Durban Poison still available

The bastard pandemic interrupted distribution of my latest book, Durban Poison, but copies can still be ordered from bookshops and online through sites like Loot. Nice try, Covid-19.

Check out some reviews:

Book Review: Durban Poison


New from Ben Trovato – Durban Poison: A Collection of Vitriol and Wit

‘Durban Poison: A Collection of Vitriol and Wit’ by Ben Trovato is the funniest book I’ve read all year

Durban Poison is a marvellously toxic read

Read of the Week

An interview with the author:

Durban Poison is available from:


4 thoughts on “Durban Poison still available

  1. Sean Ogilvie

    I’m going order my copy as soon as my UIF decides to pay out. Sorry I can’t do it sooner Ben, it’s not my fault!

  2. Sinikiwe

    Yay!!! I’m going to order it from Loot today. I need some vitriol and wit in my life right now. I fell in love with your blog more than 5 years ago in journalism school, and I’ve read every rant and open letter.

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