An open letter to Donald Trump

Dear Glorious Leader of the Free World,
I kneel before you with my unworthy eyes averted so your magnificent radiance does not blind me like it blinded all those people who said the crowd at your inauguration wasn’t all that big. Poor, deluded fools. Your crowd was bigly. Beyond bigly. It was the massivest crowd in the history of crowds. Huger even than your giant moon-sized hands. Anyone who disagrees is telling alternative truths and should be flogged and deported to Mexico.
You must be the only politician ever who, after winning an election, has demanded an investigation into voter fraud. I’m sure you’ll find that Hillary only won the popular vote after she sent Bill to the polling station three million times in different disguises. There’s no way the nasty woman is more popular than you are. You are the popularest person to walk the earth since before the Jesus time.
I am delighted to see that you are devoting your first few days in office to undoing everything the evil Muslim terrorist Barack Obama did in his eight years. The damage that man has done. He wasn’t even in office very long before he ended the 2008 recession. What madness is that? Recessions are good. America does the best recessions. Yours will be awesome.
Then he goes and reduces the nuclear warhead stockpile by ten percent. You should have had him shot for treason right there on the south lawn when you had the chance. Now you have to waste time replacing all those warheads. As if you don’t have more important things to do. Like watching Fox and tweeting.
On your very first day, you removed all that filth from the White House website about climate change. Good for you. Polar bears, like Meryl Streep, are overrated. Your slogan is America First, not Planet Earth First. As you have so rightly pointed out, global warming is a hoax. Science is a hoax. You need to ban science before it gets out of control.
I’m glad to hear the Dakota Access Pipeline is back on. Them Red Indians are just gonna have to suck it up. They have plenty of other sacred burial sites. And they can get their water from the 7-11, like the rest of America. Pipelines, not people, are what make a country great.
Well done on putting an end to that disgraceful Affordable Care Act. You need to replace it with the Affordable We Don’t Care Act. You can even drop the Affordable part. If you can’t afford it, you don’t deserve to be an American. President Donald Trump today signed into law the We Don’t Care Act. It certainly has a ring to it.
I hear your National Parks Service has gone rogue and is tweeting from unofficial accounts. Deploy the flamethrowers and smoke ’em out. Even better, unleash the old Agent Orange (I mean no disrespect here). If it worked in ‘Nam, it can work in Yellowstone. Bring in the snipers. You can’t have your employees disrespecting you. You get enough of that from the rest of the world.
The same goes for your Fish and Wildlife Service. It’s ridiculous that fish get their own service. Fish is a course, for fuck’s sake. It’s an option. They spend their lives lolling about in rivers and lakes contributing nothing to the economy. They don’t even fear us. The same goes for caribou and wolves and things. If they can’t make money or shoot a gun, there’s no point in protecting them.
Listen, you need to do something about that Sean Spicer idiot. For a start, Sean is a girl’s name. You need journalists to trust him and nobody trusts a man with a girl’s name. Look at Marilyn Manson. Tracy Morgan. Robin Thicke. Speaking of thick, Spicer doesn’t strike me as the sharpest tool in your manicure set. Also, he’s weak. He allows himself to be bullied by the press corps. Know what I’d do if I had his job and a reporter asked me a difficult question? I’d take out my gun and shoot the reporter in the face. That’s what I’d do. Then I’d ask if anyone else had a question. You have to be tough with journalists. It’s the only language they understand.
As for your advisor Kellyann Conway, is she even real? I don’t mean to be rude, but it looks as if her head is made from bits of other people’s faces. Her only saving grace is that she’s blonde and maintains a charming flirtation with reality.
Speaking of which, how is Melania enjoying being First Lady? I hope she’s perked up a bit. She certainly didn’t seem to be having much fun at the inauguration. I’d watch that one, if I were you. The Slovenians are a shifty bunch at the best of times and she could turn on you at any time. Smart move keeping her locked up in the Trump Tower. That might not be enough to keep Bill away, though. Did you see the way he was looking at her? Hillary certainly did. He was actually licking his lips. Then again, the old perv is getting on a bit and could just as easily have been imagining her as a giant blue macaroon.
While we’re on the subject, who gave all those crazy women permission to protest on the day after your inauguration? Did they even have permission? This is the problem with women today. We must return to the good old days when women needed permits to get a job or even leave the house.
Obama has let them off the leash and we need to move quickly to rein them in. You’ve made a good start by banning funding for abortions. Maybe this will once and for all get the message across that women’s bodies are not their own. They are ours. It says so in the Bible. Deuteronomy 23:1 “No man whose testicles have been crushed or whose organ has been cut off may become a member of the Assembly of God.” Sorry. I can’t find the bit about women’s bodies.
What’s up with the Netherlands? Apparently they’re setting up an overseas abortion fund to counteract your ban. If you’re going to bomb your enemies alphabetically – and there’s no reason you shouldn’t – you might as well start with Amsterdam. Knowing the Dutch, they’d probably enjoy it.
Smart move making Steve Bannon Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel. I beg your pardon, National Security Council. Ignore the critics. It’s not as if you’re modeling your administration on the Third Reich. It’s just good ol’ Bannon. How much damage can one Nazi really cause?
Anyway, I have to go and lie down for a bit. Just a quick request. Can you come over here and give some of our people a lesson on how to fight an election? These jokers had millions to run a covert smear campaign against the opposition but then spent all the money on expensive clothes and imported whisky. They couldn’t even afford office supplies once they’d finished stuffing themselves on donor money. Amateurs.

19 thoughts on “An open letter to Donald Trump

  1. Amazing. As always. Such sarcasm! One of the best posts you’ve written yet.

  2. Amazingly written! Loved it to the bits, such sarcasm…😂
    Honestly the best post!

  3. From a Yankee who is currently running with scissors, barefoot over broken glass (crystal?) waving a rainbow flag with a crescent moon and star of David on it, headlong towards a date with a waterboard and electrified nipple clamps. Thank you for your words, writ with a tounge so sharp as to pierce the cheek it is so firmly placed within.

  4. Dear Donald Trump and our people Donald Trump what you’ve done to our world this world live peacefully but you don’t think so when God punish you then you afraid

  5. Shirley Cooksley says:


  6. Again, Ben, so f*&%^king brilliant. God alone knows (as well as you, but you’re not letting anybody into your secret) how you just get better and better every week!!! EISH! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mario. You’re way too generous.

  7. onyajay says:

    oh. So you know what a narcissist is..? Loved it. Best thing I’ve read in ages. 😀

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  9. Sharon says:

    For sure.
    What I can’t get out of my head is ordinary, arbitrary people jumping 30/40 storeys high to their deaths to escape 9/11.

  10. lyart says:

    Oh, brilliant! Laughed my head off, almost…

  11. Bernie says:

    Brilliant. As always. So good to have s little giggle instead of crying over the disaster.

  12. zesttyme says:

    Well penned as usual… Thank you for calling this spade the shovel that it is…
    As for the global climate change catastrophe dear old Trump is choosing to remain oblivious to, (the USA being the leading contributors towards, according to numbers reflected in Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” documentary here: http://www.takepart.com/ait10/index.html ), and his ban on the abortion fund…. here is a radical idea for world leaders to contemplate as the potential solution to combating the radical global issues of poverty, child abuse, over population, climate change, unemployment etc.: https://allpoetry.com/poem/11358580-Children-Are-A-Privilege—Not-A-Right-by-Cheri-Rubens

  13. Funny post! I love the sarcasm. And even though I’m a believer(not a rigid fundamentalist though), I still agree that Deuteronomy is ridiculous. A lot of the OT is, Jewish law was primitive and tribal as hell back then, as were the laws of most people I guess. Deaf and blind people weren’t allowed in the assembly either, if I’m not mistaken. And while I don’t care for Hilary AT ALL, I still sort of take a tongue in cheek approach to Trump. Reality TV star…I don’t know it’s just kind of unbelievable isn’t it? I know nothing about politics but I hope he does a good job

    1. zesttyme says:

      I think he will do a good job and make several mistakes along the way but learn from them. So far he has been a man of his word and no-one can fault him for that and the extreme noise being created around him is (I suspect), by those who do not stand to gain from his endeavours to protect the citizens of the Country he has been voted in, to Govern and protect. As for Hillary, well, she’s history, this says it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=ST9IrS9L2Nw – so think it’s the last we will be seeing of her influence. If I had only 2 to choose from between 2 evils, Trump (in my personal opinion) is definitely the lesser of the 2!

  14. Leo says:

    Well done , the whole thing is so crazy I having outer body experience, the only way I can digest this freak situation is through humer,
    Thanks and keep up the good work will keep us sane

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