9 thoughts on “Namibia – Where it all began

  1. Irene

    Sorry. 🙁
    On the other hand, you’ve also definitely given me hours of grins and laughter. So there’s that.
    I will be adding your latest baby to my book shelf, snuggled up next to your other books.
    Thank you for the giggles.

  2. Faith Wallace

    Hi brilliant BenMark Baby, hope I can make it through the traffic jams and crowds to finally shake your hand. Your ardent fans from the days of yore. From Faith (Junior and Senior).

  3. Diana

    Oh Ben ….. Mark …whatever. Will be running to the bookstore to buy this one too. Bit of a wild child were you? Is there a Brenda?

  4. Sharon McKenzie

    OMW Ben!!! Is this truly you? I prefer to call you Ben than Mark – Ben sounds more like bent, as most of us are in one way or the other – so you blend in with the rest of us. I had imagined Ben’s alter-ego to be just as menacing. U are almost a half decent fellow 🙂 :). I wish you a long life (if you can manage it) as I imagine that there will be a few attempts on your life and that will be such a pity. Becareful of those who do not attempt 🙂 Anyway, it is nice to see who you really are. Keep writing the nonsense we all love so much.

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