Convincing anti-vaxxers to get shot

A small herd of well-heeled anti-vaxxers and middle-aged men who took too much acid when they were young flounced down the Sea Point promenade on Saturday, mewling and whining and waving their silly little placards as if a terrible injustice had been done to them.

They should have been herded into vans, taken to the Waterfront, pushed onto a boat and deposited on Robben Island. Apart from it once having been a leper colony – and what are anti-vaxxers and pandemic deniers if not social lepers – the island was also reserved for those deemed insane. Angrily refusing a potentially life-saving vaccine in the midst of a deadly pandemic has to be a sign of insanity. Even Donald Trump, who is madder than a bag of hammers, is recommending that people get vaccinated.

It’s time to stop treating the anti-vaxxers with empathy. They’re not victims. Our task is not to talk them off the ledge. They wouldn’t listen anyway. In this war of humans versus pathogens, they have chosen to side with the pathogens. C’mon, Cyril. Get mandatory on their selfish asses. You can’t give South Africans a choice. They’ll either do nothing or the wrong thing.

I’m not the only world leader who is running out of patience. 

If you’re in France and want to go to a restaurant or bar or take a domestic flight, you have to show your health pass. The new law was passed on Monday. To get the pass, you must prove you’re fully vaccinated, have recently tested negative or recently recovered from the virus. Health workers must be vaccinated by September 15 or face suspension.

President Macron says the measures are needed to protect vulnerable people and avoid new lockdowns. Our lemmings are virulently opposed to both lockdowns and vaccines, seemingly unable to make the connection between the two. That’s some high-octane cognitive dissonance right there. As for protecting the vulnerable, these people don’t care about the immunocompromised. Probably because it has the word compromise in it.

France also has its anti-vaxxers. Thousands of them took to the streets on Saturday shouting “Liberty!” and saying the government shouldn’t tell them what to do. Oddly enough, I have a daughter called Liberty and she also says I shouldn’t tell her what to do.

France doesn’t pussyfoot around. This is, after all, a country that punished insurrectionists and nobility alike by chopping off their heads in public. In fact, this was their official method of execution until the death penalty was abolished in 1981. The guillotine is too good for our anti-vaxxers. They should be rounded up, locked inside shipping containers and forced to listen to Steve Hofmeyr singing Pampoen interspersed with a Bheki Cele press conference on a loop until they go mad or agree to get jabbed.

And while there were protests in Paris, this also happened – 1.7 million people rushed to sign up for a shot within 24 hours of the new law being passed. Sometimes the hesitant just need a little nudge.

Greece and Italy have also had it with the anti-vaxxers. So has Germany. While concentration camps aren’t yet on the cards, Helge Braun (no relation to Eva), chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, said: “Vaccinated people will definitely have more freedom than unvaccinated people.”

Right now we’re in a situation where the vaccinated have to wear masks to protect the anti-vaxxers. It’s a violation of the laws of nature. It’s like expecting lions to look after springboks who are too stupid to flee in the face of danger. I’d be happy for natural selection to perform its magic on those who have been duped by misinformation and conspiracy theories, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that in this case. The more people refuse to get vaccinated, the more we’re going to keep getting locked down and deprived of our right to buy alcohol, surely one of the most important human rights enshrined in the Constitution.

The more reasonable among them say they’re worried about possible side effects. I don’t know, man. Life itself has some horrendous side effects. Paracetamol, which you take for a hangover, lists hypoxia, anaphylaxis and liver failure as potential side effects. Those birth control pills you encourage your girlfriend to take? Care for a side order of cancer, blood clots and heart attacks with that, darling?

Sure, it’s not a perfect vaccine, like those for polio, hepatitis, measles, chickenpox, rubella, smallpox and so on. The Covid muti is what’s known as a leaky vaccine. This means there’s still a small chance of you contracting the virus (probably from an anti-vaxxer), but it will be a much weaker version. It’s the equivalent of getting thrown out of the ANC. You (and the virus) have no real power to do any serious damage.

And yes, I’ve been vaccinated. I have never turned down free drugs and I’m not about to start now.

I saw this banner on CNN: “Getting shot still best protection against coronavirus.” They might want to be more specific for their viewers who are hard of thinking. The last thing we need are hordes of anti-vaxxers being admitted to hospital with bullet wounds.

Speaking as someone who only passed matric because teachers couldn’t bear the thought of having me for another year, I tend to trust people who have devoted their lives to studying things like virology, epidemiology and infectious diseases. When they say these vaccines can save your life, I am inclined to believe them.

Of course, I may be wrong. If the vaccines do end up killing us all, please accept my apologies.

80 thoughts on “Convincing anti-vaxxers to get shot

  1. Clay Wilson says:

    This is to Ben Travato and all his little sycophants here. Your little jab to satisfy your stupid sense of security has sold South Africa , and indeed the rest of the world into tyranny . You have given the WHO absolute authority over you and you have sold humanity and the quest for liberty to a cartel of global Oligarchs. You are fools and you are bringing in a distopian nightmare that will make Orwell cringe. I’m glad all your foolery is digitally recorded because history will look very closely back at this time in our evolution.

    1. Shawn says:

      Hi Clay. I see no response from Ben to your rants. He is either a) a bigger man than you. b) too busy
      doing real stuff. c) couldn’t care what the vok you say as it’s relevant crap.
      Hats off to Ben.

      1. shawn says:


      2. Ben Trovato says:

        Right on all counts, Shawn

  2. Gessie says:

    So, because there’s a .03 chance of rain, I must get an umbrella grafted into me which will never go away? Sorry Ben – I envy you being able to get a monthly cheque from MSM, but you must realise that you are an influencer, and by writing drivel like this you may be harming people who could research the facts about the vaccine. Just saying

  3. Clay Wilson says:

    Why are we still talking about this stupid article? Vax! Shove that needle in your vein. Bragg about it afterwards …I don’t care. But don’t tell me it’s a good idea sticking an experimental medication that alters your genome into your vein with only the assurance of Fauci and friends that it’s safe. A herd mentality and blind obedience isn’t something to be proud of , but for some reason some of you carry it like a badge of honor. No employer mandates …ever ! Justify this overreach of my rights and I will justify to you why it’s a great idea ANC EWC’s your property from you.
    ( I dare you to publish this comment! You won’t because it’s true…and you got all these sheep eating out your hand now ..don’t you Ben?! )

  4. D Bassil says:

    Hi Ben
    You should do more research on this topic before you go out and publish an article like this.
    I challenge you to look wider than the information that is in your face right now and which you so blindly follow.
    Please let me know and we will send you well researched articles from various international sources.
    I will be surprised if people sharing your opinion will try and get out of their zombified state .

  5. Alex says:

    I don’t know what was funnier. The article or the top notch comments. I’m definitely using the newborn line next time I speak to a anti vaxxer.
    After taking the vaccine I did experience a bigger thirst for beer (could be because I needed it after being without).
    I just love these people who know better than the whole medical fraternity.

  6. Norseman says:

    Geez, last time there were this many woke idiots they were telling us all to make like Sweden. Then when Sweden told us that that erm… little “experiment” was a failure the said woke folks slunk away underground so they could scribble sweaty little signs warning us about Nuremburg codes. If I was Oprah I’d give you dudes all free iron lungs for xmas. “You get an iron lung, and you get an iron lung, and you get an iron lung!” Oh wait, don’t need iron lungs because of vaccines. My bad. Okay now, woke folks, go and storm the Capitol or something so the rest of us can get on with our vaccines.

    1. Trevor Bailet says:

      Erm. I don’t think antivaxxing equates wokeness, Norse. Its more of a right wing libertarian position. Unless, you think Trump leaning republicans are woke? And if you do then I am not quite sure where that puts you on the spectrum.

  7. Bill says:

    Oh dear Ben, if your goal was to sow division then you can safely say your article has achieved its goal. Divide and conquer – straight out the playbook of CNN and its masters.
    If you had perhaps spent 30 minutes doing the bare minimum of research you would realize that people have genuine concerns about the “vaccine”, much more than mere side effects like a sore arm, which include blood clots, myocarditis, fertility concerns and even death. Thousands of virologists, immunologists, scientists (not the ones employed by Big Pharma and Mainstream media) as well as many high-level ex-employees of Big Pharma are warning about the risks.
    No one even knows what the long-term effects are, because putting 350 healthy people through a 4-month trial can’t give you that data.
    Anyone who says mRNA technology is safe in the long run is also just guessing because it has never been used before in the history of mankind. Although if you ask any of the dead ferrets that took part in the SARS-CoV-1 mRNA vaccine trial – my bet is they will say that their experience of a cytokine storm was not all that great.
    And of course, the vaccine is being touted as 100% safe for pregnant women when a grand total of, you guessed it, zero pregnant women took part in any trial. How about the effects of feeding spike protein breastmilk smoothies to babies, yip 100% safe – although never tested.
    And what about the hundreds of millions of people who have had Covid and recovered and have natural anti-bodies now? Should they also do their part for mankind and be part of the largest drug trial ever conducted?
    Pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated is frankly just childish. It’s so much easier just to blame the unvaccinated than to investigate why the current vaccines are not all that effective. Many citizens of highly vaccinated countries like Israel and the UK are finding this out to their detriment. An inconvenient truth – but let’s just blame those pesky unvaccinated.
    And when lockdowns return to the US in the next 2 weeks (despite deaths rates being down 90%) you can be assured the masses are been lined up for their boosters. I suspect there will be a lot fewer “vaccine” selfies this time around. And hopefully, you too would have awakened. Satire and good journalism can still exist side by side, with a bit of effort.

    1. Ben Trovato says:

      You lost me at “CNN and its masters”.

    2. DOLLY says:

      Oh Bill, the irony telling others to research before commenting.
      350 people on a 4 month trial 3

      May I respectfully suggest you clean your crack pipe.
      I am one of the forty thousand participating in the J&J clinical trial – a 2yr clinical trial.

  8. Sherri says:

    Wow Ben,

    You’re post really caused a bit of a stir. I especially love the ‘most people dying have been vaccinated’ which is of course the complete opposite of reality. Where do these anti-vaxxers get their ‘facts’???? LOL Anyway, LOVE your post…

  9. Anne says:

    Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem. This is because the U.S. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after a COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Approx 6000 deaths have been recorded in the US where the person previously had a vaccine – not necessarily CAUSED by the vaccine (in 338 million vaccine doses) compared to 612 000 deaths definitely caused by covid in the USA……….

  10. Alan Paterson says:

    Oh Wendy, methinks thou art too much of a Twitter fetishist. Graphene oxide? The untold misery of us millions, no billions are now suffering after the vaccination? Not really, the untold misery is having to read garbage that people like you spew out. Check your facts, moron.

    1. B says:

      Oh yes… a complete Moron… who knows everything about nothing. What an empty soul!!!

  11. P Beukes says:

    You will eat your words, make no mistake, and who will be looking for empathy then? I cannot for the life of me understand just how gullible people actually are! You do no research (obviously) and take everything at face value, believing everything you’re told by questionable others! Everybody on Gods green planet know the media are full of it, and governments are in it for themselves. And where have governments ever in the past pushed SO HARD for everyone to be vaccinated against something with a 99.9 recovery rate??? Even entering them into lottos, into competitions, free college, etc etc. If people can’t see and feel that something is seriously wrong here, then they are ignorant … end of!

    1. J Ibbotson says:


    2. Scriddle says:

      Keep digging. Pathetic! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Scriddle says:


    4. Verne Maree says:

      Well said, P. Beukes!

    5. Brenda says:

      Eish. I can tell you have left no stone unturned. Your insight and superior knowledge puts us all to shame.
      End of.

    6. Trevor Bailet says:

      Thanks for prolonging the lockdown.

  12. Johan Kleynhans says:

    Brilliant piece, as always, Ben!

    What really gets me how these anti-vaxxers go on about the so-called “unknown” longterm side effects of the vaccine, and yet stubbornly ignore the very well-known short term results of the virus, namely a much higher probability of death from the virus than from the vaccine: reliable data from first-world countries show that more than 90% of Covid deaths are amongst unvaccinated people.

    1. Kim says:

      You obviously haven’t done much research. Look what is happening globally – the vaxxed are the ones getting sick and spreading their Delta variant.

      Since when is it legal to force people to take EXPERIMENTAL drugs? You obviously have never heard of the Nuremberg code.

      1. Scriddle says:

        Hint: loosen your tinfoil hat. You are more than deluded.
        And before you try a “sez you” rejoinder, my wife is a doctor specialising in pharmacology and another close relative is a senior doctor in charge of a Covid hospital. You want to go argue with them? Fool.

        1. Christopher Van says:

          As soon as you get ad hominem (personal) you lose.

      2. A J Smith says:

        (1) We have seen several examples of posts on social media claiming that Covid-19 vaccines violate the Nuremberg Code because they are somehow “experimental” and, as people receiving the vaccines are not made aware of this, they are unable to give their informed consent.

        This claim that the Covid-19 vaccines are experimental is simply not true. The three Covid vaccines currently given temporary authorisation for use in the UK have been shown to be safe and effective in large scale clinical trials.

        The Nuremberg Code is “very specifically about experimentation” and so although its principles would be applicable when discussing clinical vaccine trials, it is no longer relevant once a vaccine has been authorised.

    2. Kim Hosken says:

      🤣🤣🤣Its the opposite start doing research I know 2 people that have died shortly after having the lethal injection. Sadly there is no turning back once injected. People that think big Pharma and Governments can be trusted are in for a shock.

      1. Alan Paterson says:

        Wow, over 4 billion (that’s 1 and nine 0s in case you are unaware) have been vaccinated and you know of a whole two (that’s 2 without any 0s) who died after the “lethal injection”? In a Texas penitentiary I presume. Had second vaccine yesterday, must be just very lucky, may have been Number 3! God save us from idiots! Ben, I’m disappointed. I thought your columns attracted only us thinking types. But keep up the good work anyway, we are with you for the long haul to freedom, as opposed to the long covid.

        1. Clay says:

          You refer to yourself as Thinking?! Injecting an experimental ‘something’ into your vein because politicians and bureaucrats told you to doesn’t put you with the ‘thinkers’ It puts you in the mindless sheep who fears for his life category ? You do know we are laughing as hard about you as you are for us? Have you seen a blood sample after taking that jab?? Oh well …I’m sure it will be fine … because they said it would be . Blaaaah!!

          1. Brenda Burns says:

            Um, the needle doesn’t go into a vein. Just saying.

  13. hayley says:

    Clearly you have been indoctrinated and vaccinated … pity

    1. Scriddle says:

      Clearly you have been indoctrinated and not vaccinated, which shows (a) how easily you are led and (b) how your paranoia about “the man” plays into all sorts of confirmation biases that you are obviously prone to.

  14. Val Maclean says:

    The so privileged few ,whiter than whites promenading,not marching, in Seapoint,nogal…
    Heads firmly in the sand. All we can see are A- holes. Who know what Google is ,but can’t recognize fake doctors who are pushing their own agenda.
    Think, for a tiny moment ,of the poor,the aged ,those struggling to breathe and do what you can to lessen the impact of this pandemic. Then you can go back to being elitist.

  15. Wendy says:

    What an absolute idiot you are. Obviously not done your homework otherwise you would know this experimental DNA modifying mRNA gene therapy is not a vaccine. You would also know that the vials contain graphene oxide. You would also have seen what absolute misery the millions of victims of this poison are suffering you self-centred piece of work. You are very welcome to be a guinea pig that takes part in a clinical trial to take the suicide shot. I however choose not to. I choose to stay in the placebo group thank you very much. My body, my choice. Maybe it will be better if your particular type of stupid take this jab so that you and your decendants not survive this genocide. It will leave a better world for my children. What’s next? Forced sterilisation? Forced abortion? Good luck regaining your freedoms dumbskull, as it has not happened in the most vaccinated countries on earth. The agenda is totalitarian control, digital ID and transhumanism. If you don’t see it yet, well bad luck. You won’t survive in any case.

    1. Graeme says:

      Digital ID???

      Here’s your sign…

    2. Shawn says:

      HeHe! Wendy, I have armed myself with information over the last few weeks exactly in order to answer rants like yours. Every single “fact” you quote is false. By that I mean there is no scientific veracity at all.
      I have probably been exposed to each of your sources, and can easily point you in the direction of scientific, accurate and honest ripostes.
      A psychologist friend mentioned that Conspiracy Theorists are classed as Addicts.
      Please don’t be fooled by idiots.
      And don’t get personal.

    3. Ted says:

      @ Wendy

      If you really believe that your government is trying to kill you, why do you still pay taxes. What sane person would pay money to an organisation trying to kill them?

      Secondly, let’s say that you are correct, that every government in the world met with big Pharma and decided to kill off a large percentage of the population so they could have totalitarian rule and they decided the best way to do this was with a vaccine that only people who listened to the governments would take and these would be the people that die leaving only the people like you who distrust the government left for them to actually Govern. I’m sure this makes perfect sense to you.

  16. Clay Wilson says:

    Yep …this is the ignorance that permeates through your little committee of intellectuals Ben. The creme de la creme of objectivity and rational thinking.
    “I wish there was a vaccine for stupid people. But I guess stupid people wouldn’t take it anyway.”
    I believe stupid is accepting everything your are told and everything that’s injected into you without question or complaint.
    Listen Lady …if there was a vaccine for stupid , you wouldn’t be here!

    1. Graham says:

      There is a vaccine for stupid people, its called Covid 19. Encourage them to catch it and miraculously you will find fewer stupid people in the world. Natures strengthening the herd by removing the weak minded. Go Nature Go.

  17. Steven says:

    What an idiot …hey take the vax 3 times please can do with less weak minded sheeple

    1. Scriddle says:

      Ah, Darwin write large. Steven doing his bit to cleanse the gene pool. Go for it, boet!

    2. cheri simonne rubens says:

      Too many troglodytes seem to be ignorant of the truth, but don’t worry, all is about to be revealed…. and it is all about to come crashing down…. I have loads of friends in the medical and legal fields….. people think the mainstream media, the medical fraternity and Governments can be trusted, boy are the sheeple in for a rude awakening starting from August…. I just hope its not too late for many of them, when they learn the truth..

      1. Shawn says:

        Hey Cheri Simonne. It’s August already. In fact it’s halfway through. I hope you didn’t wager the family fortune on anything silly…….

  18. Karey says:

    I know more people under 35 who have been seriously and adversely affected by the jab (it’s not a vaccine) than I know people who’ve been murdered in SA. Just saying. But well done on creating yet more dissidence and division. We really need opinion formers like you, with no known scientific or medical credentials, to look down upon those who are indeed thinking for themselves. I look forward to the article you might feel incumbent upon you to publish when you eat your words. Shame. You normally make me laugh but this article distressed me. Maybe do a bit more research into the jab … and indeed how many times you’re going to need it. Vaccine it ain’t.

    1. Viv Hart says:

      How do you know?

    2. Ken says:

      Karey, under 35? Since when are they getting the jab? Rather change your name to Karen. Fool.

      1. Kim says:

        You obviously don’t have a clue what is happening, do you. Even new born babies are being injected with these lethal drugs.

        1. Graeme says:

          Send our regards to Donald.

        2. Johan Kleynhans says:

          Again, give us some references of studies that shows new-borns are injected with, as you call it “lethal drugs”
          The mind boggles…

    3. Alan Paterson says:

      OK, how many under 35s do you know who were “seriously and adversely” affected? Ten? Hundred? Thousand? How many murders in SA? According to Bloomberg, one year ago, 58 daily. How many people have died of Covid world-wide? Over 4 million to date. I have had one shot and my only “adverse” effect was a mildly sore arm for less than a day thereafter. And I know at least fifty friends and associates similarly vaccinated, sorry “jabbed,” and walked away unscathed. But hey we all may be dead/turn into zombies by next month, together with the 4 billion (yes billion) world-wide that have also been “jabbed” so watch this space. And, by the way, how many post-vaccine under 35s do you really know seeing that the age group 35 to 40 years for “jabbing” only commences here on 1st August? Queue jumpers? Or you have lots of adversely affected overseas friends? So think (or twitter) all you want Karey and let us serious Trovato readers get on with our much-needed drinking.

    4. Johan Kleynhans says:

      “…with no known scientific or medical credentials…”
      Kindly enlighten us as to your credentials?

      “I know more people under 35 who have been seriously and adversely affected by the jab (it’s not a vaccine) than I know people who’ve been murdered in SA”

      Care to cite some (reliable) references to your statement, i.e. not your very likely biased opinion.

    5. P.Beukes says:

      Love it! Well said!!

    6. Marius Loots says:

      It’s not available to people under 35 yet. Go polish up on your conspiracies.

      1. Karey Evett says:

        Sorry- didn’t make it clear; this is in the UK. I have friends (of my grand age) who have children who have been hospitalised (for weeks) and had brain inflammation, and all sorts of serious complications. The whole world is affected by this and I listen to what people are telling me from further afield than South Africa. Hope this clarifies. Maybe you could dig deep to find out what’s really going on. It ain’t pretty. This jab (it’s not a vaccine if you keep having to have it) will only be finally tested in two years’ time. Go figure.

    7. Scriddle says:

      Hahahahahaha, no you don’t.

    8. Graeme says:

      Shallow end of the gene pool springs to mind here.
      That’s quite a staggering statistic you casually threw in there, actually comparing murder rates to advers vaccine effects.
      Have a lie down and take a load off, if it isn’t too late.

      1. Karey Evett says:

        nasty … very nasty. Let’s see what the next few months throws up and then we’ll see whose genes are strongest.

  19. Geffen Charles Brent says:

    Sadly our dumbed down fellow South Africans remain ignorant regardless. Will forward this excellent piece to many. Thanks

  20. Barry Collins says:

    I’d probably be a pro-vaxxer even tho my immune system has had a really good track record for 75 years, BUT government/politicians/businessmen are involved. I’d rather take a chance with a virus than trust human “authorities”.

    1. rgs says:

      Thankfully governments, politicans and businessmen weren’t the ones actually working in the labs to develop these vaccines.

      1. Kim says:

        Well – nobody was working in any labs creating the vaccine because there is no vaccine. These drugs are experimental gene treatments. The maker of the vaccines has admitted that the spike protein is a deadly toxin but you sheep will still stick it in your arm and force everyone around you to take it. Over 50,000 people have already died from the jabs and over 1 million has been left disabled but you still want to force everyone to take it.

        Thak you, I will wait until the trial phase is over in 2023.

        1. Scriddle says:

          Cite your sources, please. Serious ones only.

        2. Neuron says:

          With any luck, covid will have taken you out by then anyway.

          1. Karey says:

            How very nasty. I was determined not to comment again on this ridiculous and divisive article because it’s elicited such horrid, judgmental and abusive responses. It’s upsetting on many levels. To wish someone dies from Covid because they’re keen to see if the Covid jab is safe or not is just downright evil. It’s really nasty and it’s as wholly irresponsible as raving about a jab that hasn’t been tested properly. I hope you might, in future, consider the implication of not only patronising but also wishing dead the people who are thinking further than what big pharma and government is telling everyone. Shame on you.

    2. HKWB says:

      hahaha! my brother said exactly those words………… till he caught covid and ended up in ICU….. he’s very pro-vax now

  21. Gustav Andries Fourie says:

    If you can question it, it’s science. If you can’t, it’s propaganda…

    1. Beau says:

      That sir is the cutting truth!

    2. norseman says:

      Correction, if *scientists* can question it, then it is science. If you saw it questioned on a video, then it’s propaganda.

  22. Craig says:

    Christ but you have me in stitches!

    Probably your best work yet.

  23. Alan Paterson says:

    The picture says it all, well nearly all until you made your most cogent point. I was quite relaxed reading it until the bit about more lockdowns less alcohol! Hadn’t thought about that. These undesirable vermin are probably abstainers (seems unlikely in Sea Point) or fully stocked up with the good stuff so they simply don’t care about those of us who have to budget. When they go home flushed with excitement at taking a stand (the placard saying no to a prick says it all) they hopefully don’t kill their at-risk grandparents. But us old folks are usually more intelligent and have likely had the prick. Twice.

    1. Kim says:

      Good luck – and with your booster shots. Just remember to keep wearing your madk and social distancing so that you don’t make the unvaccinated sick with your spike protein.

    2. Verne Maree says:

      Alan Paterson – I’d like to mildly point out that it’s not the virus that banned alcohol. The government did that. Think about it.

  24. Hopscotch says:

    I wish there was a vaccine for stupid people. But I guess stupid people wouldn’t take it anyway.

    1. Mim says:

      “I tend to trust people who have devoted their lives to studying things like virology, epidemiology and infectious diseases.”. There are people with these qualifications that do not agree with the jabs. Have you considered what they’ve said? Or did someone tell you they’re conspiracy theorists?

      I neither require you to wear a mask for my protection nor take a vax for my protection. Where did you come onto that little titbit of scientism, that you’re protecting the unvaxxed with your sweaty face lappie? You wear a mask after being vaxxed because your shot doesn’t prevent transmission or infection. And you wear a mask because you love showing how kind you are to others, because you’re too out of touch with yourself to know when you’re sick. Don’t pretend to follow the science – it’s clear you follow the propaganda. You may take off your mask as I do not need you to protect me, or do you need Cyril to give you permission first?

    2. Mim says:

      There are! That’s what the article is about LOL

  25. Philip Lawson says:

    Brilliant! Laughter is still the best medicine… Although only the vaccinated should be allowed it.

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