Incognito – The Memoirs of Ben Trovato

So very launched


I don’t know why my publisher, Pan Macmillan, decided that I needed two launches for my book – Incognito – The Memoirs of Ben Trovato – in the space of a week in Cape Town. Perhaps they wanted a backup in case one of the launches had to be aborted like a cheap North Korean nuclear missile test.

Both events were wildly successful. Then again, I also think World War Two was wildly successful.

The man given the onerous task of interrogating me at Kalk Bay Books on 28th May and again at the Book Lounge on 5th June was the legendary troubadour and troublemaker, Roger Lucey.

The denizens of the Deep South emerged from their lairs to guzzle wine and beer at Kalk Bay Books, while the urbanistas did the same a week later at the Book Lounge, conveniently located across the road from the depraved Kimberley Hotel.

Thierry Cassuto – Maestro Geppetto of Puppet Nation ZA – had his contacts in the underworld deliver six bottles of Jameson’s to the Book Lounge, where shooters were shot and laughs were had.

Bella, who features in Incognito, stepped in to lend a hand. She said the only reason she let me live was because I had made myself look far worse than her in the book and she felt sorry for me.

Making my first public appearances after writing as Ben Trovato for over a decade was both terrifying and exhilarating. Apparently I have to do it all over again – twice – at the South African Book Fair next weekend. It’s enough to make one give up writing altogether.

Here are some photos from both launches.

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9 thoughts on “So very launched

  1. Brett Collings says:

    Could you have a book launch in Jhb please and bring the gorgeous lass in the leather jacket and boyish haircut? No?

    1. Brett, I don’t think the publisher’s marketing budget extends to flying me to Joburg. The gorgeous lass in question is Jezebel in the book. She appears in the second section of photos – with long hair. No, you can’t have her.

      1. Brett Collings says:

        Ah…the diver! Spoiler…on all counts!

  2. Donal Slemon says:

    Book fair? Dammit, I missed the other ones and then kicked myself when i saw there was free beer. Which day/time/dark corner? I need my signed copy. Best nom-de-plume since T.S. Eliot. Oh no, wait that was his real name – I’m thinking of anagrams.. Toilets.

    1. Shine up, Donal. You’re missing all the fun.

  3. Sharon McKenzie says:

    LOL!!! Rent-A-Darkie? You are a legend, Ben!! You have a group of decent and well-respected looking folk as a following. One would not expect/suspect it – you, the lovable rogue that you are. Glad you came out :). Dont stop entertaining us.

  4. I tried, but Rent-A-Darkie no longer operates in Cape Town.

  5. Takula Tapela says:

    No black people Ben (sorry, Mark). No black people. Haven’t you learnt PC? You could have paid overtime to Kwaai Laapies to appear in the pics. Or me.

  6. Gelebepfani says:

    May u please stop sending me mails from your side.


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