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An open letter to Kendall Jones – femme fatale of the African jungle

Dear Kendall,

May I call you Kendall? Ms Jones sounds so formal. Besides, I feel like I know you. Yes, I do mean ‘know’ in the biblical sense. You look eerily similar to a dozen or so women I’ve slept with. I’m a sucker for the vacuous, blonde, slutty look, which you have in spades.

You’ve been popping up all over Facebook lately. Well done! You must be tremendously excited by all the attention. Sure, most of it isn’t the kind of attention a normal person would want. But then again, you’re not normal. Far from it.

When I saw that photograph of you straddling a lion you’d just shot, I thought, “My god, what a magnificent animal.” The lion wasn’t a bad specimen, either. I like the way you’re tugging on his mane to make his mouth hang open. With his eyes shut, it’s almost as if he’s moaning and begging for more! You like that, don’t you? You’re such a tease.


I’m sure you didn’t have to walk too far to shoot that big boy. With your looks, I expect the park rangers tranquilized him, then used pointy sticks to prod him towards you. There’s an art to this kind of hunting, you know. The real professionals can take down a darted lion at ten paces without spilling their drink. You wouldn’t have been drinking, though. You need both hands to wield a bow. It must be incredibly difficult to kill a lion with a weapon like that. I bet he looked like a porcupine by the time you’d finished with him.

I really love your profile picture on FB. There’s something about a blonde dressed from head to toe in camouflage that gets my blood racing.


And if she happens to have her arms wrapped around a dead leopard, well, it’s into the cold shower for me.


Your page says you were “born and raised in the great outdoors of the great State of Texas. What a shame. Were your parents too poor to afford a house? I’m not judging you. Some of my best friends were born in the bush. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, either. For all I know, you weren’t raised by people at all. That’s okay. All the really cool people were raised by animals. Except those raised by wombats. They don’t turn out so well. Have you ever shot a wombat? I believe they explode. Quite pretty at night.

Is it true that your 13th birthday present was the chance to blow a rhino’s brains out? What a lucky child you were! Most girls don’t get to kill their first rhino until they are well into their teens. Did they blindfold it for you? Oh, wait. It’s you who would have been wearing the blindfold. On the other hand, it was probably more of an execution than a hunt, so I’m sure someone with your compassion would have insisted that the rhino be blindfolded.


There’s something poetic about it. While kids your age were playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, you were playing fire-the-bullet-into-the-rhino. That’s why you’re famous and they’re working at Mickey D’s, right?


Well, as we say in South Africa, the only good rhino is a dead rhino. You’re doing us all a tremendous favor by ridding the bush of these unsightly vermin. Any animal that has a horn on its nose deserves to die. Silly bastards.

I also love the picture of you with the elephant. I can’t quite make out what you have in your hand. It looks like a javelin. Did you stab him to death? It’s the only language they understand.


I hope he was asleep and that you didn’t risk your life. Someone as hot as you deserves to live a long and happy life. Elephants, on the other hand, are grey – a color that went out of fashion in 1884. Ivory, though, will always be fashionable. Those two enormous tusks will keep you in jewelry for a long time to come. Hey, imagine if you lost one of your perfect teeth, as impossible as that may seem. You could carve a new one and use that as an implant. How cool would that be?!?!? LOL


Did you know that you can also use their feet as wastepaper bins or umbrella stands? All you have to do is hollow them out. Of course you know this. Why else would you shoot an elephant if not to decorate your ranch?

I can’t believe how many animals you have killed and you’re only 19! Imagine what you’re going to do in your late-twenties, when you’re strong enough to carry a bazooka or an RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher. The carnage will be spectacular!


Is it true that the bunny-huggers are threatening to shoot you if you come back to Africa? I’d like to see them try. These hairy-legged losers think knives are for cutting up carrots instead of buffalo. Morons.


You’ve tried to make these rabid left-wing loonies see reason by explaining that your hunting actually funds conservation and “helps feed African villagers”.

Truth is, I’m not very good at math or even logic, really, but if you say that killing an animal is the best way to ensure its survival, I won’t argue. With a face like yours, you could tell me that hippos love nothing more than a bullet between the eyes and I’d believe you.


And if there’s one thing that African villagers want more than access to free broadband internet, it’s a crocodile carpaccio for starters, followed by fillet of wildebeest topped with monkey gland sauce. Real glands from real monkeys, obviously. Do you do monkeys? Crafty little buggers. You might want to try using a good ol’ American-made flamethrower. That way they come ready-cooked. There should be loads of cheap ex-Vietnam models floating around. Flamethrowers, not monkeys.

You probably don’t get much time to hang out with the Texas Tech University’s cheerleading squad any more, which is a bit of a pity. Perhaps you could combine the two. Drug a cheetah and when you do that leg action thing, you could kick him in the head. That would get a laugh from your fans, at least.

You say you’re hoping to host your own TV show next year? What a brilliant idea. I remember Jay Leno would bring animals onto his show. Instead of having a boring old expert talking about them, you could have people from the audience come up and shoot them in the face. It wouldn’t be gratuitous, obviously. That would be plain wrong. There would have to be prizes of some sort.

Anyway, babe. Good luck with the killing. Hope to see you out here again soon. You’d better hurry, though. The Mozambicans are poaching all our rhino and if you leave it too long there won’t be any left.

Say hi to Melissa Bachman. I’m sure you two are best of buddies. Do you have any pictures of the two of you in a hot tub? I’d sure like to see ‘em.

Anyway, darlin’. I gotta go. Tonight me and my buddies are lookin’ to bag us some German Shepherds. That’ll teach them fuckers to bark all night long.

Aim straight and keep your boots bloody.

Murderously yours,

Ben Trovato


179 thoughts on “An open letter to Kendall Jones – femme fatale of the African jungle

  1. Bob says:

    She took all those animals with a bow? Good for her. You go girl.

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks to Bren, Cobus, Martin for sane argument and to Furious Bibi Alyssa Lynn Kiki Jan Julia Dominique Ricky for instructive comments. Much as I would probably instinctively want her in my sights, she isn’t the main or only problem and to my mind is the superficial easy target for our wrath. We are wasting our energies to make changes and to protect what we value by scapegoating her surely? Its like killing the poachers when we need to identify the organisers of the syndicates.

  3. Marlito says:

    Im praying for Karma to hurry up and give this girl a piece of her own medz. How can she justify the slaughtering of our pride and joy. GO BACK to Texas where there’s not much thats why you envy our country with its gorgeous wildlife and want to kill it all. You were probably a mommy and daddies little girl and still up to today get what you want..NOW you want to come to our country and kill our almost extinct animals. You should never have been born into this world because what lurks in your soul and heart is pure evil and death. GO HOME KENDAL you don’t belong here because you have no idea how to treat animals nor respect them. BUT wait your day will come and you will beg but i guarantee you you will be denied and when looked straight in the eyes of your victim and choose to look past its beautiful soul and being the way you denied them all to live and run wild the shall be done upon you one day. What you reap is what you sw.

  4. Rose says:

    What is this world coming to??? This girl is so ignorant… =( Please leave our animals alone!!!

    1. aida says:

      Completely agreed with you !!! No one should hunt this animals.i cry every time I see this.

  5. Susan says:

    An excellent open letter and I do SO hope she has read it .. or someone has read it to her ….

  6. David Parry says:

    Great letter! But please don’t talk of shooting wombats. They are rather cute and don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. But you can shoot Cane Toads or feral pigs. They remind me of Kendall.
    Thanks mate,

  7. FreiFire says:

    To all the hater’s you anger is misplaced, don’t go straight for the media idol, go for her backers ad the ones they paid. She is a 19yo who was brought up in a society so divided between itself that it is surprising that they haven’t destroyed themselves before now. Leftwing? Right wing? These political stand points mean nothing on this issue. THe issue is that governments allow this and there is little to nothing we can do about it. As was mentioned Money talks, if you all have such a large issue with it please put together a fund and do something about it. South Africa’s government is corrupt enough just slide Zuma a few mill and next thing you know it youll have a few good years with no trophy hunting and only culling. But making a villain out of this girl does nothing except show how you will fall to the same level. I am PROUDLY a South African BUT that doesn’t mean that i will take out my anger on a girl who cant even hit a properly moving target. As for all the other issues that came up here. Leave it at home people, this is a sarcastic letter written by someone who is also trying to get somewhere in a media career and was also just picking the biggest topic at the moment. If you cant take a topic and role with it permanently then don’t pick it up in the first place. That being said, I still think it was a well written letter, good penmanship, try to find some better content maybe you can actually raise a decent issue and argument.

  8. dick says:

    hey ben travato, pull the suppressive leftist dick out of ur mouth and maybe i can understand u better. The simple fact is that money talks. Always has. Dont like it……get more money and then u can call the shots. Until then, dont publically shame a 19yo girl for killing some animals for sport. Did u know in some countries they put a bullet in a 5 chambered revolver, point it at their heads and pull the trigger until brains come out?!?!? thats considered sport to them……u should write those people a letter!

    1. Tavis says:

      Gees dick you are living proof of freedom of speech. Even complete idiots can put their retarded views forth in this world. I agree with that freedom but dude, whoever these (“countries they put a bullet in a 5 chambered revolver, point it at their heads and pull the trigger until brains come out”) people are?!?!?! They don’t pose on Facebook with whatever you say they shoot. And if they did, then Ben, myself and a million others would write them a letter. Because it’s retarded.

      It’s real suppressive to not want Kendal to blow the brains out of endangered wild animals, due to be extinct within the century.

      Think before you brain fart…

    2. It’s Trovato, you moron. Not Travato. You got a thing about dicks and mouths? I suppose you would have, given that your name is Dick and your email is By the way, it doesn’t matter how many times you pull a revolver’s trigger, it’s unlikely that brains will ever come out.

  9. You are a genius Ben. thank you so much for writing this…

  10. Kendal's Mother says:

    in my eyes you are all just as bad as she is….. judging her as if you have never done anything wrong in your lives. She probably paid i crap load of money to shoot these animals as well and if im not mistaked had to probably get a permit to shoot most of them as well. So who is to blame then? Kendall? or the people that issued the permit? If it was against the law to shoot these animals then by all means get your knives out and cut her head off. otherwise, stop moaning about kendall and sort out your own miserable life out

    1. Kendal’s mother (forgot that second “L” there),
      If Kendall purports to be a conservationist, how about her giving away the literally tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands of dollars) to stop the poaching epidemic. Not quite as “sexy” as a kill and maybe won’t lead to that television contract she’s dying to get (well, she’s not dying to get it, the animals she hunts are)…
      As her “mother”, perhaps you could educate her in a way that demonstrates compassion.

    2. You are very mistaked, Kendal’s Mother.

      1. I would pay good money to shoot hunters..Any hunters of any quarry, or their age and sex!

    3. If your this bitch’s Mother, then you should have swallowed instead!

  11. Brilliant. Who wrote this deserves a medal. I loved reading it. Well done.

    1. ‘Genius’ is a bit of a stretch, but thanks anyway!

  12. jesse says:

    TIM, black rhinos are not extinct as a south African you should know that. get educated before you comment you make us look stupid.

  13. DAO says:

    I am from the same city where Kendall attends college & I can tell you that not a lot of people like what she did, including myself. She cannot feel good about herself! It broke my heart seeing those pics on Facebook. Ben, that was a great letter!

  14. JANA says:


  15. Well done, Ben Trovato, for this letter. Crazy bitch thinks she can come here and kill our animals cause she’s pretty? Go back to cheerleading and your own country before one of us South Africans shoot you.. . We’re definitely a better shot so we are not going to miss. Lots of our hunters would love your head (or ass, or boobs or whatever) on their wall.

  16. Donny says:

    Most of these pictures look fake to me .Some very poor photoshop attempts.

  17. Sharon McKenzie says:

    Great letter Ben. I am still too upset to comment much on this young girl’s actions. Any organisation, country, etc, allowing this kind of action, means that we have failed the very part of creation we were meant to take care of 🙁 Thank you Ben for getting us talking and thinking.

  18. LEGEN…… wait for it….. DARY!

  19. Becky says:

    She is a sociopath that wants a TV show. She doesn’t truly have any skill as far as hunting. Canned hunts use no skill. Skilled hunting, when the hunter uses all of the animal, and is killing animals that are overrunning the areas that we’ve decided they have to live, I can understand. Killing a drugged animal in a pen that is used to human interaction is far from hunting. I don’t understand how other people that do actually hunt can back someone like her. Oh, they see a cheerleader that claims to be a hunter, and therefore is their dream girl. Good luck getting her and actually being able to get her to understand how life is for those who are not living off of daddy’s riches.

    1. That’s correct, a TV show, she will then, dump hunting, dump all her followers, then, start screaming about how terrible hunting is, she has seen the light!

  20. Amy says:

    This stupid bitch.
    Who the hell does she think she is?!
    Africa is not her country. How dare she soot these helpless animals and call it sport.
    Why doesn’t she go shoot the black ppl that are brutally killing all the white ppl in Zimbabwe.
    That’s more of a sport.
    Blonde stupid spoilt child. There is a place in hell for you for what you’ve done.

  21. justin says:

    Ben forgot to mention was that she gave the food to African tribes

    1. Allan says:

      Does the bimbo feed them lion meat … or wait, tasty Rhino ! They don’t eat Lion or Rhino stupid ! In fact in Kenya the people don’t even enjoy buck, they prefer beef.

    2. Lion burgers ? I suppose they ate them while watching the World Cup, and chatting on their mobile

  22. Martin mendelsohn says:

    Dearest Ben,
    As always I enjoyed your letter, however I am concerned with your take on hunting. I’m sure that you know of the increases in wildlife numbers in Namibia since the 1980s and how much of this has been attributed to controlled hunting… While I appreciate your cunning at picking on the hottest topic on the Internet this week, I find it rather disconcerting that opinions such as yours voiced here may help to recreate similar conditions to those which preceded the massive decrease in wildlife which occurred when you were my age. I urge you to take another look at conservation and how people such as this girl(granted she may very well be as thick as two bricks) may contribute to conservation.

  23. justin says:

    if Africa didn’t want the animals to be killed then they wouldn’t have given out the tags. so the animals can’t be to endangered.

    1. Allan says:

      No of course not idiot … they will live forever ! There were over 500000 TOTAL Rhino in Africa in the early 20th century, now its down to approx. 20000 white Rhino and only about 5000 black Rhino. Wow, and you weren’t intelligent enough to even bother to look that up. This to any sane, normal, educated person with a brain strongly hints at the animals becoming extinct ! You have just made one of the most stupid comments I have ever read !

      1. justin says:

        well if they get to fucking endangered then they stop giving hunters tags to shoot them. then they’ll repopulate you have no common sense you arrogant little ass hole

        1. Allan says:

          And at what stage will you consider them to be endangered ? Corrupt officials will give tags until there are none left ! It is already extremely difficult to re-populate the cheetah as the gene pool is not diverse enough.

      2. justin says:

        well that’s up to the continent of Africa to decide. its not just this girls fault..sure she might be part of it but Africa is the one that is killing a majority of them by allowing people to hunt them.

    2. L.Jensen says:

      Is your IQ above the double digits? I think not; your logic if flawed and you can’t even figure out when to use “to” vs “too”…

  24. Kitty says:

    Great letter Ben. There is no justification for her actions… Killing animals for food is one thing, but this mindless murder is abhorrent. I come to Africa to appreciate the wildlife, not kill it!

  25. Mama samm says:

    Stunning, cannot believe how ignorant some people are. Ben you rock, I am sure there are so,many better ways to spend what they must have paid for those hunts. How many houses and fences could have been built with $500k to protect the villagers, I live in a village in Africa, the only protection I need is from the idiots in BMW and Mercedes who think traffic lights and stop streets are just a suggestion. We need our wildlife, imagine how well our young lady would received if she took out the top five sports men in the stats, just one player from each team in lets say the World Series. They have so many surely you woul not miss a few. I blame her parents

  26. Resale Guru says:

    Ben Trovato, you are a very nasty person. Sux 2 B U.

  27. Nancy says:

    Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

  28. Yollie says:

    Yes, look at these lions plotting amongst each other to kill humans, how do we survive Africa on a daily basis:

  29. Mirna Trpkova says:

    I want the writer of the letter to be my friend! Cheers to you Ben Trovato, best thing someone could ever say to her.

  30. OMG, this is one of the best posts EVER. Thank you for writing it. I’m going to share it.
    I hate her and wish her nothing but kickback from what she’s doing.

  31. Alyssa says:

    Her actions are totally, completely 100% unacceptable. There isn’t an argument on this planet that can justify what she’s doing. She’s killing these animals for her own freaking pleasure. She needs to either be in jail or at a psychiatric ward. As do her parents.

  32. You are my hero. I haven’t stopped laughing since the first paragraph. LMAO!

  33. Ingi Raikes says:

    My biggest wish for that absolute brat is that one of the magnificent, nobles animals she thinks she has shot, but is actually only stunned, and it will turn round and bite that smug little blood thirsty grin RIGHT OFF HER SHOULDERS!

    1. L.Jensen says:

      Yes, I echo your wish

  34. Dr. Rex says:

    I thank you for this excellent post. It hits the topic right on the mark. Just yesterday I blogged about her … this is way better. TY … you have done a great job. Of course. reblogging!!! Peace … may others read this and share, share, share.
    There isn’t anything right in what she’s (and many others are doing) in MY mind!!!

  35. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is something that needs to be share … I’m against ALL animal cruelty and defiling of these majestic creatures. Justify actions all that you want. I’m not buying them!!

  36. Bren says:

    My word, but the tree huggers are out in full force!!! Pity we don’t see this with the rhino poaching going on!!!
    Fact…in the early 80’s, the white rhino was close to extinction. Now, through conservation and hunting, there numbers WERE on the increase…untill the East found out about this, and they are being poached back to the brinck of extinction. A green hunt allows for the picture, valuable data collection and chipping of the horn, whilst the rhino runs free afterwards.
    The lion population in South Africa far exceed that of 100 years ago. Mainly thanks to hunting and conservation!! There is a value on it, whuch requires it to be saved!!!!! The gene pool is larger than ever! Yet, lion hunting was banned in Kenya, and there numbers plumeted to dangerously low levels!! There is no value to the lion in Kenya.
    Ben, and all you other tree hugging idiots, enjoy your bread, milk, luxury cars on tarred roads to hiday destinations, and live in your suburban houses…..all which once belonged the the animals you now trying to “save” and swear at,threaten write “hate mail” to people who understand the value of hunting, and saving a species through it. How much value does a lion have to a dairy farmer??? None, it eats his income!!! You contribute to it by driving these lovely tarred roads and living in ever growing cities, making the land available for these animals even less, closing migration routes throufh fences, towns, roads etc.
    But that is ok. We can fick up the environment, habitat, etc, and enjoy the produce gained from the land, even make money off it… long as you “do the right thing and complain about hunting! Really? Hypocrites!!!
    Why is a Model T Ford fetching such a high price??? It is “extinct”. And suddenly this prolimitive form of vehicle has value and needs to be “saved”. Same goes for animals!!
    Yet, you won’t realise this.
    One things I truly hope happens, it that a class action will be brought against those using scandalous languange, threaths of death and rape, etc, to you all.
    I don’t mind that personally, and I am sure such dull people such as yourselves, helping to fuck up the environment and still enjoy what it has to offer, would stop eating meat, veg, fruit, flour products, crisps….heck just stop living, cause you enjoy what you do not condone!!

    1. Cobus Brink says:

      Exactly Bren, but unfortunately the concept of value driving conservation is as little understood here as working clothes in a lingerie boutique.

    2. patricia critchley says:

      Bren, Check your facts. Kendall Jones does not do “green hunts”. She kills the animals, including rhino, even the critically endangered black rhino. Look at the pictures again. Those animals are dead. Jones is happy about this. She has stated that she enjoys killing things and will continue to do so. She is a psychopath. She should be locked up because with this level of blood lust she might start killing people soon. She has the weapons.

    3. Another fucking retard.

    4. Cooney says:

      Well said Bren

    5. martin says:

      Thank you Bren, when one looks at the statistics on wildlife numbers and how hunting has facilitated a resurgence of wildlife in Africa its impossible to argue against it except from a intangible value point of view, which is unfortunately not going to stop a farmer, or community member from killing an elephant, Rhino, lion or whatever have you when he has a choice between its life and his livelihood. Whether Kendall engages in “green hunts” I do not see as an issue in the greater scheme of things. What is more important is that hunting be allowed to continue, and that it be regulated to maximize the benefit of the environment. Counter-intuitively Bad mouthing and putting people off hunting only serves to decrease the value of the animals being killed, and increase the likely hood that they be poached. Controlled hunting is by far the lesser evil when compared to environmental impact that many of us have just through our way of life. Controlled hunting = larger genetic diversity in animals, less habitat destruction, tangible value of wildlife to local communities etc. Filling up your car with petrol at Shell (or most likely any other equivalent vendor) = massive habitat destruction, you get to drive yourself to and from work everyday, you contribute to smaller habitats for keystone species, possible extinction of endemics.

    6. Ricky says:

      Bren. We aren’t here fighting for flora. I think you mean Animal lovers not tree huggers. Anyway. Small detail. How exactly is conservation happening due to trophy hunting on private farms? That’s as ridiculous a statement as people are no longer starving because I’m eating well in a restaurant. My scraps feed street kids.

      How exactly does shooting a rhino save more of them in your eyes? Does a portion of the hunt fee go to Sanparks? Do these private farm owners organize anti poaching teams on the weekends? I somehow doubt it. They’re just piggy backing off the numbers due to an overall improvement in countrywide conservation and they are cashing in big time. How much of the R100000 say for killing a lion is dedicated to conservation thereafter. Enlighten me.

      1. Ricky says:

        As for villagers eating lion and giraffe?! It’s not the dark ages anymore. I think they’d more than likely prefer something a little more mainstream. We do actually have shops here, even in ‘the wild’. The Zulu wasn’t close to starvation chasing down lions even in the 1600s. Believe it or not, they knew how to manage a cow or 2 back then. So why would they want to start eating endangered species now? Give it some thought will you…

    7. L.Jensen says:

      You sound like an ill-educated idiot.

  37. alex norgay says:

    i hope that we all keep in mind that this poor confused child is simply a result of her even more confused parents who probably were confused by their confused parents and so the story continues in Texas.. love the letter Ben, irony with witt is the best form of humour by far, thanks for the laughs:)
    may God (or whatever) help us all, cause were gonna need it

  38. Richard says:

    She is nuts. Psychotic

  39. Cobus Brink says:

    Have any of you who are so violently against hunting looked at the numbers of animals who die yearly due to habitat destruction to make way for what we call “progress”? It’s easy to criticise each and every thing when you live the capitalistic life of a Westerner. Is this girl’s sin of hunting that much greater an environmental rape than the access we westerners deemed necessary to live?

    1. Allan says:

      The bigger sin is that she is portraying trophy hunting to be a glamorous sport. American (and a lot of other) idiots see her as a kind of celebrity. They even endorse her arguments that she in a conservationist (That coming from someone who is a bimbo cheerleader) C’mon, get real ! This is AS sickening as the people who are devouring the environment for selfish reasons.

  40. allan says:

    Amazing how this dumb fanny stretching bimbo suddenly becones an authority in wildlife conservation ? Wonder if its from all the coke they sniff that the Americans are fast becoming the most stupid nation on earth ?

  41. Nichole says:

    You’re a fyckin idiot dude. Everyone needs to grow up and get the fuck over it. She’s killed freakin what! To each is their own. People making death threats just goes to show we are surrounded by dumbass hypocrites. I hunt all the time and you know what? It’s fun as fyck. Of course I feel sympathy , but think about it logically..those animals would rip you up and chew you up and spit you out if you gave them the chance, I’d like to see you dumb ass bunny humpers walk up to a lion or an elephant and after you get yourself fucked up by the “innocent” animals tell me more about how cruel it is to kill these animals. It’s for protection, she’s helping prevent them from hurting other people in villages there. I personally think it’s cool as hell that she’s killed some of those animals, it’s a free country. There’s people out here killed humans for sport but hey, that’s none of my business.

    1. Whatever says:

      You’re a idiot Nichole…. (Rhymes with a$$hole)

    2. Dee says:

      Nicole I think it would be best if you closed your mouth and gave your arse a chance…it may make more sense. You are what is known as a LOSER.

    3. Let me guess, Nichole. You vote Republican, you’re a member of the NRA and you believe that the earth is 6000 years old. Oh, and you’re married to your first cousin. How am I doing so far?

      1. dick says:

        lemme guess ben, ur a dueschbag rainbow sandal wearing granola eating left wing dick suckin obama-is-god believin ban all guns beacause their bad(and not the intentions of the people who are pulling the trigger) global warming distribution of wealth socialism works save the whales and dont put rational thought into anything because what i say is right and if i yell louder than you than im right kinda guy. sounds about right huh?

      2. Andrew Gibbs says:

        Ben you really struggle to winning argument without using violence, emotion and agression

    4. allan says:

      Why dpnt you stay in your fucked up america and kill all your bears and buffallo …. thst goon with her dumb ass is not welcome in africa ! Neither are you !

    5. allan says:

      Of course its none of your business…. your head is in your ass so you dont have/know of any business going on around you !

    6. So your as sick as this vile cunt!

    7. Hey Nichole sweetie: I’d also rip you up and chew you up and spit you out. Gonna shoot me next?

      1. Rick says:

        well, then there would be one less pyscho on earth then

      2. Cooney says:

        First you threaten her then ask if she would shoot you. My guess would be yes when you attach her it will be her right to protect

    8. Theo Konings says:

      You are an idiot with fuck all knowledge of what life is like in Africa.Come over big mouth and we’ll go hunting and I guarantee only one of us will come back alive (Spoiler alert – it won’t be you).You fucking yanks are the biggest knowitalls but when it comes down to it you know very little about life outside of your stupid country.

      1. Hendrika Moss says:

        I hope you all could find a way to stop those killers I live on a small island in the bahamas and see with sadness the killing of the animals soon our children will only learn about them in books

    9. Alex Lowndes says:

      Nichole, she has spared nobody from being mauled to death. These are canned hunts. Pathetic cowardly people who shoot animals that don’t stand a chance against a gun

    10. Laura Milns says:

      Nic hole, you really are thick. You must be American and watch too many dumb american t.v programs. Pray tell, you stupid moron. who can’t even string an intelligible sentence together, where the animals she murders, kill villagers? You obviously know nothing about Africa, or about anything else it seems. Stay out of our country please as your type is not wanted here, you ignorant arrogant hill billy hick!

    11. You fucking retard.

      1. Retard is no longer an acceptable word to decent people that have a ‘good’ command of English. However for hunters that word is more appropriate!

        1. I know, I keep it for special use.

          1. If aimed at hunters then go for the jugular every time!

    12. L.Jensen says:

      Wow, Nichole…you sound like a sweet, lovely lady. So wishing you as much love and protection as you extend to other beings. Karma back onto you…

  42. Judy Brey says:

    I really couldn’t read too much of your letter because of the damn photos but very funny although this is such a disturbing situation… Her stupid parents taught her this is ok of course, from Texas of course – I’m hoping something good comes out of this …

  43. Hey guys, just remember this is only just a tip of the iceberg, there is a lot of psyco killers who just are thinking in his next “shot” of adrenaline when they kill inocent and helpless animals, thats because we need to put the animal rigths in the political agenda, and ban all kind of hunting of at least all the mammals, birds and big fishes, we are destroying our planet so quickly that our grandsons will not see animals on the wild, we need to star to cull humans or we will die with our planet!!!

  44. A hunter visited another hunter and was given a tour of his home. In the den was a stuffed lion. The visiting hunter asked, “when did you bag him?” The host said, “that was three years ago, when I went hunting with my wife.” “What’s he stuffed with,” asked the visiting hunter. “My wife.”

    Can we hope for this with this vile reprobate!

  45. The world may be divided into people that read, people that write, people that think, and hunters.

    1. allan says:

      Anf may there be animals left for future generations too see in their natural habitat ! But sadly thats seems to be very idealistic

      1. Time we had an open season to hunt these sicko hunters!

  46. Dominique says:

    Sadly, Money counts here and the organizers of these exhibitions are greedy. If you think about it, for a caged Lion hunt, the hunter pays up to $100.000 and more… lets see, convert that to the Rand (at the current rate) it makes you rich if you live in SA. Can you imagine what they pay for an Elephant, the gentle giant, that lives in a family environment and mourns for the dead….or killing a Rhino that is on it’s way to distinction and more? For this to stop in SA, the outside world should stop demanding it and stop offering and paying such ludicrous amounts of money to hunt in this Country just so as to take home a trophy and receive a pat on the back..I am a South African, and I hate what is going on in my Country, and what the Government allows, but then, maybe they too are getting a cut from this. I am not totally against hunting, providing you are doing it to put food on the table (after all, the abattoirs are even worse) but for heavens sake, hunting a Beautiful Animal for the sake of sports, that disgusts me, just as this young lady does, as well as as Melissa Bachman. And trust me, the Villagers in this Country don’t need the like of her, or anybody for that matter to feed them a Lion …
    . I hope and pray that people like her and many more, stay out and away from my Country, and stops destroying the wildlife that we so cherish!!

  47. James Lubbad says:

    Well done. People in the country are happy to be famous at any cost. Example: narcissistic kids taking selfies and shouting YOLO (you only live once). “Imma Do Me!” This girl killing majestic animals in canned hunts for no other reason than to increase her fame is reprehensible. Since the girl will continue her killings, your letter at least made me chuckle. Well said.

  48. Cheryl Hurlburt says:

    Just brilliant, Ben!

  49. Robert says:

    One day she’ll regret when she realizes how brutal she has been to these innocent and beautiful animals.
    Her only way out will be to turn the gun on herself.

  50. Chris says:

    I just hope she doesn’t make it to her next birthday.

  51. Heather says:

    The fact that she’s a young pretty girl should be left out. The fact that she’s a sociopathic dumbass is what scares me. Trophy hunting happens anywhere there are animals, it should not be allowed on any continent, period.

  52. Miss Anne Thrope says:

    I think you were too kind to her… you should have been severely brutal. This piece of excrement is after all worth less than the stools she shits!

  53. ChubbyJew says:

    People with sheltered don’t-know-hardship grins posing next to endangered animals they blew the brains out of, creep me out.

  54. Julia Ratsey says:

    I don’t support hunting her to death but a frontal lobotomy might do the trick. Let’s blame the (ir)responsible greedy adults in her life instead. She seems to be surrounded by them. In the end I just have to feel very sorry for her for having such ignorant, twisted values and even more depressed about the mindset of millions in the industrial world who use lesser developed countries as their playgrounds for indulging in all manner of “flesh” sports, from child prostitution and slavery to animal torture and murder. But historically the days of empire always seem to end in total moral collapse. Ms Kendall’s exploitation is just one symptom of that collapse …. and possibly a painful enough one to prick awake the consciences of a sleeping world.

    1. Salute you Julia from a South African where it is the ‘play ground’ of these kind of people she is just a drop in the bucket and myself just wish all countries will follow Australia, in banned trophy hunting by their citizens in South Africa

    2. allan says:

      They should sterilise the bitch to prevent her from producing more brainless idiots. Dont think they will find anything to do a lobotomy on ?

      1. Cooney says:

        I can not believe that I am continually surprised and the reply’s from liberals to an idea they disagree with. Kill, maim, sterilize, lobotomies. Great bunch of people you are. Yet you support abortion both early and late term.

  55. Debby says:

    Bullies are bullies because they are afraid of being seen as their true self – helpless little morons with nothing good to offer mankind – Kendall is a bully only, instead of picking on people she kills defenceless and beautiful animals as she is afraid to be seen for what she really is – an ugly spirited, useless piece of vermin that is only here today because the condom broke!

    1. allan says:

      You think ? Maybe mommy was high on crack and forgot the condom ? Lol

    2. Laura Milns says:

      well said

  56. Marita says:

    This letter made my day!! The intelligent sarcasm at its best and wonderfully rewarding to read. Thanks for sharing this!!!

  57. candice says:

    That was awesome I’m giggling. You a legend

  58. Lynda Corkum says:

    ha! ha! Ben Trovato… brilliant! Sort of puts it in simple terms, doesn’t it? Bravo!

  59. jan pedley says:

    Sarcasm at its utter best! What a great read this was, beautifully put it’s just not natural to want to kill relentlessly such beautiful majestic creatures and pose happily next to their lifeless bodies at any age but from such a young age its wrong and its bad!!!

    1. allan says:

      Dont think kendall will get the sarcasm …. her brain cell is too busy focusing on her pathetic image !

      1. Alyssa says:

        Yeah, that is my concern as well.

  60. Jane says:

    maybe kendall needs to look at her actions – i dont care if its a gal or a bloke – the behaviour is pretty disgusting – keep the focus where it needs to be

  61. Jane says:

    Isnt she just ! Come on Kendall let’s hear your argument assuming you can string words together. You know what they say ‘it takes 10 leopards to make a fur coat but just one dumb enough to wear it” And that’s all I see when I look at your vacuous smiling face. Fabulous girl!!!!!!

    1. allan says:

      She can argue ? Think you are expecting too much from her … …lol

  62. Anne Merino says:

    Beautifully written! Needed the laugh — Kendall is so profoundly creepy.

  63. Tawnya says:

    I hope she gets shot in the head really soon I’m sure a whole lot of people are lined up to sport hunt this bitch!!! What a frkn loser.

  64. I laughed till I peed myself…. “BEN” you Biscuit ……

  65. Mark Samson says:

    I’m trred of people putting Animal life above human life. I’m tired of the f-ing Vegan, The Peta and the whiners and people that want to kill other people because they hunt.

    That being said I find what she does disgusting and shows who she really is to kill such beautiful creatures. Unless in defense or for food. But then you also have to know how to hunt in case you need to some day.

    But I don’t believe in sport hunting. Regardless she should not be killed.Animals kill all of the time each other and humans.

    1. Marchell says:

      It is not about putting Animal life above human, its about having morals and not killing innocents for sport.

      1. John Lucci says:

        Innocents? Can you prove that all the animals haven’t committed some kind of crime??? News flash! They are animals! The lions will gladly eat you if given a chance, elephance will crush you to death etc.

      2. Gilbert says:

        John Lucci, are you really this thick? Related to the Texan?

      3. Alyssa says:

        Thing is, people have a will, a voice, and are meant to abide the law. Animals do not have a say, and people do whatever they want to do with them. Kill, abuse, starve, etc. That it why they are innocent. Get eaten by a lion because you got too close? Your fault, not his. It’s called instincts. They don’t abide by anything other than their instincts, so them killing humans is not a “crime.” Typically that is humans not being careful enough. What if there was a man in captivity that was starved and abused, and killed his capturer to set himself free. Is he a criminal? Is that just?

      4. Tavis says:

        Jesus wept John Lucci, “can you prove that all the animals haven’t committed some kind of crime”
        You truly are an absolute idiot. Wild animals don’t have the brains to reason and aren’t subject to man’s laws. From your comment I’m guessing your brain is not much more impressive than a ferrets.
        Good luck fkn your cousin and having retarded offspring…

      5. aida says:

        Agree with u.

    2. N Lokos says:

      How do you know all these people aren’t just as passionate about human life…??

    3. mister cynical says:

      You’re confused.

    4. allan says:

      Where do you live ? And where do you think animals kill humans all the time ?

    5. Lynn James says:

      The human animal has no more right to life than any other animal on this planet. Human ego, bloodlust and use of religious dogma as an excuse for killing another living soul is BS. Killing is killing period.

      1. Wrong you moron! Animals were here millions of years before the vile ‘human’ animal!

      2. Apologies i misread 🙂

    6. Kiki says:

      Animals generally kill out of necessity for survival. They are carnivores and they need the meat to survive. That is completely acceptable to me. Killing an animal just to kill it and show off, is repulsive.

  66. Lesley says:

    Why can’t we put HER in our sights with long range or 303 rifles! That would be a deserving sport, don’t you think, we could tease her, let her think she’s safe up a tree, then bang, oops, surprise surprise. I’m sick of these rich, sick Americans slaughtering wildlife. They should be hung, drawn and quartered – in public. That, along with the child abusers, would be a happy sight for me.

    1. John Lucci says:

      Ah the true colors of the liberal mindset are out for all to view, threatening violence to those they don’t agree with. Never mind the fact that they blatantly ignore, if it wasn’t for the hunters going into these countries and providing monies for the conservation of these animals they would be long gone by now.. Poached out of existence with a wink and a nod from the African governments.

      1. Chris Glisson says:

        John Lucci, if your brain was C4 and ignited, you’d still have wax in them as you obviously cannot hear the plight of African wild life.
        The only assimilation between your meaning of conservation is the con part.
        But hey, bro ! Those days are over. You cannot con the whole world. Some of us are a little too clever.
        Now take your smug remarks and go play with you ‘Murican sociopaths.
        We’re ready and waiting to take you ALL down.
        Come and get it !
        And here, sign my petition while you’re at it.

      2. Anton Louw says:

        John, you are just an ignorant hick, aren’t you? I live in one of ‘these countries’ and ask you to rather shut your pie hole, than to spout your ignorance where we are all contaminated by it…
        You seem to be the kind of loud mouth that suddenly knows all because he saw one show on tv? What a douchebag!

      3. Are you mentally handicapped, John Lucci?

      4. Jason says:

        John Lucci, you are a pratt! Come and visit me in South Africa and I will happily teach you good old Afrikaaner hospitality! We could go for a walk in the bush with a bow and arrow and hopefully you will be one of the first foreigners to EVER get crushed by an unprovoked elephant or perhaps eaten by a lion that hasn’t eaten in a few weeks…..the only ignorant person on this blog is YOU! Africa is a tough place John, we don’t threaten violence….we gaurantee it.

      5. Tim says:

        You aren’t concerned that she is actively killing off endangered species? I live in South Africa and the vast majority of people living here are very concerned about wildlife conservation especially after the extinction of the black rhino last year (one of which i see her standing over, granted not all species black rhino are extinct but all are on the verge of). The majority of conservation funds DO NOT COME FROM HUNTING PERMITS! She is not helping save anything, only killing them (apart from the elephants, we have to cull hundreds of them a year to maintain the ecological balance otherwise they would destroy the vegetation). These animals do not live in populated areas where they can kill people, they live in wildlife/nature reserves that are in existence to preserve the biodiversity of out planet because a planet without animals suck. Granted, our government loves money and still sells our animals for hunting does not mean you should take advantage of that corruption (which you are equally guilty of for participating in). I do not wish harm to this girl but hope that she will see past her obviously taught justifications and be a little more conscious of what she is doing. The slow disappearance and increasing rarity of the most treasured in our animal kingdom does not mean you should kill one while you have the chance, it means we should protects them while we can. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

      6. That has to be the most ignorant, biggest crock of crap I have ever heard drip from stupid in my entire life. Please DO back up your statements with some cold hard fact!!

      7. Sarah says:

        You have absolutely NO idea about what you are talking! Spewing forth a load of garbage!!

      8. D Gallagher says:

        You really are a thick as 26 lavatory seats, arn’t you?

      9. Brian says:

        Comment when you know what you are talking about – fool!!

      10. Steph says:

        did we read the same open letter John?
        Are we talking about the same Kendall Jones?

        I agree with my “fellow” South Africans… Maybe you should have a good look at whats going on in the Kruger and all other game reserves around SA… its shocking…

      11. Furious says:

        John Lucci – You are and idiot. Let me break it down for you. 7 Billion Humans vs 100 K wild animals. Who do you think needs support and protection? After your kind has killed all the animals what are you going to do to feed all the humans that were sustained with hunting before?
        Tourist with cameras to a greater service.
        I am sick of you bugger trying to justify wanton killing of gods creatures to satisfy your lusts for Gods creatures which have as much right as you to be on this earth.
        Sod off – From a reformed hunter who has seen the light.

      12. Resale Guru says:

        Ben Trovato is a very nasty, negative sort of person who attempts to make himself look better by tearing down others. Sux 2 B him.

        1. Would not take a deal to make anyone look better compared to this vile piece of scum!

      13. Lix Miller says:

        John… consider this
        Conservation… Doh… you are killing them! And by going for the rarest, biggest and best specimens, you are removing valuable material from the gene pool… or is that the theme and thread of the TV series that you are trying to land? “Kendall Jones Slayer of Species !”

        Now that you have successfully murdered the big 5 and many other African species, what is next for you intrepid little hunter, mmmm?

        Oh you must have a Sumatran Rhino head on your wall. Dugons and Sea Turtles are really slow and they would let you get real close so that you can deliver the killing blow, thrust, shot…whatever.

        Those pesky Snow Leopards in Nepal rare enough for you? And darling you haven’t lived until you club some baby seals.

        Rumour has it that hacking up a couple of Dolphins is real fun and remember that it is a complete myth that Sharks need fins.

        You could assist with the great Whale predicament… you know, they take up too much space… go for it.

        For the pinnacle of your achievements, there is a 100 year old giant Tortoise called Lonesome George on the Galapagos. He is not very fast.

      14. John Lucci..better to stay quiet and be thought a fool..than to speak up and remove ALL DOUBT…

      15. Bibi says:

        Oh please cry me a river! Hunters “conservation” money is in the hands of fat cat corrupt officials! And hunting revenue is a pimple on a ducks arse in comparison to what Eco tourism brings in!!
        Hunting has not declined! Which means tags are still issued and money is still to be made off trophy hunters… And yet the animals population continues to decline! The proof is in the pudding! Hunting as a form of conservation is like trying to build a snow man in the Etosha Pan! It does not work! It is NOT working! It’s a paid form of poaching! Which makes it OK because I can pay!! (Double standard!)

        Read a bit more old man!

      16. Arjun Anand says:

        John Lucci, you win the Internet Moron of the Month award. Congratulations!!!!

      17. Betty says:

        Killing of wild animals should be band as well as factory farming where animals are cruelly abuse before their slaughter.

        I am so glad murders do not stand next to their victims after killing them and take photos, then post them as a glorified killing. Wow, what would this world become if those mental idiots did this?

        How about service men and women fighting for their country having a real reason to kill standing over those they kill in combat glorifing this with a photo and posting it on line. ):
        My to think the enemy would be a glorified kill and to show it off in a photo…if this with animals is what you want to call a glorified killing. Personally I consider it murder!

        Well, it seems these people who post killing African animals and other animals consider this to be glorified so why else would they post it? (RIGHT?)

      18. L.Jensen says:

        Really? You numb yourself with your own propaganda…right, those hunters who kill rare or endangered species are actually providing safe haven for them? Yep, let’s arm everyone, human and other life-forms alike, and just go for it. Ignorant humans will be among the first to go…Frankly, it’s one thing to hunt for food and another to do so for ego and photo ops…don’t love the first but it’s not in the same caliber as the second. Let’s get another shot of old bucky beaver Kendall astride one of her kills. Kinda a thrill for you, I think.

    2. Logan Francis says:

      You fucking cunt. I’m sure you were a nice planned abortion before your mother fucked around with some other sleaze bag. And as far as Ben goes, he sounds real smart about his small talk on affording a house in Texas? Hmm, seems to me its white on white discrimination here. Get a grip and worry about something that matters. Hunting is fair game, and if she wants to hunt let her kill whatever she wants. At least she isn’t out here in Chicago killing people left and right… But excuse, that would make her black and white people praise them.

      1. Hey Logan Francis. What’s a good ol’ boy like you doing in the internet? Take off your KKK hoodie and go to Afghanistan. Do something useful with your life. Take a bullet for freedom.

      2. Alex Lowndes says:

        Logan, you’re clearly cut from the same cloth as John Lucci. Perhaps the two of you could combine your braincells to make a pair. I would sooner have a thousand human lives lost before an elephant life. Killing an animal from afar with a gun is about as brave as beating your wife up, but I suspect you and John are into that too

      3. patricia critchley says:

        Logan Francis. It seems to me that most of the killing in the US these days is done by young white men with legally owned assault rifles.

      4. Steph says:

        You talk about racism as if you actually know the meaning… I did not see any of it in the open letter however already on the 3rd word of you comment it came through… Setting a great example of the rest of the world are we… PS: its something that matters as I would like to leave a Rhino in the wild for my grandchildren to see… With that being said, you wouldnt care about that with a potty mouth like yours you would most likely only get the women who sleep with sleaze bags and then go for abortions.

        Have a good one mate, getting that tampon out your colon.

      5. Furious says:

        Logan Francis – You (like John Lucci) are and idiot. Let me break it down for you. 7 Billion Humans vs 100 K wild animals. Who do you think needs support and protection? After your kind has killed all the animals what are you going to do to feed all the humans that were sustained with hunting before?
        Tourists with cameras to a greater service.
        I am sick of you buggers trying to justify wanton killing of creatures to satisfy your lusts for Gods creatures which have as much right as you to be on this earth.
        Sod off – From a reformed hunter who has seen the light.

      6. jen says:

        Oh really let her kill what she likes? How about if the gun was pointed at you…… still chilled? Cool because im sure we could make a plan between all of us here.

      7. Sandy Powell says:

        Hey Logan Francis…..What a creep you are; and racist too. What a catch you must be; give Kendall a call maybe she’s between kills.

      8. Arjun Anand says:

        I spoke too soon. Internet MoronS of the month go to Logan and John Lucci. May you both have fun in hell.

    3. I think that would be a great idea. Send her out naked with a hunting knife and no shoes.

    4. Rick says:

      So, psychopath, you think murdering someone because you disagree with their activities is your right? You should be in jail, scumbag.

    5. L.Jensen says:

      Yes, Lesley!

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