9 thoughts on “Namibia – Where it all began

  1. ameena says:

    Cool photie…GQ Magazine back cover dude… Mark… lol

  2. Irene says:

    Sorry. 🙁
    On the other hand, you’ve also definitely given me hours of grins and laughter. So there’s that.
    I will be adding your latest baby to my book shelf, snuggled up next to your other books.
    Thank you for the giggles.

  3. That’s just what I need to hear four hours before my launch. Thanks.

  4. Irene says:

    Dude no! Aren’t you now crapping yourself? After all, you’ve most definitely pissed off quite a few people!

  5. Faith Wallace says:

    Hi brilliant BenMark Baby, hope I can make it through the traffic jams and crowds to finally shake your hand. Your ardent fans from the days of yore. From Faith (Junior and Senior).

  6. Diana says:

    Oh Ben ….. Mark …whatever. Will be running to the bookstore to buy this one too. Bit of a wild child were you? Is there a Brenda?

  7. Sharon McKenzie says:

    OMW Ben!!! Is this truly you? I prefer to call you Ben than Mark – Ben sounds more like bent, as most of us are in one way or the other – so you blend in with the rest of us. I had imagined Ben’s alter-ego to be just as menacing. U are almost a half decent fellow 🙂 :). I wish you a long life (if you can manage it) as I imagine that there will be a few attempts on your life and that will be such a pity. Becareful of those who do not attempt 🙂 Anyway, it is nice to see who you really are. Keep writing the nonsense we all love so much.

  8. Click on the link that says Weekend Argus – Extract

  9. Lauren Strauss says:

    I am unable to see this article….only advertising!

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