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Thank you. Ngiyabonga. Mahalo.

Before the weekend gets underway and everything goes to hell in a handbasket, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to my fun-raising campaign. You’re very generous and are absolutely going to heaven in the opposite of a handbasket.

Some of you asked about the possibility of subscribing on a monthly basis and I am happy to oblige. This function is now available in the sidebar on the right. If you do choose this option, I’ll throw in one of my books for free.

Now that I have been removed from the mainstream media’s assembly line and am no longer forced to comply with grim editorial restrictions and draconian deadlines, I feel somehow lighter. Poorer, but lighter. As if I’ve been freshly unshackled. It’s probably becauseĀ I no longer have a boss.

Hang on. Since I am now writing exclusively for you, the people, this means that everyone who follows my site is in effect my boss. In other words, I haveĀ 51 483 bosses.

Be gentle.


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