Read it and weep (with laughter)

Right. Since we are all essentially trapped in our homes, we’re going to need to find things to laugh about if we aren’t going to turn on each other like rats in a cage. Making fun of each other’s shortcomings is fine, but sooner or later it will end in tears or violence.

Alcohol and drugs can keep you amused for only so long before they run out or you build up a tolerance. Or you become a full-blown addict and your family pushes you outside and locks the door.

My advice is that you read. Books are harmless unless used to bludgeon your partner in his sleep. Reading, unlike Facebook, can’t make you more stupid than you already are.

If you are going to read, you might as well laugh at the same time. As my contribution to helping others in this weird and dark time, I am offering eleven of my books to download. Obviously not for free. This is not a charity. However, some may say that it’s pretty damn charitable to only charge R50 for nine of the titles.

Click on the Contraband link on this page and you can choose which books to download to read as a PDF on your device. Payment through Payfast or EFT is safe and reliable.

Have a happy isolation.