So, anyway.

Durban Poison letters 3

I just wanted to thank everyone who emailed me and wrote to the Sunday Tribune expressing their outrage/condolences/relief after the newspaper gave me the boot. I find it a bit odd that the paper chose to use a few of the letters. It’s almost as if they were saying, “Yes, we were idiots to get rid of him, but if you don’t believe us here are some of our readers who feel the same way.”

So far, none of the fake mainstream media has offered me a home for my column. The Big Issue in Cape Town seems keen and at this rate I may well become the magazine’s first vendor/columnist.

I was so traumatized by being “let go” for reasons that still make no sense that I immediately went to Sri Lanka on a surfing trip. If I had a paying column, I’d tell you all about it.





21 thoughts on “So, anyway.

  1. Isabel Strydom says:

    Love you Ben. Hoping to see your unique wit and insight in some other format

    1. Thanks Isabel. Currently checking out options.

  2. Irena Andrijevic says:

    Somehow, somewhere, you will continue to make our days. Too many cages rattled in a best possible way for public, we laughed, but also could cry over the truth. Sooo keep up Boy👀👂

    1. Thanks Irena. I shall persevere.

  3. Cass Essack says:

    Hey Ben
    I, like many people who enjoy your wit, Will definitely not be custom to THAT publication.

    Business wise, the excrement has collided with the cooling device. They definitely will miss you when drawing up their financials.

    All the best in finding a new home that will appreciate your genre.

    1. Thanks Cass. Still scouting for a new home. Problem is, there are so few alternatives in this country.

  4. Roger Lass says:

    I can see why those schmucks dumped you. A lot of serious problems that need attention: literay, wit, outrage at canned lions. You may be unhappy to know that there are about 11,000 tigers on ‘tiger farms’ in China, that do a thriving business in bones and penises (for ‘medicine’ of course).

    Sorry you’re not around.

    1. Thanks Roger. I’m sorry too.

  5. Brent says:

    Just sent a very personal mail to the Editor!
    Believe the least we can do is inundate him with mails confirming our united grief in your departure…but then again if the advertorial division dries up….

  6. ZesttyMe says:

    I’m so terribly disappointed to hear about this Ben.

  7. Jo McQue says:

    All I can think of is baby, please don’t go …..

  8. Pat Bamford says:

    Dear Ben We will really miss you, over the years you have given we pensioners so many laughs and hours of enjoyment. Our frequent morning refrain “ have you read Ben today “ is no more, so we geriatrics will have to take out our false teeth and scare the local kids for fun. We will still hope that some paper with common sense will give you a job, can’t see you surfing somehow, you’ll lose your hat then what will you do ? ?

    All the best Mike and Pat Bamford

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thanks for the support, Pat. Much appreciated. Still hoping to find someone who will take my drivel on a weekly basis. Daily would be even better.

  9. ginnyswart says:

    Does the Daily Maverick know your are a free man?? Biz News? They could both do with a bit of light relief.

  10. says:

    Dear BenHope to hear from you very soon!!!!!!Helen VeitchSent from my Huawei Mobile

  11. Graeme Bird says:

    Haha, they didn’t print my letter. But I guess it was a bit on the heavy side. And as promised I haven’t bought the paper since they ditched your column | 073 040 9806


    1. Thank Graeme. Appreciate it. Also appreciated the heads-up on Hiriketiya.

  12. infoupstreamtravelcoza says:

    I’m really pissed off with them !!!!!!!!! idiots !

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