Incognito – The Memoirs of Ben Trovato

Lotto for the literate

A lot of people are asking me how they can get hold of my latest book without actually paying money for it. That’s just how they roll.

One of the ways is to enter a competition being run by the publishers, Pan Macmillan. It involves retweeting their tweet.

If that’s still too much effort, you could always try shoplifting.

‪#WIN 1 of 5 copies of ‪@BTrovato‘s Incognito! To enter, RT this by 9 am (SAST) on 28/07. Ts&Cs: ‪  ‪


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4 thoughts on “Lotto for the literate

  1. Bonnita Davidtsz says:

    That’s it Mr Trovato, tell it to’em like it is. Enuff is enuff – hangers-on & cheapskates proliferate as it is.

  2. Diana A Hefferman says:

    Forget it. Rather buy it as I did. Lawyers are just to damn expensive to defend you on a shoplifting charge and you will be arrested on this very Friday afternoon and kept in a cell for
    a l-o-n-g time till Monday morning for your first Court appearance by which time you will be sexually educated and quite possibly deviated and not in the nicest way. Just buy the book and enjoy! I certainly did.

  3. Neil says:

    If I wasn’t bored, i would have asked my secretary to photostat the entire thing and upload it to wikileaks

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