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Get yer Durban Poison now

That bastard pandemic interrupted the distribution of my last book, Durban Poison, but even though it’s now out of print, you can still get a copy as an e-book for a ridiculous price right here:

Check out a couple of reviews…

New from Ben Trovato – Durban Poison: A Collection of Vitriol and Wit

Book Review: Durban Poison


2 thoughts on “Get yer Durban Poison now

  1. Wendy says:

    omg i just want to buy the book but there is so much info all over the place to support this, donate that, its impossible to navigate. please just send the link me the link so i can buy the book already than you

    1. Ben Trovato says:

      Impossible? Come now, Wendy. It’s in the section titled “Books”. Between “Blog” and “Contact” at the top.
      If it’s Durban Poison, in particular, you’re after:

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