Pay Me, Pal

Did I mention that nearly a million people from 186 countries have read my columns in the last six or seven years?

Many of them have been begging for an opportunity to contribute to my fun-raising campaign, which previously they couldn’t do because PayFast won’t let them. “Give us PayPal!” they cried.

Being a firm believer in giving the people want they want, I have now made it possible for the international community to join the countless  South Africans who have subscribed or donated to the cause. I say countless because it would be too depressing to count them.

So if you are earning pounds, dollars or euros and wish to join an elite group of people who appreciate that laughs don’t always come cheap, there is a PayPal button especially for you.

Gracias. Obrigado. Merci. Terima kasih. Shukran. Do jeh. Dankie (for the South Africans living abroad)


5 thoughts on “Pay Me, Pal

  1. Paul says:

    Fantastic column b, i wish as edified as you, but im not, im broke and things can be hard for me and illness, sometimes i think about hurting myself, not suicide. I have soo many mental conditions and i confuse things, sorry if messages were mis conveyed, i am the whipping boy and i have been whipped so hard, do you think you could handle that, its very hard and i think i should get some respect for all my illnesses, not dirty words, i know you dont know me and i only know you from your articles. Bottom line, if i was to liberate my feelings it would go against my principles, i dont liberate and of my feelings cause i have none, im just a confused fucked up mess, ill let what ever happens to me happen, sometimes even great writers like you make mistken of the articles you post. On the blesses mother, may you get some jingle for your words, chow.

  2. Jill says:

    I took a normal monthly subscription, but love Paypal too. Am very envious of your piggy bank – how come it’s so much bigger than mine?

    1. Ben Trovato says:

      It’s not. I’m just a lot smaller than you.

  3. Al says:

    Anyone managed to make a donation? I get an error. Fokseding

  4. Dee says:

    That’s getting it sorted, super quick!
    Brilliant Ben, now onwards and upwards…love Paypal

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