Publisher goes mad – brings out book

Less than two weeks ago, my batshit crazy publisher Melinda Ferguson got the demented idea of bringing out an eBook called Lockdown – The Corona Chronicles, featuring seventeen South African writers. I am among this eclectic pack of cabin-feverish scribes who, too fearful of being lashed by Ferguson’s filthy tongue, produced the goods in record time.

It’s available for download from Amazon for the special death-defying price of R99, or whatever that is in real money.

It’s not like you have anything better to spend your money on.

8 thoughts on “Publisher goes mad – brings out book

  1. Trevor Butler says:

    Dear Ben, I’m an old codger of 80.85 yeas of oldness. As such, I’m quite dim…bulbs fusing and water leaks too. Things that might across yaw path too one day. But, my “allotment of data “/ month will be chewed up in no time flat if i had to download a book and read it. I have only just been shown how to do an EFT so, if you have any books for sale, let me know what they cost. I will gladly send funds into your account for one or two. I do have “Durban Poison ” . Look forward to meeting you when you next in J-bay. Kind regards, Trevor.

    1. Ben Trovato says:

      Trevor, I don’t think downloading a PDF takes that much data. Will send you one and you can give it a shot. I don’t have any hard copies, unfortunately. I remember the bookshop in J-Bay’s main street had copies a while back. You could try them.

      1. Neil Scott says:

        Product details
        File Size: 1287 KB
        Print Length: 142 pages
        Publisher: Melinda Ferguson Books; 1 edition (March 23, 2020)
        Publication Date: April 5, 2020

        So it is 1.2mb, which is very easily downloadable on any data plan.

        Also, if you are struggling to find decent mobile data access, I can highly recommend you get the CellC 50gb for 3 month deal which is R500, or if you have 4+ bars MTN reception look into RAIN uncapped 11pm-6pm @ R250 per month. I use that CellC deal for the “peak period” 6-11pm evenings, which makes my monthly internet work out to R333/month.

  2. Miz T says:

    Ben I enjoyed your short story in the book. You are seriously funny, dude! Why you still single?

    1. Ben Trovato says:

      Why am I still single? Just taking a break.

  3. Trevor Butler says:

    And low and behold, here it is ! It was last week that I said to my daughter ” Ï wonder who will be the first to write a book titled “LOCK-DOWN “and described the cover. It would have in big letters “Lock-down “in red. She replied “and a movie ” .
    Well done folks.
    Scribble in one and I will send money. (Or two toilet rolls ).

    1. Ben Trovato says:

      Can’t scribble in it, Trevor. It’s an EBOOK. Just buy the damn thing.

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