think about what is being written by people who have some knowledge of wild life conservation and the part that the Hunting industry plays – look at the facts instread of hiding your heads in the sand. There are people in the world that are far worse than Mellissa Bachmann, doing far worse things than she has done – legally I might add!

    3. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

      What Lawrence has written is correct – but he has only really scratched the surface with regard to all there is to be said about the subject. Most of the submissions on this site have resulted not from sound knowledge of the subject but from little more than emotion. Some might begin to think a little more about what they believe and I would encourage people to do so, but most will hold to their views, rather than face a truth that is inconvenient for them and one that throws them into confusion when faced with reality!

  18. Jamie says:

    So to braai heaps and heaps of meat while we chew on heaps and heaps of biltong is okay, but shooting a lion isn’t? I’m sorry but you are all applying DOUBLE STANDARDS.

    1. Steve says:

      Illogical comment. Who eats lion meat? Not difficult to understand.

      1. No steve. Only illogical if you are not capable of thinking further than the immediately apparent. Let me spell it out for you:
        1) Lions require habitat. Habitat encroachment is the single bigest threat to ALL wildlife. Given space, they breed like rabits. I speak from experience.
        2) Cattle are in direct competition with wildlife in terms of space.
        3) Lions and cattle don’t co-exist.
        Now take those three truths and string them together and hopefully you will have a lightbulb moment along the lines of: “By suporting the beef industry, I am actively participating in the destruction of wildlife habitat, including lion range and am therefore just as guilty as Melisa of endandgering wildlife… doh”

  19. Shane says:

    Right with u Ben . yo , bitch put the gun away and watch the next lion fuck you over. Next shots on facebook of your ass,……dismembered.

  20. Itis a good response, altough that woman hunter will not be able to realise the irony as probably her IQ is much smaller than her gun.

  21. The money being spent in South Africa to house those in power should be spent on those who hunt poachers and put their lives at risk to save animals. Melissa, this message goes out to you………….I hope one day that you may be looking down the barrel of a rifle just before a 7.62 caliber bullet rips your head off.

    1. Bob says:

      You really hope that? A bit over the top, no? If you’re a meat-eater well then I guess I should wish the same upon you, right?

    2. Johnny de Beer says:

      What an illogical idiotic statement

  22. Kelli Kay says:

    My thoughts exactly……There is no element of danger in this “sport”. Hell, she didn’t even mess up her hair and make-up…God forbid…..Melissa, you are just consuming, giving nothing back to this country…..Why don’t you take the money you spent for this lion-killing trip and…say…drill a hole somewhere so people can drink clean water. Plant some seeds…Oh, I forgot… that won’t get you the publicity you crave. Anyhoo, China….lock up your Pandas…..Melissa may be booking her flight…

  23. Georgina Petrova says:

    I remember first seeing d picture and my respond did not changed. It’s just awful to look what selfishnes can do to innocent animals! !!!!! D letter very well written. I’m happy lot of people agree withmy oppinion! !! Amazing letter, and I hope d person gets d message!!!

  24. “taken the sport of archery and converted it into a means of hunting”. seriously? might wanna think that one through again 😉

  25. Leigh says:

    Thousands of tourists travel to Thailand every year, expressly to have sex with underage children.The authorities turn a blind eye and destitute families, even entire villages are complicit in selling their now ” valuable” daughters into sexual slavery. The revenue it generates for the economy is huge, but for those who have no choice it is a living hell.Fast forward to our canned hunting industry. Thousands of rich tourists travel to our country to “hunt” wild animals. Yes its not so lekker for those who actually get given the drugged meat ahead of the shoot and have to take the bullet in a totally one-sided contest in which our wealthy tourist is not exposed to an iota of danger( dead tourists are very bad publicity), but hey the dollars we get paid for this more than justify the means.Pimping is pimping….!

  26. Jolene Joffe says:

    I love your letter. Nothing better than proper sarcasm. The problem is that she will not read it but its even sadder that she can continue with her path. We have so little left in the world in the form of wild life and any promotion of killing weather it is for pleasure or money should be stopped with any force possible. I really would love to leave earth knowing my grandkids can one day experience wildlife and my kids are still in school!

  27. I just can’t understand how someone can derive pleasure from killing an animal. She disgusts me!

  28. alf alderson says:

    Excellent stuff Ben although whether it will register with her brain cell is another matter.
    Being British I’m now off to follow your advice and place a small grenade outside a badger sett; do you think it will make me more attractive to Melissa?

  29. Rene says:

    she does’nt care,… dont even think she can read

  30. kim says:

    Wow … You gotta be the worlds biggest hero … To shoot a wild animal … I’m SA I’ve nearly lost my life to a wild animal and never in my wildest dreams would I condone the slaughter that sick people out there do …melissa … You one sick individual … Shame I can’t even pray for you … But hey whoever you ‘big brave girl’ have killed have all my prays !

  31. Rosemarie says:

    Excellent as always Mr Trovato

  32. Bevan says:

    To all the fucken stupid people out there the only reason we have an abundance of game in SA is because it has a value, and the reason it has a value is because of the trophy hunter, ban trophy hunting and our game will have no value, and then who is going to protect them YOU.

    To all bunny huggers carry on trying to achieve what you think is right and one day when driving through SA and you dont see game, pat yourself on the back and say i did it.

  33. DAWN says:

    The dam BITCH is a coward. She should have her head above the long drop hole.

  34. Anton Boshoff says:

    Men pose with their kills all the time without internet commentators collectively losing their minds… lets have a bit of gender equality on this subject folks. It seems people are more upset by this woman’s “manly” behavior than by the industry whose client she is. Hunting happens on a large enough scale to be called an Industry.
    Most attacks on this woman that I have read seem personal and more scathing than anything I’ve seen directed at male hunters or the captains of the hunting industry.
    This seems more about gender than the Hunting industry.

  35. I agree and loved everything you wrote!
    Except for the stereotype of Americans because in this case I do not want to be lumped in with that sick and twisted bitch. I don’t care where she is from, she has issues.
    Looking at that lion and her smiling face pisses me off to the core!

    So besides the American jab, your point still stands and I respect you for what you wrote.

    Great job.

    Ehron VonAllen

  36. Alexander Read says:

    I think that you should all do a LOT MORE research into conservation and the role that hunting plays in it. I’m so tired of these rants by mostly city dwelling people with very little experience and information into the greater role that controlled hunting plays. While I’m not a hunter myself I have spoken to many conservationists in reserves who will share with you the pivotal role that controlled hunting plays. In many cases it is because of hunting that conservation exists.

    Do your research before posting these ignorant diatribes. If AFTER you’ve done your research and you still think it’s valid at least it will be worth reading.

    1. Oh! I see, you’re one of those “we do it for the animals sake to stop overpopulation”.
      I grew up in Arkansas buddy, I’ve heard every excuse in the book from low self esteem idiots like Bachman.

      You know, the money spent on that nice equipment and travel expenses, and the smiling face was all “for the good of the animals”.
      It had nothing to do with her sick desire of getting off on killing animals.

      This is all about the desire to kill something. And it’s not even sport considering the Lion was probably sleeping when he was shot or completely unaware of it’s killer as she was safe 60 yards away.

      Now, give her some daggers and go toe to toe with the lion, that would at least be giving the Lion a chance.

    2. NigelM says:

      OK it’s research time. I’m sure you’re aware that rhino poaching is rampant at the moment in South Africa due to demand for the horn from countries such as Vietnam and China. The following data is freely available from many sources.

      Historically, between 1971 and 2004, an average of 36 white rhino were legally hunted per annum. Then suddenly in 2005 the South African government in it’s infinite wisdom decided to increase that figure to 85 per annum. This went on until 2008, and in those few years 338 rhino were hunted and killed for revenue of R120m. The government kept records of exactly who hunted those animals, guess who the majority of “hunters” were ? Go on, take a wild guess. That’s right – Vietnamese nationals accounted for 80% of the total. The SAHGCA (a pro-hunting organisation) wrote a detailed document on the entire subject in 2011 and said inter alia (quote):

      “Hunting is, however, also used as a smoke screen to bypass the prohibition on the trade in rhino horn.” and “The flickering of the danger lights were not picked up by the relevant authorities at the time.”

      Between 1980 and 2004, an average of 6 rhino were poached per annum. Between 2005 and 2008 (by strange coincidence, the same years hunting was increased) an average of 94 animals were poached per annum. That’s an increase of more than 1500% and so far this year nearly 900 rhino have been lost to poaching.

      Make no mistake, increased hunting resulted in increased poaching and the rest is history. Ironically the revenue generated from the 2005-2008 rhino hunts is now far outweighed by the losses incurred from poaching.

    3. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

      Alexander – you hit the nail on the head, but you must also know that you can take a horse to water etc etc……….

    4. Steve says:

      Alex – rather give us some insight please. Why is it called a “reserve” when animals are hunted by man for pleasure? What is “controlled hunting?” Just anotherv term used to explain that the wild animal has no fair chance against the human with a high-profile rifle?

      1. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

        Steve – How about you tell us all what your take on the phrase “contorlled hunting” and what is a high profile rifle??

      2. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

        Steve – have you ever been to and spent time in game conservacies where contolled hunting takes place?

        There is one such place in south eastern Zimbabwe which was origionally a collection of cattle ranches and where by the early nineties there were almost no lion left as they had been all shot out in an effort to protect cattle – one hunter inployed during about 1920 was said to have shot 120 lions on hjis own (an examle of uncontrolled hunting) In 1993 the whole area became a wildlife conservacy as its owners realised the futility of cattle ranching in an area better suited to wildlife ranching on a sustainable basis. Today lions as qwell as many other species of game are thriving.

        If you are genuine in your quest for the truth and understanding I will gladly supply you with a website you can go onto. This particular wildlife conservancy was a place a spent almost all of my spare time untill leaving Zimbabwe 7 years ago. Contolled hunting is practiced there and the wildlife continues to thrive I reiterate once more that I personally do not care to hunt would rather watch wildlife.

  37. NigelM says:

    To anyone putting forward the tired argument that the meat goes to local populations.

    Du Toit and van Schalkwyk published statistics a few years ago that showed there were 38.5 million domestic animals (cattle, sheep and goats) and 18 million game animals in South Africa. So you’ve got at least 56.5 million animals to choose from but no, you think it’s OK to feed people with an endangered species numbering an estimated 30,000 across the entire continent ? The population of South Africa has tripled in the last fifty years to over 51 million people, there had better be a lot of meat on that lion. You want to feed these people – try something other than apex predators.

  38. BlueZulu says:

    We should really invite her back as a VIP once we have the last Kalahari lion left or the Addo elephant, maybe she’s into that sort of thing, shooting the last of it’s kind. Yes, a sick & sarcastic joke but imagine we do have the last of them left. How will celebs then react to hunting in SA?

  39. Dudley says:

    Fuck lions they bite

  40. anantha says:

    I do respect the rant and the venting…but we all are wired differently. This lady is sick in her head and needs treatment. Look above, someone comparing a lion that has flesh, blood and central nervous system just like us, with carrots that we nibble to ‘survive’. When people said the same to George Bernard Shaw, he said ‘I need to eat something to survive and let me be lesser of the evil’. There can’t be anything more coward than taking a gun to bring down life. I would suggest people watch on youtube that 80 year old Maasai man walking toward a pride of hungry lions feeding on a kill and walk back with a piece of meat – that’s guts and that’s valour and the way to face up to a lion !

  41. You said it all hope that B%$^& reads it , however I believe she has close all her internet accounts

  42. Mike says:

    Perhaps the solution is to ban the hunting of animals, but declare open season on politicians.

  43. Kim Marriott says:

    Well done Ben. Unfortunately I don’t think Melissa will get your sarcasm. She will probably think you are being complimentary.

    This comment referring to the hand out of meat “I’m glad to see that those people at the “conservancy” point out on their website that all the meat from hunted animals is given to the local community,” cannot be true, however. It is well known by people familiar with the bush that you cannot eat the meat of a predator. So another lie form their side.

    Anyway good job done. I couldn’t have said it better.

  44. Albert Jack says:

    Bugger the hunter, ban all canned hunting in South Africa. You can sign that petition here https://www.change.org/petitions/stop-canned-hunting-in-south-africa

  45. Thank you very much for your brilliant letter, I’m a little unsure if she will grasp the content of this letter though as it requires some intelligence to do so. It is rather obvious that she is sadly lacking in this department or she would think twice about killing so indescriminately. Very sad that there are still people who have no clue….

  46. Reblogged this on My Choice and commented:
    Love this sarcastic open letter. Bachman deserved it. Yesterday over 50,000 signatures for banning her and other ‘canned hunters’ from the USA …..

  47. nadia says:

    I’m struggling with the phrase “Proudly South African”. Farm murders not a priority.Zuma is a joke. R31 billion of tax payers money that could have build 500 000 houses at R50 000 a pop turned into sweet nothing in 2013 . So really not expecting them to care about animals.

  48. She must shoot herself with her own Winchester

  49. granny1947 says:

    Great piece….you certainly got people talking.

  50. Rita C says:

    If I were her parents I would be ashamed and would pray to God each night to ask forgiveness for making her

  51. annemarie baird. says:


  52. carolyn says:

    You are a
    JACKASS too!!!

  53. Ian Crocker says:

    Well written, Ben. I say no more.

  54. dries says:


  55. chaim silver says:

    i don’t want to say much, but when you come home, i hope your mother comes out from the front step of your house and bites you.. maybe you will shoot and kill her too. don’t forget to photograph the incident.

  56. Like the family behind the dead elephant, I think this is a photoshopped pic, done to engender outrage, and it worked. Let’s rather focus on the real hunters who don’t have pretty smiling faces. Just my opinion.

  57. Bengalbiddy says:

    Well said Ben! You inspired me to leave a comment on her facebook page and I urge others to do likewise. My only concern is that she’s so mentally disturbed that she might actually enjoy the notoriety. Pity we can’t leave her in an enclosure without her guns, but with an adult lion for company and let nature take its course. It only seems fair.

  58. sue stolk says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, rein in all that emotion, and the language … (most of you commenting here seem to have an IQ of sufficient intelligence and vocabulary that don’t need to stoop to levels which indicate lack of education and ill breeding) having it all hang out there is most unbecoming ..tut tut….
    This is a vast and complicated subject, which is not going to be given its fair share of airing here….
    On wading through all the comments, I have to ask myself, how many seriously pressing issues could be tackled, reversed, fixed/repaired or stopped if all this enthusiasm and passion could be redirected and channeled to problems/challenges that face the human race? FOR ASSUREDLY, if these problems are sorted, then all animal related problems will follow suit automatically, in being sorted…. Somehow our focus and vision has become twisted, marred and totally off track and we have to get a grip on the fact that unless we get the human problem sorted, we will not have to worry about animals, because there won’t be any to worry about !!

    In line with this train of thought, I re-post my comment of last night, which looks at the
    issue from another perspective, through the eyes of a tongue in cheek writer/observer…… – Question : when a prostitute lies down with a man to have sex, which the man has paid for, tell me, is it the man’s fault if he takes his pleasure and leaves nothing behind but some disease or another … IS IT the greed of the the man for the prostitute, that creates the prostitute OR is it the greed of the prostitute that creates the perceived gratificational need of the man?????

    It takes two to tango – ya cain’t do it on your own …..!!
    Then of course it could be argued that the need for men to hunt is as great as the need is for the prostitute to sell her wares …. ….
    Don’t shoot me … I’m chewing on some wacky backie – saying “Peace Man”…..!

  59. Pier Hemy says:

    “Stalked inside 60 yards on this beautiful male lion. What a hunt!”
    Can’t you spell, woman?!!! – Should read “Stalked inside 60 yards on this beautiful male lion. What a CUNT!!!” (YOU – NOT THE LION!)…(A word I do not use lightly, or as an insult to the female gender, but in this case meant in the most derogative possible way).
    This was not a HUNT. This was not even a “safari”
    And the South Africans that organise this type of “fun” for financial gain are no better than the vets that are involved in organised dogfights.
    Did you ever, just once, during your stay in South Africa, take the time to marvel at the beauty (sic! – of course you did – you said “what a beautiful male lion!”) of these animals – with their babies, perhaps (maybe you should have shot a few of them too) – maybe they would have less scratches on their little faces than the father you murdered.
    But that would have not been the same, would it? You like the innocent, harmless animals you murder to be bigger. The bigger the better. Like your telescopic scope.
    Helen Keller could have killed that lion with one shot using that equipment.
    I have friends that hunt – and I am not crazy about the concept. What they kill is for the pot. They use the lot.
    What happened to the rest of the “beautiful male lion”??? (Apart from his beautiful male head, that is)???
    Pity you two didn’t meet on equal terms.
    But I guess your US dollars bought some lowlife local that has no ethics, just has more dollar signs in his eyes than Richie Rich (google that – you are probably too young and immature too even know what I am talking about).
    It would be a fantasy of mine to see you on my computer again one day, after have accidentally locked yourself out of your luxury chalet in a game park one night and come face to face with one of these beautiful animals on their own grounds, and see what happens next.
    The sad thing is, you would probably escape unscathed.
    It is a known fact that lions eat meat, not shit.

    1. Steve says:

      Great stuff Pier – agreed. Madam “I am a hero” Hunter – put your rifle down and hunt the Lion on equal terms…you will then know who is the superior species…P.S. it’s not you!

  60. Lewis says:

    Ben YOU are a bigger cunt than her! I 110% agree with MM your comment “Get extra points for blowing up babies. That kind of thing. I’m surprised the British haven’t thought of it” Just shows you to be a complete Fuckshite… So in your eyes all 60 million or so British Citizens are totally barbaric. If you love animals so much I hope your next shite is a hedgehog.

  61. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but should be able to back up or support such opinions with a reasonable argument,based on and supported by results of careful thought and research,and not arguments that are based on pure emotion. Most of the responses on this site are based on emotion and little else, and consist of little by way of constructive arguments,and mainly consists of four lettered expletives, and threats of murder upon the person of Ms Bachmann and hunters in general. There have been some attempts by people who find no fault with hunting of this kind to support their view with what are very reasonable arguments in favour of hunting, but no sensible arguments by those who feel otherwise. I would have no problem debating someone with opposing views provided that that person could conduct themselves in curteous manner, and at least back up their arguments with some good science – even if at the end I still believe as I do. The reality of the situation and the very great pressures for land in most of africa seem to elude most of those arguing on this site. It is surprising to find that some of those are people who actually live in Africa. One can excuse the likes of those who are from other continents – who have no idea of how these things work and the closest they ever get to Africa and its wildlife is by watching Animal Planet. I would like to close this by adding that It would be great to live in an ideal world where no hunting, or culling of wildlife was nesessary. But we do not live in an ideal world. I personally do not care for hunting – been there done that, but there is need for controll of wildlife as the vast unlimited spaces they used to inhabit largely do not exist anymore. The Serrengetti bieng one of those exceptions. There is a perception in the first world that Africa is one vast wilderness – well it may have been at one time but is fast filling up with people which is resulting in huge pressures on the environment. environmental degradation poses a far greater threat than controlled commercial hunting – has ever done.

    1. Mr Barr. Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that the African lion is on the endangered list. Perhaps sir, you need to read up on the facts yourself. I also believe that ‘canned’ hunting is by no means a fair “sport”. If as you say you once hunted, you have to admit that it can hardly be called ‘controlled’ hunting.
      My opinion entirely of course ….

      1. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

        Danny – my comments were general – I do know that the Afrcan Lion is on the endangered list, as are a number of species of wild life. This is where contolls need to be exercised. Personally I view canned hunting with a certain amount of contempt, there are some who put forward a reasonable argument for it but still I do not agree.My comments were aimed at those who would like to see the end of all hunting even culling programmes that are beneficial to large herbivores that need a lot of space. I am aware of alternatives to culling such as birth control – but even these are apparently not without side effects. I know just how much and emotive subject this is so I do appreciate your comments and how you have put them forward.

      2. Charles Webb says:

        http://leonmare.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-ethics-of-hunting.html An article simply, and eloquently written, by an ex-game ranger.

    2. TREE HUGGER says:

      Milette Hill Breeding and hunting lions in the name of conservation. Ag, please! I have been involved in protecting our lions for some time and that argument is getting old and makes me sick as always. Those who think it’s okay to hunt these magnificent animals should do their homework. The species is in serious trouble – farming them to be hunted is not the way to go. Lions (as so many other animals) are majestic and powerful because of their nature and how they live, hunt, breed and protect territories in the wild. Breeding lions takes away everything that makes them so wonderful. Have a look at the Special Assignment program on YouTube regarding lion hunting (The Con in Conservation). You will see that all the arguments like “breeding for conservation” and “providing income for the poor” are completely blown out of the water. We as South Africans need to take a good look at ourselves and the way we treat our wild animals. We claim that we are the most advanced country in Africa – why then is it the governments of Botswana and Zambia that banned hunting because, in the words of a Zambian minister, “We realise that live wild lions are worth much more to our economy than dead ones.” Please visit my page “Stop Lion Hunting” on Facebook to find out more about this issue and for links to our petitions to ban lion trophy hunting in South Africa.

      1. Gillian Gordon says:

        The Special Assignment You tube clips is posted on here, series one and Two,

    3. Steve says:

      Peter – explain your definition opf “hunting” please. Hunters used to hunt in rthe open, in the wild, hunting down animals so that humans could eat, that is where hunting started. Hunting in an enclosed are? With such sophisticated rifles, where there is only one winner ? You call that hunting?

      1. Peter Caldwell-Barr says:

        Steve – did you read my reply to Danny Henriksen ?

  62. coop says:

    For all you people saying she should stay the hell out of Africa: I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t mind that. But if I remember correctly, shooting lions in American zoos’ is somewhat frowned upon…

    It would be more challenging though. While the lion is confined to a small space and is an easy target, getting the gun into the zoo and to the lion enclosure without being shot by local police, guards or zoo visitor with CCW, would only add to the challenge.

  63. Tina Marzocca says:

    I agree, ban her from life. And a plague on the people who brought her into the country in the first place. BOOOOO

  64. Charles Webb says:

    Just wondering how many of the people whom have signed the online petition, and have commented here are vegan ?


  65. Leighann Greer says:

    I hope someone shoots YOU in the face you SCUMBAG! hunting? don’t make me laugh with that scope? & no doubt the lion was drugged with contaminated meat first! Your day will & when it does I will laugh heartily at your demise you cretin!

  66. If you eat dead animals, domestic or otherwise, wear leather or use cosmetics or drugs tested on animals then best be quiet about this woman because your hypocrisy is showing and you probably don’t even realise it.

    1. Good. I was hoping a vegan would show up and be a super-preachy cunt.

      1. Who said I’m a vegan Jezz? Assumption is the mother of all f&$kups my friend. I’m merely ponting out that you can’t condemn a woman for killing a farmed animal while animals are farmed and killed by their millions for your convenience. If you truly feel compassion for animals, why draw the line at lions? If you believe killing animals is wrong then practice what you preach. Acroos the board. Not only when it triggers your own arbitrary sense of righteousness.

  67. Having looked at some of the philosophies of Mr Trovato I can only say I’d be a lot more comfortable leaving one of my children in Ms Melissa Bachman’s care for a weekend than in his….

    1. Karen says:

      Oh yes, please do. I’m sure she’s ready to ‘hunt’ more defenceless, innocent creatures. And you sir, must be just as cold and inhuman as she is. Pity your children and their moral values…

  68. Rob Celliers says:

    Words fail me once again……hold your head in shame Melissa Bachman. Lets not forget the sods who helped orchestrate this kill in South Africa (and don’t give me any crap about the lion being old and needed to be culled or killing one lion helps to save a hundred more, its money greed that makes you a part of this kill and nothing more). These guys are also accountable.

    1. Corran says:

      You have NO IDEA how game ranges work, and whats needed to make them function properly. Talk to any environmentalist who specializes in this sort of thing and you’ll be told unequivocally that this is how a range is effectively managed. — I’ll also wager you eat meat? Right? So if that’s true, you have nothing to add to this discussion.

      1. Gillian Gordon says:

        Corran, There are many reasons for the outcry from South Africa, and many people have their own reasons for the verbal abuse, I cannot answer on their behalf. Everyone is entitled to air their views, whether they eat meat or not, are pro or anti hunting….

        The lion that Melissa hunted, was not in a game reserve, where she had to walk on foot for days to find it. This is part of the canned hunting lions that are killed in an enclosed environment, and are easy targets, as they are only released into slightly larger enclosures a few days prior to the hunt. They are invariably partially tranquilized or they use bait (meat)to lure the lions, then killed. These lions are bred in captivity, and from 6 days old, they are taken away from their mother, and raised by human parents, (volunteers who pay a fortune to come to our country do this, as they are told it is for conservation), therefore they are used to humans . What Melissa did, would you call that ‘hunting’? My version of hunting is this: you walk in the bush, maybe for days to find and kill the animal that will provide meat for you to eat, and that’s even if you are lucky to find it. I know of a well known game park that actually hangs carcasses of warthog/or whatever they kill, to lure Leopards for the hunter, Is that really hunting? Very debatable subject.

        After the hunt, and the hunter leaves, the hunting safari, ( and is permitted to do so by our government) to sell the lion bones to Asia, for ‘Tiger Wine’ to satisfy their ridiculous myths, that it cures arthritis. My problem is thus, if we are happily fueling the Chinese myths with Lion bones, how on earth are we going to stop Rhino poaching, or elephant poaching? or any endangered animal for that matter,as it is believed that these animals also cure their (Asian) pathetic ailments. Are we not in fact saying to these uneducated people, yes Mr and Mrs Asia, it will cure your ailments.

        Do we start farming Elephants, Rhinos or whatever brings in the hunters, and sell the body parts to Asia and continue to fuel their pathetic beliefs in order to stop them from poaching our valuable wildlife? Would you call this conservation too? Also a very debatable subject.

        It is fact, Asia have depleted and currently are depleting most of the animal species worldwide, What would the solution to this be?

        I wonder if she had known any of these facts before hand if she would have hunted the Lion?

        So all in all, this lion kill has sparked outrage and especially with Melissa, not only because it was not fair, but the greed and bullshit that actually lies behind all of it. It was not an ethical hunt, and yes I do use the word ‘ethical’, because it is the powers of be (human) that dictate the animals demise.

        To blatantly advertise your accomplishments was not very wise move either, especially from a woman.

        In summary, I do agree there has to be a balance in the eco system, however do it for the right reasons, and not because of greed and bullshit to line your own pockets and so called ‘upliftment’ to the local community.

        Also take note, that some of the poaching that happens in this country are from reputable people, Hunting safari’s, politicians, vets etc the very same people who shout ‘Conservation’ the loudest.!! It is all in the name of ‘greed’, as the Asians pay a lot of money for rhino horn and Elephant tusks.

        South African politics are very different to your own ( I gather you are not from here), so please do not judge too harshly.

        Please Note: these views are mine and mine solely.

      2. TREE HUGGER says:

        I work in Environmental Management and we even re home snakes into reserves and conservancies. These special conservancies operate on their own stake and for their own profit. They are breeding and killing machines. You cannot justify eating meat with killing the big 5 for sadistical blood lust. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT AN ENVIRONMENTALIST IS ALL ABOUT CORRAN, I BET YOU HUNT FOR THE WRONG REASONS TOO. and its not for the POT!

      3. Albert Jack says:

        Corran, it is you who has added nothing to this debate and you who should be excluded on the grounds that you are an idiot. Only we don’t exclude people from debate

  69. Corran says:

    With reducing space in game ranges, there is only a certain amount of space for each type of animal… they have to curb the “natural” growth of species and encourage healthy migration patterns within the very restricted areas available. Usually how they do this is two fold. Pick an “old” or “sick” animal that needs to be put down anyway (and if that’s not available, then a healthy one – if the population of a given animal has exceeded the reserves capacity). And then charge some stupid “white hunter” a crazy amount of money for the right to shoot it. The game range then 1) saves on having to pay to kill the animal in question and 2) has someone else help pay for the running of the game reserve because of the income gained from the sale of this “shot”. Like it or not, we humans have taken up all the space (our population has tripled since 1900) – the population of the limited game rage land therefore has to be managed. This is a very clever way of doing it. The “moral fiber” of the person doing the shooting is up for debate of course as they’re doing it for pleasure, but the fact is that this lion was going to be “put down” no matter what. There are also areas (like the one she was in) that 30 years ago were all cattle raising lands. There were NO wild animals there. Then these “hunters” showed they’d pay well for the right to hunt, and now those same lands are teaming with a diversity of wild game that was unimaginable 30 years ago. Some, get shot, yes, but the fact is that there is a wonderful diversity there now. Remove the right to hunt these animals and that land reverts to cattle breeding. So sitting in your living rooms, protesting blindly, without understanding the WHOLE issue here, simply proves YOUR ignorance. (PS – I don’t hunt, and I’m a vegetation, so as far as I’m concerned, anyone eating meat or killing any animal is just as bad as this woman is “morally” – I’m simply explaining WHY it’s legal AND needed), and pointing out that probably 9/10 of the people up in arms here have no leg to stand on.

    1. duchesss says:

      Milette Hill Breeding and hunting lions in the name of conservation. Ag, please! I have been involved in protecting our lions for some time and that argument is getting old and makes me sick as always. Those who think it’s okay to hunt these magnificent animals should do their homework. The species is in serious trouble – farming them to be hunted is not the way to go. Lions (as so many other animals) are majestic and powerful because of their nature and how they live, hunt, breed and protect territories in the wild. Breeding lions takes away everything that makes them so wonderful. Have a look at the Special Assignment program on YouTube regarding lion hunting (The Con in Conservation). You will see that all the arguments like “breeding for conservation” and “providing income for the poor” are completely blown out of the water. We as South Africans need to take a good look at ourselves and the way we treat our wild animals. We claim that we are the most advanced country in Africa – why then is it the governments of Botswana and Zambia that banned hunting because, in the words of a Zambian minister, “We realise that live wild lions are worth much more to our economy than dead ones.” Please visit my page “Stop Lion Hunting” on Facebook to find out more about this issue and for links to our petitions to ban lion trophy hunting in South Africa.

    2. Well said Corran. The fact of the matter is that cattle and wildlife, especially large preadators don’t co-exist. Period. SO if you are not willing to stop supporting the meat industry, you are actively contributing to the destruction of wildlife while Melisa is in fact paying for large tracts of wilderness to remain intact. Sad and ironic but true.

  70. Corran says:

    I’ll almost guarantee you as well that 99% of the “outraged” people about this eat meat. In which case you don’t have a leg to stand on. Kill a lion, kill a cow, kill a pig – either way you’ve killed an animal. If you eat meat, you’re excluded from this debate, period!

    1. Nina says:

      Stating that a persons dietary choice excludes them from this conversation is irrelevant. Everyone is entitled to share their opinion, ideally without slander, aggravation or retaliation. Whether a lion, a cow or pig, has been killed, a life has still been taken (regardless of what will be done with its body parts following its death). Paul Colinvaux wrote a book called “Why big fierce animals are rare” the general message is that there will always be fewer predators than prey. When the number of top predators falls in an ecosystem, it can have dire consequences for the animals lower down in the trophic cascade. Conversely, if there are too many to be sustained on the available land, then there will be inevitably be a drop in numbers due to lack of resources, conservation management implementing a cull or even a farmer protecting his/her land. What does seems clear is while personally I do not condone Melissa’s behaviour (bragging about killing an animal purely for sport), societal expectations in both America and South Africa and other countries worldwide allow and even encourage hunting, with designated seasons, sale of firearms etc. Here in the UK we have lost many of our native large mammals due to our own obsessions and therefore, I do not feel we are in a position to berate other countries for doing exactly what we did; reducing native wildlife. I do, however, feel that Global measures have previously been implemented effectively to help protect and conserve species, if we continue to find solutions instead of pointing the blame at one individual, we may actually be able to address this issue. Hunting is actually benefiting conservation and improving biodiversity in areas where it is correctly managed and regulated, with the excessive funding acquired being put to use in other areas. While Melissa’s face is next to that lion, there are many faces behind the scenes that enabled her to get that shot. As with many of the “world’s problems”…..we are all to blame in some way.

      1. Dube says:

        I will continue eating meat for as long as cows and pigs are not specified as endangered

    2. Steve says:

      Corran, the most illogical comment to date. Do you eat Lion meat? Not with you on this one????? By the way, for those U.S. Hunters – the Lion happens to be one of the Big 5 and ego-driven fools come here just to shoot them. Hope no-one cries if this beautiful animal gets revenge one day.

  71. Miss Kay says:


    I wonder if the psycho animal killer will read it…

  72. m m says:

    Is the, “I’m surprised the British haven’t thought of it” line necessary. You think there aren’t people here who value and care for nature????

  73. Justyne says:

    This person needs to be shot herself… Bloody idiot!!!!!!!!!

  74. margarita says:

    was it a legal hunting? if so, why dont you blame the south africa authorities who provided the permit?

    1. furrrball says:

      did the authorities shoot the Lion????? I didnt see any african behind that rifle – did you??? did they issue a permit – no evidence on that either. It was on a private farm, so dont blame the authorities for something that could be potentially not so legal. why would you want to kill a Lion????

      1. tanya says:

        I promise you – she needed a permit

  75. Tienie Ackermann says:

    Ben….well said. Unfortunately money talks despite all odds. This “hunter” is only one drop in a big bucket ……

  76. cliff says:

    She must have been a Nazi ih her former life.

  77. Gillian McCulloch says:

    Every person is entitled to their view, however I agree with one of the comments about hypocrisy and the inhumane slaughter of animals in our abattoirs. We need to address all forms of cruelty and barbaric behaviour as the way we treat our animals is a direct reflection on us. This woman should rather take up arms and join the American Armed Services and do something worthwhile! I do also understand why people get upset about our game as we do not need to hunt them to survive!!! I remember an extremely wealthy hunter telling me he needed the game meat, meanwhile his freezer was bulging with the best cuts of beef, pork and lamb!!!! However, game meat was what his family urgently needed to survive!!! We need to change all legislation and procedures and protect all animals and give them the dignity of a humane death, and I am talking about our domestic animals here. We do not need to hunt our beautiful and precious wildlife and surely we can start to raise much needed funds for conservation by recognising photographic safaris as true safaris of skill and courage. To approach a potentially dangerous animal on foot and take a wonderful photo and then retreat and have the satisfaction of seeing that animal continue its life, surely the rewards for this far outweigh the destruction of a magnificent life???

  78. Annie Carter says:

    I see you are still on top of your game Ben. Your mom would have been proud of you.
    Poor Melissa. Hope her feelings are not too hurt! Wonder if she really thinks her actions are to be admired in this day and age? Throw your guns away Melissa anf go do something useful with your time and money.

  79. David M. Robertson says:

    Your comments are atrocious, and your attack on this woman is mean spirited, aggressive and in my view borders on criminal harassment. Surely you can see how see how your words have attracted so many ‘threatening’ and negative attacks upon this woman. You need to be taken before the courts and charged with your abusive behaviour.

    1. Gillian says:

      Our courts have more pressing matters at hand, than to take a couple of hundred thousands of verbally abusive South Africans to court. Welcome to SA, where we say what we mean..and mean what we say…to put it simple layman words…we stick together..

    2. Steve says:

      David, you mean her attack on a defenceless lion is “mean spirited, aggressive” and unethical. In S.A. we love our animals.

    3. Albert Jack says:

      And you are an idiot

    4. Jean Freeman says:

      If anyone’s abusive, it’s this cruel woman. She should be shot with the same rifle she used on the poor lion.

  80. David says:

    All of this vitriolic cyber rhetoric is what comes of eating too much red meat. Oc course when it comes nicely wrapped in plastic and polystyrene it is not subject to the same level of outrage.

  81. ELDRY says:

    i just cant believe that some un-educated individuals from america can justify this as been a good hunt./…..For f^%^(k sake….u can probably get as close at 10mtres of a lion and even pat a zebra on its back without an attack…..f$*^%$king dizzy c%$nts …huge a$^ gun for a flipping zebra..hahahahah jokes on her,.,,

  82. Karen says:

    If she does this to animals that have done nothing to her, imagine what she would do to a child that annoys her? I would recommend she is kept well away from all humans because that’s something she ain’t. She’s an absolute embarrassment to the female race.

  83. Dee says:

    Dear Melissa, when you get to South Africa, please be sure to pull your head out of your arse, so you can keep checking behind you, we’re waiting for you. We’re all going to have so much fun.

  84. Michele Kachelhoffer says:

    Fucking evil woman, don’t come back to SA or any part of Africa. You are not wanted here. Stay in your fucking America. Because if I was you, I would be scared somebody just might take you out. No words, despicable being that you are. You must be sooo proud of yourself.

    1. Monica D says:

      No need for that gutter language Michele, everyone is going to have their own opinion about hunting, South Africans hunt equally as much as Americans, Americans are encouraged to come to Africa for tourism purposes and specifically to hunt wildlife. While I don’t condone killing lions, the majority of the population eat meat so why is killing a cow / lamb / pig ok? If it’s legal people are going to do it, the law needs to change, the blame doesn’t lie with her or any other hunter if they are permitted to hunt!

      1. furrrball says:

        Monica, your village called, they want their idiot back. Do you eat Lion meat?? WE DONT – cows, chicken,sheep are all meat sources for human consumption but since you did not know that, please come over for an Elephant steak and Lion balls. I believe its awesome. Its a shame when human turns against animals to have them hunted for thrills. Americans are encouraged by the Hunters on game farms for MONEY. They breed with animals to be killed by Man. That is cool dont you think??????

  85. Gillian says:


    Two very good articles about the Lion Hunting in SA

    1. wankers. that’s is all.

  86. Shell says:

    So, how many of you are pro abortion? The human type of course? Everyone skirted that question. Well written article Ben but some people are just OTT with their reactions

  87. Julian Pybus says:

    If only people would put as much energy into condemning the poaching of rhino as they do into condemning this woman for carrying out a legal lion hunt, perhaps we could prevent our rhino population from being hunted into extinction.

    1. Leigh says:

      It is “legal”, but all over the world there are many things such as prostitution, bear bile farms,etc etc that are”legal” but are morally and ethically bankrupt.Legality is not the issue here. With you on the rhinos.

  88. Chris bray says:

    Love letter!!

  89. Dan says:

    man this is awesome 🙂 so well written!

  90. Steve says:

    Hunting with make-up on? Looks like it in your “bragging” photos. Why not stand 60 yards from a Lion without a weapon in your hands? Question, Mellisa – do you love animals – yes or no?

  91. colonialist says:

    It is a complex issue. One of the aspects not addressed is the reality of human exploitation, whereby if such hunting were not sanctioned there would be no incentive to preserve many of these game farms and the animals in them. So, however despicable one may find the ‘trophy hunter’ mentality, if pandering to it does contribute to effective conservation then it becomes a necessary evil.
    Even where culling is necessary for ecological balance, the ‘canned’ hunting experience should not happen. A hunter should be given a licence for a specified period during which they would, alone and relying on their own skills which they have built up, seek and stalk their prey, taking their chances on tables being turned or of coming away empty-handed. Only then would they have something to brag about – whether or not they are successful.

  92. Anton says:

    In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion would have slept tonight but for some faggoty witch with a hunting rifle and a flagrant disregard for nature… a whim-maway, a whim-maway!

  93. HKL says:

    Well penned……her thoughts (on her prey)! And mine on your depiction of such a disgrace to humankind.

  94. Cheryl Sampson says:

    just knew the hunters would come out and defend Melissa…. typical

  95. I’m with Mr Suskin on this one.

  96. Amanda Hardy says:

    Loved your article Ben. Loved it. Although me thinks it will be way above the intellectual capacity of one Melissa Bachman…

  97. Carol Buchan says:

    Why are we so shocked when a woman behaves like this? Surely it is no worse than a man? It is the entire industry which is sick. Well done Ben!

  98. Gazza says:

    lets have a “Meliissa Bachman” hunt ….?

    1. Let’s hunt Melissa and pose with her as a rug!

      1. Leigh says:

        nah, you touch a dog you get fleas….

  99. Lieb van Rooyen says:

    What a lovely letter by a true Gentleman! Melissa is a true Lady and excellent hunter. How shall one commence with a remark about this? Barring a person from returning to SA for LEGALLY hunting a lion? This just underline the level of madness we have reached in not only SA, but globally. How can ANY sane, logical, supposedly intelligent human being attribute human principles to any animal? I read words like “execute” and “murdered” to name but a few. When God created all, He placed man above animal with a clear distinction, purpose and Instruction. No but NO animal can ever be murdered as it’s not human and never will be. By this I don’t condone ANY cruelty/abuse to/of any creation. Hunting in SA (as elsewhere in the world) is regulated very strictly by the relevant authorities, especially our Special Protected Wild Animals. The Outfitter surely assured the relevant permits to be obtained – hence the term “legal hunt”. Why are people so emotional about the hunting of any of the Panthera species while no word is said about the hunting of numerous White tail, Moose, Impala, Springbuck etc? Humans are omnivores…with the exception of a few who rather indulge with a carrot. The rest crucify this and other hunters (me included) for our preference of food and the way to acquire same. They prefer to leave the dirty work of “killing, slaughtering and preparing” of animal products to others whilst making their voices loud with slogans like “Lion murderer” etc. These I call the true hypocrites of society as they bark their insults from behind a very expensive hardwood desk with carefully selected, matching leather directors chair. They pay their bills by cash/card which they take from an Ostrich/ Crocodile/Rattle Snake leather wallet… The notes of their carefully worded speeches are carried in a brief case also made from some exotic/exclusive product. Yes, you are right, they drive some of THE finest vehicles with all the whistles and bells..and yes,you guessed right, the seats are made from the leather of some unborn animal. They walk the streets wearing genuine leather shoes and the lovely lady at his side boast a leather handbag/belt/purse. They “pick up” their protein at the large chain stores, ignorant to the fact that the air around the abattoir smell of death! They entertain their influential guests with ONLY the best cuts and afterwards enjoy something wet in the lounge.. Newly refurbished with a “Nguni skin” Ottoman or couch. What exactly did this lady do wrong? She hunted one of the most sought after and dangerous animals the ethical way – 1) Legally; 2) On foot; 3) With the prescribed weapon and 4) Only took what she needed. (Note: An anonymous person referred to “assault rifles” as hunting weapons. Really? Get a life). The proceeds of this hunt will finance further conservation AND employment. Why not rather focus on inter alia, the shocking high numbers of farm attacks, elderly people being “slaughtered” and raped. Rhino poaching? The world wide drug epidemic? Again, the terminology used indicate just how twisted society became: A Lion was “executed and murdered” while an elderly couple was “slaughtered” on their farm. The LEGAL hunting of ANY wild animal is regulated by authorities world wide, quotas are allocated based on real population by scientists and appropriately qualified personnel. It is clear that this matter is one of emotional prejudice and NOT objective reasoning. Maybe we all have to get our own house in order before pointing fingers at ANYBODY else for that matter including Melissa Bachman. Sela

    1. Lieb, well said. Maybe the problem with society is exactly the fact that God isn’t credited for Creation, and that animal rights are starting to outweigh human rights. It’s OK to abort million of unborn fetuses every year, but please don’t dare hunting a wild animal. Society is warped, my friend, and it’s getting worse.

      1. Gillian says:

        ….1) Abortions is a choice…it would not have got to that if the very same persons had the decency to opt for contraception. 2) trillions of human beings opposed to maybe 40 000 lions worldwide…do the math, who is more destructive?? 3) Lions parts are sold to Asia for so called ‘Tiger Wine’ and to cure some other ailment myths…admitted by the SA government…so now who is the fool?..4) Canned Lions..are just cats that have been reared by humans from birth, they live in small enclosures and fed by man, what is natural about that?…I do believe the bible also says…humans are not to abuse animals…is this not abuse?…some bible versus to ponder:

        A) For what happens to the children of man and what happens to the beasts is the same; as one dies, so dies the other. They all have the same breath, and man has no advantage over the beasts, for all is vanity. Ecclesiastes 3:19
        b) “You shall not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain.Deuteronomy 25:4
        c) If you see the donkey of one who hates you lying down under its burden, you shall refrain from leaving him with it; you shall rescue it with him….Exodus 23:5
        d) Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel..Proverbs 12:10
        e) And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. The fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth and upon every bird of the heavens, upon everything that creeps on the ground and all the fish of the sea. Into your hand they are delivered. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything. But you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood. And for your lifeblood I will require a reckoning: from every beast I will require it and from man. From his fellow man I will require a reckoning for the life of man. …Genesis 9:1-6

      2. Kevin Higgs says:

        Seeing that You “talk” about the God of creation lest You speak about “people” being warped !!! …….. In the beginning Mankind did not eat meat only due to His lack of trust in God , God made it available to Him and We didn’t even need to “protect” ourselves from Animals but surely not to boast about or for trophies or for financial gain or status ………. Are You then one of the “righteous ” people ? Perfect in every way?

      3. Doug Morton says:

        Johann, I don’t condone abortion, genocide or murder, but we need to remember that humans are not listed as “vulnerable” or “threatened.” We have a massive problem with over-population of humans throughout the world. On the other hand the species that are systematically being slaughtered, legally or otherwise, are getting close to extinction. For a variety of reasons, we need those species to survive. The worst thing about the slaughter is that it all happens for the wrong reasons – sport, useless medication, useless aphrodisiacs, and so on. The burgeoning human population of this planet is leading quickly to its destruction.

      4. Dhillan Mowli says:

        Oh look. Here comes the god argument.
        Not necessarily in relation to this, but have you thought there are concepts of god outside of your own understanding?

        Ones that may not give human being the unending leeway we seem to be giving ourselves in God’s name?

      5. Dhillan Mowli says:

        I’m not getting into the details of this argument, it’s a whole different debate. I’m just saying that quite often we use god to our convenience, in an argument or action. And leave him/her out when it isn’t.

        And i do believe in God, in my own way. Not picking a fight here.

    2. Well replied Lieb van Rooyen. A legal and controlled hunt. I don’t see anything wrong with that either.

      1. aca says:

        Judging by your pic you obviously don’t Chris, no one wants our animals hunted and killed by cowards with guns, bottom line you can try window dress it as much as you want, its wealthy internationals paying to come to our country and kill animals and the only ones that benefit are the cowards who get paid to bring them in

      2. Julie Gallegos says:

        “Legal” doesn’t equal “right”. Hunting is for sociopaths. End of story and don’t bother to reply.

    3. Kevin Higgs says:

      It was only when Man sinned skins were made available for clothes and only after Mankind came out of the Ark that animal was made available for food … and throughout the ages no mention of abusing God’s animals for trophies lest You boast for status or financial gain, You trust the government for legal hunting ?? It is hunting is it not ? Don’t use God to satisfy your Whims my friend If You proclaim God You definitely won’t go around doing what this Beautiful young Lady is doing or at least boast about it … Sad really

      1. DUBE(also hunted) says:

        thanks for the reply,couldn’t get any biblical answer!!!

    4. Shirley says:

      I don’t think this is really about what or how Melissa hunts, it’s what and how she communicates this to the world. If she was communicating directly to fellow and legal sport hunters – they might appreciate her stealth and skill into what she achieved. BUT, maybe she is not as good as she claims to be among her peers. Maybe that’s why she seeks to glorify herself in public. She has issues – she is not mindful or sensitive to things that matter to the masses. She is operating outside of societal norms and that makes us uncomfortable. Not one person here can claim to be totally animal-cruelty free. It’s about the starfish story: lets, at the very least, make a difference to one.

    5. Duane Low says:

      AT last a voice of reason!! thank you LIEB i could not say it better , they say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and the original article is just that , everybody goes on about how well it is written but it is nothing more than a joke. you speak of the correct topics while the BUNNY HUGGERS go bouncing in circles cos a woman can hunts. i for one enjoy my hunting but for meat so would not take a non edible animal , but i dont judge as many farms breed them for this purpose and believe it or not hunting does more good to conservation than no hunting .
      lastly i would not dare try stalk and shoot a lion with a rifle (no matter what caliber) but to do it with a bow takes some guts !
      it is a sport and it is legal so get over it and only those who absolutely do not eat any meat should be able to speak against this and all i say to that is……… this is a democracy so shut the f**k up !!

      1. “This is a democracy so shut the f**k up !!”

        Unintentionally hilarious.

    6. I couldn’t disagree with you more. If it’s legal to hunt endangered species then the laws need to be changed. That lion had a right to live out it’s life. Are you really suggesting that Melissa is planning to eat that lion, or any other of the hundreds of other animals she has gleefully killed. A very small minority may live the lifestyles that you have described, but that is irrelevant to this debate. Melissa made herself a target for the condemnation she is receiving, as well as a stereotype of these kind of thrill killers. There is no defense for this kind of hubris. I, personally, hope she spends eternity up to her eyeballs in the boiling blood and guts of all the creatures she as enjoyed killing. I guess you would be happy to join her.

    7. Do you eat lions?… ….I have no problem with hunting “for the pot” – hunting for the ego is another matter entirely…

      1. furrrball says:

        in agreement – idiots kill for the thrill

    8. furrrball says:

      Milette Hill Breeding and hunting lions in the name of conservation. Ag, please! I have been involved in protecting our lions for some time and that argument is getting old and makes me sick as always. Those who think it’s okay to hunt these magnificent animals should do their homework. The species is in serious trouble – farming them to be hunted is not the way to go. Lions (as so many other animals) are majestic and powerful because of their nature and how they live, hunt, breed and protect territories in the wild. Breeding lions takes away everything that makes them so wonderful. Have a look at the Special Assignment program on YouTube regarding lion hunting (The Con in Conservation). You will see that all the arguments like “breeding for conservation” and “providing income for the poor” are completely blown out of the water. We as South Africans need to take a good look at ourselves and the way we treat our wild animals. We claim that we are the most advanced country in Africa – why then is it the governments of Botswana and Zambia that banned hunting because, in the words of a Zambian minister, “We realise that live wild lions are worth much more to our economy than dead ones.” Please visit my page “Stop Lion Hunting” on Facebook to find out more about this issue and for links to our petitions to ban lion trophy hunting in South Africa.

    9. What could anybody possibly NEED from a lion? You don’t NEED the head, You don’t NEED the pelt you don’t NEED the meat, You don’t NEED the bones NOR does anybody NEED to take away that animals spirit. There are animal breed from human consumption, Get your own game farm and shoot your own COWS, PIGS, TURKEYS or CHICKENS if you must. go catch a fish, Leave the ENDANGERD and HIGHLY SUSEPTABLE animals alone. There’s plenty of GOATS and WILD PIG all over the world, Why can this not keep Hunters like you and her happy? Because you are TROPHY HUNTERS, Its all about beating your chest. FALLICK SYMBOLS! A game of WHO HAS THE BIGGEST PENIS so to speak. It’s not the animals fault you have small penises or lack of BALLS in the woman’s case. Poor creatures have to suffer to make you feel better. That’s just sad and terribly bad form in this day and age.

    10. FyreByrde says:

      Dear God in Heaven, don’t make me Cyber-Slap you. It is *exactly* this BULLSHIT pseudo-religious response that has got the human race so messed up.
      But if you want to split semantics, so be it: If man holds dominion over other animals, then he is technically their “Ruler”. A ruler holds the responsibility of ensuring the safety of all of his subjects. So far Humanity has been just about the shittiest ruler of anything in the history of Earth.

    11. Lieb, well said. travato should stick to what he knows, political satire. and stay out of matters he clearly knows nothing about. he has gone from hero to zero in my estimation on this one.

      1. Netta says:

        You known., I don’t care if Ben Trovato knows anything about hunting, like people give their comments about him here . The moral of the story is you DONT SHOOT ANIMALS. And nooooo, I do not know anything about hunting….thank God for that. But I know we all have hearts, and we all are created by the same Creater. Wow! How in your live do you do this ! And with a smile.

      2. Morton I’m quite sure that Ben Trovato is absolutely mortified that he has moved down in your estimation. How will he sleep tonight? Oh please say that you forgive him. The approval of an intellectual giant like yourself is so important to Ben. Is the “t” in your name an error?

    12. tielman says:

      All hail Saint Lieb van Rooyen, renowned fingerpainter. Graduated come louder.

    13. sss says:

      Spot on Lieb, but you are wasting your words on ignorant emotional people.

    14. All hail another person justifying his actions with misguided God quotes. You are so far back in the queue of people that have, for centuries, justified the most heinous acts on instructions from God and the bible that you can’t even see how much the guy in the front is laughing at you. A little bit of originality would go a long way to making people take you seriously, but then again in your case probably not. Well done on learning to type though, fine job.

  100. Marc G says:


  101. Anton says:

    The lion did not have a gun to defend himself, neither the carrot that you have forcefully and brutally murdered and are nibbling on !!

    Get a life!!!

  102. Netta says:

    Wow, my oh my….killing animals for fun…..think South Africa law is a disgrace .we all know that, but it does not mean to just jump in. No feelings at all !!!!!!!!!!

  103. Vicky says:

    What a pity the lion did not have a gun to defend himself! People like her gives me the creeps!

  104. Hi. Well said! But will she read it? If she does will she understand it? If she does will she change?

    Also would you like to do a piece like this on the authorities who allow this practice in this land? And post it on a forum that THEY and people who approach then for canned hunting licenses and people who care to fight the system, ALL read it and some useful publicity and public pressure can be generated to stop this outrageous activity?

  105. Tim says:

    Brilliant letter!

    For anyone interested in helping to stop this woman, I made an event.. There is a very easy way to add all your friends to this event in just under a minute! You can read it in the description and the top attached post how to do it. There is a petition as well, her phone number, adress and many more. We are working on it together.


  106. Dee says:

    Great piece. I am however, still struggling to get my head around the fact that this person is for real.

  107. Excellent!!!!!
    But will she get it?????
    Hmnnnnn …. maybe not ……. bah!!!!!

  108. Cheryl Sampson says:

    Well written Ben, and well said Rod, but if we didn’t have people like Melissa paying money for shoots, then the “trade” would die out, as for the lawmakers, do you think they actually care? stop the want for the animals and it will cut out a lot of the killing, then go for the lawmakers…

  109. Tony says:

    what is so hard about shooting an animal at distance, it has no chance, that woman thinks she is so wonderful, stupid yanks again, no brains but a big mouth

    1. richard withfield says:

      distance …what distance most schoolboys can kick a ball 50metres ….check out the size of the scope on the rifle she should have tried a shot at 500metrs rather if she is this hard core huntress she claims to be

  110. Bern says:

    Nothing like making your own facebook page trying muster up support…

  111. Rod Suskin says:

    We are all outraged at Melissa Bachman, but what she has done is 100% legal in South Africa, and happens here every single day. She obeyed our laws, our outrage is misplaced: we should be directing it at our South African lawmakers, who allow the hunting of all species, including the endangered rhino.

    1. KB says:

      True Rod. I was appalled to hear that this was legal!

      1. Dolomite Rockturd says:

        It seems like that in our “Proud South Africa” if you pay enough for it then it sure becomes legal.

    2. Gillian says:

      True Rod, …possibly because 1) she is a woman…2) South Africans are becoming more aware of the canned Lion industry or any hunting industry for that matter and the facts behind it …Melissa, has probably received the most hate speech than any other sport hunter that has come to SA to date. The male trophy hunters have not received the same negative criticism as she has.

      1. Shirley says:

        Melissa is the stick we will beat the other sport hunters with! She drew this attention to herself – we didn’t “hunt” her down.

    3. margarita says:

      Rod, yours is the first comment I read that has sense

    4. CountryGirl says:

      Rod, people aren’t outraged because they think what Bachman did was illegal. They’re outraged because hunting for fun is disgusting, and bragging about it is vomit-inducing. And they’re outraged that she’s indulging her death-lust in our beautiful country instead of finding some poor, hapless creature to butcher in her own backyard. If someone came into my garden and killed my cat, then posted pictures of herself gloating over the dead body of my cat, I would be outraged and furious and incensed, even if it was legal. This is an ethical outrage, not a legal one. If everything legal were also moral, we’d be living in a perfect world.

      1. Elene says:

        Yes youre right. we always hear how wonderfull and wild Africa still is. thats because we have respect for our wildlife. a Gods gift to us. other countries killed there pride and joy and now they target South Africa. Just pack up your guns and leave FOREVER!!!!

      2. ShC says:

        CountryGirl……Exactly…this is the point. She shot a Lion…..

  112. Reblogged this on patrickprinsloo and commented:
    Isn’t she a sweetie?

  113. dudley says:

    Great column! Spot on. I too wish she could read it. Try and get it too her somehow. She must be related to Sarah Palin. Her dumb hero-worshiper, Chris Hall seems like a really nice guy.

  114. Frankie says:

    She should be shot for sure

  115. yes!! ugh!!! idiotic female!!

  116. Alex Ricour says:

    Well written Ben, I am so confused how anyone could boast about killing!!!! it is beyond horrific that this country allows this to happen…..

  117. Angela Sawyer says:

    Brilliant Ben, just brilliant! I’d love to see her head mounted on a wall!

  118. Sharon McKenzie says:

    I think this “woman” belongs in a Roman arena with a lion, any adult lion, so we can see how she would fare. Well said, Ben!!

  119. Charmaine Faria says:

    well said! – stupid bitch – really hope she gets to read all these comments about her!

    1. Liezel Smith says:

      So do I….. Can’t stand her

  120. hughesdebra says:

    Reblogged this on Meraki girl and commented:
    Absolutel STUNNER of a piece by Ben Trovato. Brilliant read!

  121. hughesdebra says:

    Absolutel stunner fo a piece, Ben!

  122. Do me a favour you bunch of out of touch guilt ridden sinners. Melissa is my hero.

    1. Gillian says:

      Good for you Christopher, now do your self a favour and go and do some research what happens to the lion bones…because your ignorance is really showing…

    2. Gaetan bovit says:

      She also shoots idiots like you ….twisted moron !!!!!!!

    3. Liezel Smith says:

      Hero?? For killing animals?? Go see a shrink you twit!!!!

    4. Oh dear, another sufferer of Head Up Ass syndrome……….

    5. Dave Crowley says:

      Hey dush bag!! stay in the USA and hunt your animals to the brink of extinction, stay out of SA..

      1. margarita says:

        then why don´t you prohibit to hunt lions in South Africa?

    6. Sandi F says:

      I think the only out of touch person here is you dictard!!

    7. Mike says:

      I am surprised you managed to read brainless idiot, Oh. I gues somebody had to read it to you!

    8. Christopher: you are the sorriest fucker I ever heard of. She’s your hero? Dude, even if you’re joking, there’s a line man….

    9. your an arse Christopher Robert Hall! Why don’t pricks like you and her come hunt some of our native animals in nz huh? I wouldn’t get out of the country alive.

    10. Jackie Mason says:

      You cannot be intelligent, but from your comment I can only surmise that you and she come from the same pod. So be it.

    11. Jean Freeman says:

      Along with Hitler, obviously.

  123. Reblogged this on The Blurred Line and commented:
    A wonderful letter to Melissa the woman who single handedly would like to see the world’s animals hunted to extinction. Apparently she has some ISSUES!

  124. Liezel Smith says:

    Bloody welll said!!! She should be shot and burned!!

  125. Beautifully written! I wonder if she will bid in the Namibian Rhino Lottery to be hosted by the Dallas Hunters Club. Because apparently shooting one of the 1500 odd rhinos left in their country will contribute to rhino conservation.

  126. Barry says:

    lol…Words in the wind….

    1. M La Fura says:

      not so, seems its having quite an impact on her career and now she is banned in SA. great news that we can and will shut down trophy hunting. its just a matter of time.

  127. Albert Jack says:

    Ban the bitch from Africa

    1. Animal lover says:

      Dear Melissa, why don’t we start something like ” the Hunger games ” movie – then we hunt people who have a fair chance to fight back ! You look like a pretty girl – would love to have your head on my wall, so I could brag and say ” blond bitch – summer of 2013 Kruger park “

      1. Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

        Brilliant response!!!!~!

      2. Guy says:

        Exquisite chirp from “Animal lover”! I would like the rest of her famlies heads on my wall too, so they dont breed more shit like her!!

      3. DUBE(also hunted) says:

        @Guy don’t be greedy maan!!i need one also!!!

      4. brian says:

        bet they could raise more funds for conservation
        by having a day on for huntin the ” blonde bitch” or ”hunt the hunters”

      5. Florida Maia says:

        But her head doesn’t go with my decor….. Doesn’t mean she won’t be hunted! Leave our Africa alone, go screw with your own country…

    2. I’d say ban the bitch from any planet!

    3. Bob Heisler says:

      Ban her from the USA also……please.

    4. Annabella Miranda says:

      Feed her to the lions…

    5. This woman has simply no regard for the preservation of wildlife, sitting on a dead lion . smiling. how desperate she is to get attention.!.. She just about fails to put on some animal skin to make herself look more sexy…. how shameful and insulting to all South Africans who do everything possible to preserve our natural heritage for all generations.. Maybe even negative attention is still attention.

  128. Vanessa Anderson says:

    Good on you Ben. Pity she can’t really get to read your witty words, although it would be like water off a duck’s back to her. A certain amount of intelligence is after all required to grasp wit.

    I am ashamed of our country, allowing people like her to come here and kill our beautiful animals. Women who get a thrill from hunting animals give me the creeps, even more so than men who hunt. I hope she never comes back to (dis)grace our landscapes with her nasty presence.

    1. Catherine says:

      Brilliant sarcasm, Ben! Love your style and wit.

    2. Leigh says:

      She will most certainly read it. I sent it to her Facebook inbox. Lovely little bit of fan mail when her sorryarse wakes up today.

      1. Laurie says:

        Nicely done!

      2. Stacie says:

        Nicely done indeed.

      3. Good for you but will she understand it, I think not.

    3. David Hunnam says:

      Seriously you are as dumb as you claim her to be, South Africa has more “hunters” per capita than any country in the world – to go back – clean up your backyard first.

      1. Ian Fisher says:

        Doesn’t make it right stupid!

      2. Chris smyth says:

        And you get his little statistic from where?

      3. Brett says:

        Any references/links to that stat David?

      4. pam longenecker says:

        opposing ruthless slaughter, no matter where it happens, will never be dumb. what’s dumb are ppl who feebly attempt to redirect the focus that yet another lion has been taken down by some heartless and brainless human.

      5. James says:

        hunting ppl in the street isn’t quite hunting as you know it. Yes it might be fun for the thugs but not for the victims!

      6. Jane says:

        Check your facts on this, unless you are including genuine food-hunting folk. If we are comparing sport hunters, I wonder if you are right? I lived in South Africa for 17 years and never knew a single hunter, so your statistic is surprising to me. I am not sure you should include farmers who shoot the odd antelope for the pot, not for sport. Sport? I could almost choke when I hear people call this sport, ie killing to boast about and hang a head on a wall. Its about as far from sporting mentality you can get.

      7. You are so Right David , What arrogance !!!! When Ben writes a scathing letter to our very own President who ate dog while living in Africa ,I’ll be impressed !! Further This same president not only allows the extermination of his own race through abortion he made it easier by allowing abortionist to twist their necks like chickens after they are born .!!! Mount that on your mantle of elite arrogance righteousness.

      8. The Kat says:

        David, we don’t eat Lion meat any more than you you eat Wolf or Dog meat. Hunting is something some people (not myself) do for food. I doubt very much that she ate this Lion or the Bear etc etc. International outrage helps to stimulate change. The consciousness of people (most people) is expanding and we can see that it is not okay to kill just because we feel like it.

      9. JON says:

        David, I live in South Africa, in 37 years, I have only ever met 2 hunters in my country, one who travels to Namibia to hunt antelope / wildebok.

        I am very interested as to know exactly where you obtained that information, I tried to Google it and did not find any such info.

        It may be that we have more rich tourists who come to our country to shoot wild animals in a canned “hunt”, because corruption is rife, money talks and bullshit walks.

        You know bullshit David, just like the stat you quoted.

        Just in case you have no idea what a canned hunt is, you can Google it, or here this would be easier for you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canned_hunt

      10. Wijnand Swart says:

        You remind me of Juju when you make sweeping statements like that! Prove it!

      11. Annabella Miranda says:

        This world is over populated hell why just not shoot you less one ass to deal with

      12. Willow says:

        David, what a sorry arse you are!!!!

      13. plombard55 says:

        DUH! David that’s what they are doing – stop the imports is always the first step! Your intelligence is only superseded by your good looks which is made obvious by it’s absence!

      14. rhodie1109 says:

        David, you really should leave that crack pipe alone, it`s hurting your brain bud.

      15. Emma says:

        I am a south african, and as per the comments below, I agree, in all my years in SA I never met a local hunter who was a trophy hunter. Hunting for food maybe, but never a trophy hunter. Your comment clearly puts you in the same boat with her… heartless, cruel and at ease with raping the natural resources of a country that is not your own. Love to see the basis of your stats, because I have first hand knowledge to the contrary.

      16. Chris says:

        Hope I don’t find you in my back yard!

    4. Joan says:

      Vanessa – you are ashamed of our Country !!! Don’t count me in that and I imagine most other people – we had no control over that situation – the shame lies solely with her – may she blamed, shamed and rot in hell……

    5. Eddie Barry says:

      I agree whole heartidly.

    6. john says:

      Well it’s South Africans selling this “sport” to the world and then complaining when Rhinos are killed

      1. Emma says:

        OMG – you did not go there about the Rhinos!!! John, thats quite a sick statement when all South Africans are trying to save the rhino, many people even loosing their lives to stop poachers who relentlessly have hunted our Rhino to the brink of extinction. Really really bad taste John!

    7. Sabine Anderson says:

      Thank you for your great message! I totally agree with all you said Vanessa! I feel that she is such a stupid cow that she would not be able to read between the lines and actually think that Ben was being genuine!
      Let her just try and come back to SA and she will land up being a hunting trophy herself!

      1. Liz says:

        I wouldn’t want her sorry head on my wall even if it was stuffed a few times. She has to stay out of our country. I place her in the same place as the guy who murdered all those kids innocently out on a camping trip, shooting them in the back as they tried to escape. She hails from a culture where the citizens have repeatedly assassinated their president so why would she give a toss about a lion, where innocent school children and students get mowed down in their classrooms. What should we expect from a nation of murderers and morons?

    8. Lisa Porter says:

      Hi, I hope my comment will be accessed, I can’t find a way to join the blog. I’m a Texas woman who grew up around guns for protection in the home against bad guys. This woman reviles me. I can hardly bear to look at the photos of what she has done. People who shoot animals with big guns and scopes are not sportsmen. They are twisted. This beautiful, majestic animal shot down by this idiot. I would like to see her on a sports field with a helmet and a stick and some hungry lions and other beats. Shame!!!

      1. Vanessa Anderson says:

        Hi Lisa, thanks, your comment has appeared on the replies to Ben’s article.

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