Moron of the week

This Penny Sparrow person says the monkey-people have no education. Unless Penny was raised by wolves – a possibility I haven’t entirely discarded – she benefited from a privileged education. She is clearly old enough to have attended a fine Calvinistic school, although it’s often hard to tell the age of estate agents because they drink gin for breakfast and the photos on their business cards are rarely an accurate reflection of current realities. Penny might actually be 12, but more on her mental age in a moment.
In her now-legendary post of four or five sentences, she made at least 21 errors in language. How is this even possible for a person who grew up speaking English? She either spent most of her school career at home sick or was farmed out to the AWB at a very young age.
Of course there is still racism in this country. Only a racist would claim otherwise. The thing is, though, Penny speaks for no one but herself. Quite frankly, I would be astounded to find that she is even capable of coherent speech. The woman is borderline retarded.
There’s no point encouraging her to emigrate, either, because she would be incapable of filling out a departure form. Or even finding her way to the airport.
Pity her. Or stone her. I don’t really care either way.


44 thoughts on “Moron of the week

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Ruth your comment “Satirising anti-white racism to whites would be pointless. It would only tend to make whites more racist, not less so” – that is scary. Does it mean we must pretend anti white racism doesn’t exist and protect ourselves from seeing it because we can’t accept them saying that – how dare they? When are we going to wear big girl/boy knickers and deal with reality and stop relying on others to fix the problem? I have no idea how one would approach a Mr Khumalo and you are right he doesn’t have the right – on the other hand lancing a boil lets all the poison out – as long as it can be mopped up and dealt with. But there’s the danger I think you point to. Enjoy your comments.

    1. Ruth Logie says:

      Absolutely agree, Jane. And no, racism has to be confronted with all the outrage that society can muster. Hats off to Amos Daniel for making the effort with Khumalo. He isn’t waiting for others to fix the problem. But criminalising racism as opposed to hate speech – the whole nation would be in jail. Another topic for Ben to rip into?

  2. Jane says:

    Ben you said only a racist would deny there is racism in this country. That means everyone right. None of us can hide by your words. You cut to the chase as always. Jane

  3. Maya. says:

    It’s good it seems like you are concerned and are very upset about these ignorants and haters BUT! Ben Trovato with a whip, arent you a hater too? Hating someone simply because they aired their views in incoherent speech , There is a possibility that this person went aphasic with shock πŸ˜‰ don’t Thrust aside this possibility. Shaming publicly an ignorant morever makes you a hater too.
    By the way I fancy you Travato.

    1. Ruth Logie says:

      A satirist can’t be nice, can he? Imagine if Zapiro, Pieter Dirk-Uys et al said, “Mrs/Mr/Miss Asshole-in-the-Public-Eye, I won’t say an unkind word about you because I am a nice guy”? The satirist has to unmercifully pillory the target to make a point, if satire happens to be his weapon against injustice and incompetence. I think that Ben is hating racism, not poor Penny Sparrow. She happened to volunteer to be publically shamed and made an example of through her stupid post. She only expressed in public what many believe privately, as shanghailoz’s comment on this post proves. I feel very strongly about this because incidents like this give anti-white racists an opportunity to say, “See? That’s what whites really think.” I hate to be identified with views like Penny’s, but I am even more outraged at being classed with such an illiterate.

      1. Maya. says:

        πŸ™‚ I almost strained my pretty little head for 15 minutes thinking what to say. I guess you are right, and as well as Ben– but the things mock me if you want but i am a hopeless humanist. πŸ™‚

        1. Ruth Logie says:

          I’m horrified to think that you think that I am mocking you. You have a soft heart. It must be hard on Penny, I agree. The incident has caused heated emotions and she has been called all sorts of things, not just by Ben. Even death threats, I believe? She has been the sacrificial lamb on the altar of public debate. If the outcome of the incident is constructive public debate, or salutary insight into the nature of our society, that’s a good outcome for the whole, isn’t it? Maybe think of it as Penny paying a price for inadvertently making the world a better place.

          1. Maya. says:

            hahaha not at all Ruth, i don’t think you are mocking me, I totally understand your point here πŸ™‚

  4. i like your article, very inspiring, thank you for post

  5. Jane says:

    love ya Pearl not going to spend more time with you have a good day

    1. Pearl says:

      Okay Sybil, have a super day!

      1. Jane says:

        Ha Ha love it

      2. Jane says:

        My friends love me – they get an 8 in one deal. can we be friends Pearl – love from us Sybil

  6. Jane says:

    Pearl I didnt say everyone was a ‘nasty racist’ – can you find those words in my post? What I said is that most humans have stinking thinking and the fact that you can use words like slut tells me you have too. I didnt use that word you did. You dont understand what Im saying. Lets agree to disagree.

    1. Pearl says:

      Your the one using all the bad words, not me. I never once said the “s” word. I think you need a ((((((( h u g ))))))).

      1. Jane says:

        So the SNL insert above “Jane you ignorant slut’ isnt under your name – you didnt say it but you sure wanted to convey that nice little title. And stinking pile of BS is complimentary is it? So have I aimed those words at you? You sound like you could have a useful conversation if you get past words intended to insult but really are irrelvant in the scheme of things and just bar the way to proper communication. Yeah I could use a hug so why dont you hug me with words and your obvious wisdom and stop wasting time on nonsense. Thanks

        1. Pearl says:

          Jane? Are you hangry? I hope you’re not like this all the time.


  7. Jane says:

    Hey Pearl you are predictable Ill give you that – got nothing but nasty words to throw about which really coming from Saturday Night Live who cares. You just prove my point – have you got anything else to show what you are? Jane

  8. shanghailoz says:

    You know who my pick for the real moron of the week is?

    The SA diplomat in Norway who had a head on collision with another car whilst drunk. *That’s* a far more worthy winner.

  9. Jane says:

    Is it convenient for us to lash out at this gal when most humans of all colours and education levels have some stinking thinking going on in some area be it other peoples’ race, looks, speech, dance moves, ideas and opinions. When we point at someone else there is a finger pointing back at us which she should have done. Littering is not the preserve of one race and anyone who does this is disrespectful at best. But stone her! What else has the human race been doing for thousands of years. Finding a scapegoat to chuck our own bile and unresolved shit we are good at – looking at our own contributions to the collective psyche not so good. Who of us haven’t lashed someone or something at some time with less than choice language. For once I think you have not produced a balanced post. Love ya still Jane

    1. Pearl says:

      What a stinking pile of BS, Jane. lol

      1. Jane says:

        Ben if you want a moron of the century Mr Velaphi Khumalo of Gauteng Arts and Culture is a good one and needs to look at the 4 fingers pointing back at him as per my earlier post but he is entitled to his opinion and stoning him wont do achieve anything either. He wrote “I want to cleans this country of all white people. we must act as Hitler did to the Jews. I don’t believe any more that the is a large number of not so racist whit people . I’m starting to be sceptical even of those within our Movement the ANC. I will from today unfriend all white people I have as friends from today u must be put under the same blanket as any other racist white because secretly u all are a bunch of racist fuck heads. as we have already seen [all sic],” he wrote.

      2. Jane says:

        Do tell me Pearl what is so stinking, and such a pile of BS – at least give me the benefit of your thought out analysis rather than throwing your crap Look forward to it Jane

        1. Pearl says:

          Don’t flatter yourself Jane, your statement leaves nothing to analyze. You’re saying all people are nasty racists, lol. Maybe in your life, but not in mine.


      3. Ruth Logie says:

        Jane, Mr Velaphi Khumalo is not entitled to his opinion in my view. What he wrote is hate speech and incitement to violence. However, Ben is writing for a mainly white audience. Mr Khumalo and people like him are not reading “Durban Poison”. Satirising anti-white racism to whites would be pointless. It would only tend to make whites more racist, not less so, and the latter was Ben’s intention in writing this post. Anti-white racism has to be addressed in other ways. I see that the Department of Arts and Culture has launched an internal disciplinary procedure against him, the Jewish Board of Deputies is going to lay a charge of crimen injuria, and an Amos Daniel in Cape Town has also layed a charge of crimen injuria against him. Maybe and hopefully, this will result in consequences for Mr Khumalo.

    2. Ruth Logie says:

      I wouldn’t take the bit about stoning too seriously, Jane. This is satire, you know. The point of satire is to launch a hugely exaggerated, witty attack at some hapless but well-deserving target in order to make a social point. If the point is to highlight how horrible and ugly it is to lash out with a racist diatribe on social media, so be it: Sparrow is the incidental victim because she happened to be there. It’s not personal. And if you find that the hat fits in your own case – wear it.

      1. Jane says:

        Hi Ruth I do know that and I love Ben for his ‘cut to the quick abilities’ and yes you are right Sparrow just happened to be there and she opened herself up to the backlash and death threats etc so not sure if everyone uses satire in the same way. I think there may be some thinking literal as well. But her post pales in offence compared to some and Mr Khumalo’s comment blows her comments out the water. But thanks for the comment.

      2. Jane says:

        Radio chat this morning suggesting ‘criminalising’ racism and racist comments but where is the line to be drawn. What should we do with attitudes towards anything “Other” than who we think we are which pretty much involves prejudice of various degrees of negativity to all people by all people? It can lead to the same kind of vile behaviour. Speaking of my people, my nation, our people, my religion surely just entrenches division and a them against us mentality? Jane

    3. Ruth Logie says:

      I am wondering about that myself, Jane. I think racism (and religionism, etc. etc.) are instincts that evolved for good survival-of-the-fittest reasons, in order for the tribe to be stronger as a unit against the predations of other tribes. But as all systems evolve to higher levels of complexity, survival-of-the-fittest today means something different: it means the survival of the fittest complex society in the face of different predations, such as poverty. How philosophical I wax. Bottom line: I think the best we can hope for is to be recovering racists, and attend our Racists Anonymous meetings regularly. Racism isn’t going to go away, but it can still be combated internally and externally. And taking a pride in one’s race, culture, religion or nation is very positive, in my view, providing that you don’t think the others don’t deserve to exist, as Penny Sparrow’s post implies.

  10. shanghailoz says:

    Thing is. I agree with her.

    If you’re going to litter all over the place, and leave things looking like a tip, you should be called out on it.

    She’s gone about saying that in an incredibly stupid way, and stuck her foot in her mouth again trying to justify it, but even so.
    I agree with what she was trying to get at.
    I don’t necessarily agree with how she phrased it.

    I should add that the death threats and other things people have said back to her are just as racist, and you don’t see Ben Trovato commenting about that. I consider that a worse crime.
    i.e It’s ok to be racist if you’re black.

    All people should be called out for it.
    Its far easier to jump on the bandwagon though, and pick the easy target.

    This is a shitty post, and you should know better.

    1. Ruth Logie says:

      Quite right, Shanghailoz. If you do something wrong, you should be called out on it. You, Shanghailoz, not the entire white population of South Africa. You should be called out individually, specifically, objectively, and with the opportunity to defend yourself. Your comment shows that you are still trapped in the groupthink apartheid mindset that got us into this mess in the first place. Sparrow’s post is a hate-filled rant against “them”. “Them”: “the blacks”; “the whites”; “the Jews”. We know where the demonization of population groups leads. We don’t want to go there.

      Your suggestion that Ben condones death threats against a racist because he condemns racism is illogical and insulting. I think that you owe him an apology.

      1. shanghailoz says:

        Twisting my words isn’t a get-out. There is no subtext to what I wrote, its quite clear. To re-iterate:

        “All people should be called out for it.
        Its far easier to jump on the bandwagon though, and pick the easy target.”

        I have no apologies for saying that.

      2. Ruth Logie says:

        Beach littering is an abominable phenomenon, not confined to SA, unfortunately. The right way to “call out” littering is to fine the litterer. That’s not going to happen here in a million years, sadly, but name-calling an entire populace isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference and has only inflamed emotions. And yes, there is a bandwagon of anti-racists (anti-black and anti-white), and I’m delighted that Ben has jumped on to it.

  11. Pearl says:

    You think that’s bad? You should read some of the American Teabagger comments. It practically takes a translator. Especially hilarious (sad) when they’re ranting about people in THEIR country not speaking English or when they discuss lesbians which they frequently spell “lesbain’. There, they’re, and their, are quite challenging for them as well as ‘our’ which they frequently misspell as “are” and it’s frightful what they do with “your” and “you’re”. And the racism, well…they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

  12. graeme@poison.city says:


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  13. “Pity her. Or stone her. I don’t really care either way.”

    i can’t devise a more accurate feeling to how i feel. well done.
    keep it up.

  14. Ginny Swart says:

    Penny Sparrow is busy writing out one hundred times: ” I must not write on social media while I am stoned or drunk” No, probably not, that’s a coherent sentence…

  15. uscopus says:

    “Let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone”

    1. Jane says:

      Hear ! Hear!

  16. Ruth Logie says:

    The illiteracy of the post is astounding. This woman is responsible for mediating complex property transaction contracts involving millions, but she can’t write an English sentence. As if the vitriolic racism weren’t enough to put South African race relations and the DA back twenty years, the fact that such stupidity walks among us is terrifying.

  17. rayeann16 says:

    This is the best review I’ve seen on racism in, well, ever! I was entertained, laughed and frowned, but mainly laughed. You took that retards post and did an analytical”why?” On her comments. Somehow I missed her post, and somewhat glad of it! I’ve attempted to address racism with disastrous results, but you have aced it! Thank you. I’ll be back to your blog! Fantastic overall. Oh, and I won’t stone her, she wouldn’t understand. Leave her to God, and that fateful day she finds out what Jesus meant by love your neighbours. Hell is going to be a big surprise for her! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. jojo says:

    How this even possible… Oh my God, i am just shocked.. I can’t believe people like this exists at all…

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