An open letter to Julius “Seizure” Malema

Dear Comrade Julius Malema the First, Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Hero of the Poor, Prince of Pedis, the People’s Parliamentarian, Evader of Taxes and Creator of the Revolutionary Onesie.

Congratulations on getting your BA degree through Unisa. That’s quite an achievement, especially when you consider how difficult it is just to get through to them on the phone.

I see you’ve been very busy lately putting your qualifications into practice and exercising your superior intellect. For a start, you reminded the people of Soweto about their role in the struggle against apartheid. Well done. People have short attention spans these days and all too often we forget hair appointments, wedding anniversaries and crimes against humanity.

The real masterstroke, though, was when you reminded the crowd to continue reproducing. I often forget to reproduce, with the result that I have only one loinfruit. Pathetic, I know. But this is good for black people because, as you so accurately pointed out, “White people do not want us to give birth because they know we are more than them … The day they are more than us, they will take over our land.”

It’s a fascinating theory, right up there with Frantz Fanon’s theory of colonial identity and the parallels between racial and commodity-based fetishism. And, obviously, the theory that Tinky Winky is gay.

However, no matter how brilliant theories are, it is important that they be tested. Without testing we could all just go around saying things like, “The moon landing was fake.” And, “9/11 was an inside job.” Which it quite clearly was. I don’t believe the moon landing was faked, though, because there is no such thing as ‘the moon’. I know a hologram when I see one and this is up there with the best.

Anyway, I tested your theory that white people wanted to take over politically by out-breeding black people. My maths is about as good as your woodwork, so my figures might not be one hundred and ten percent accurate. There are 55 million people in this country, most of whom can be found in my local bottle store on a Friday afternoon. Of that, 44 million are black and 4.5 million white. Hang on. What’s this? There are 4.8 million coloureds? Are you aware of this? What if you’re wrong and it’s the coloureds, not the whites, who are out to win this breeding war? If that is the case, we’re in deep trouble, my brother, and blacks and whites need to stand together against the Bruin Gevaar.

But I assume you’re right because you have been right about everything so far … well, everything apart from your blind loyalty to President Zuma, which only ended when he pulled a Dr Frankenstein four years ago and inadvertently turned you into his monster. I use the word ‘his’ loosely.

So here are my calculations. For the white population to go top of the log, every last Caucasian would have to have ten babies. That includes pensioners, children and, indeed, babies themselves. That’s right, comrade. The babies would have to have babies. But that’s not all. The men as well as the women would need to breed, which is entirely possible because it’s a well-known fact that white men have ovaries tucked behind their livers.

Oh, no. My test just got a whole lot more complicated. Figures show that last year the black population grew by 7.3% while the white population declined by 4.2%. This means that … I don’t know what it means. This is one of those rare moments in my life where beer can’t help.

So, unless Statistics SA is part of the white supremacist conspiracy, I think it’s fairly safe to say that white South Africans are still breeding – they’re just doing it in Perth, London and Auckland.

I must say, though, that you are a bit of a natural contraception. I was lying in bed with a girlfriend watching you being all red and shouty in parliament and she got so depressed that she lost all interest in sex. Maybe it’s a white thing.

You also told the people of Soweto – a vast, sparsely populated area where you can sometimes travel for up to three or four metres without bumping into another living soul – that “to make children is a revolutionary duty‚ because children represent reproduction of society. And when you reproduce yourself you reproduce your ideas and legacy.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know, you have spawned only one sproglodyte while your archenemy Jacob Zuma has 22 at last count. Soon we will find out who is the real revolutionary.

Inexplicably, not everyone recognises your genius. Jabu Mahlangu, spokesman for the SA National Civic Organisation, described your call to coitus as “illogical gibberish”. Well, that’s one less person you have to name a street after once you’re president.

Anyway, good luck with the launch of your manifesto next weekend. Did you know it comes from the Greek word ‘mani’ meaning ‘barefaced’ and ‘festo’ meaning ‘lies’? Of course you did.

Also, all the best for the municipal elections. When you win a municipality you absolutely must ride into town on a tank. It worked for the Americans when they liberated Paris and it can work for you when you liberate Parys. I’m happy to come in with my flamethrower and flush out the last of the ANC councillors.

By the way, I like your logo – a giant black fist dominating Africa and threatening South America with an assegai. Good for you. Those goddamn uppity Latinos need to learn that they aren’t the only ones who can cripple economies through poorly thought out socialist policies.

Juju Tank






22 thoughts on “An open letter to Julius “Seizure” Malema

  1. Oh for Christ’s sake, population boom in favor of one ethnicity does not mean dominance, of course except if they had a Moses with a vendatta sent by a God !!!

  2. narealba says:

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  3. You’re something else.

  4. Gail Dike says:

    Ben, are you sure about the moon?

  5. John Mavuso says:

    You whites think you can use your racism to try act superior and mock us. And you Johan Fritz want five reasons to not breed your girlfriend I give you another… bcoz your mtondo to small to service your mfazi… maybe let a black man do it while you wonder about your racist pretend climate change fraud.
    There will come justice time and you won’t be able to breed bcoz we make you extinct like dodo and use you to fertilize our grass while we outbreed you even in Europe.

    1. Fatfreedy says:

      John Mavuso…..why do you have a white persons name?

    2. Jon Snow says:

      Lol…is someone a little upset…? Dont pick on race when you have nothing better to say or cannot construct a logical response.

      Excellent piece mr author

      Ignore this twat.

  6. malope Komane says:

    Your open letter is irresponsible and misleading actually you are very stupid to insult and provoke us.Eff is bigger than what you can think off.to insult our commander in chief doesn’t mean you are a clever.we will respond to all of you in our manifesto launch.watch us filling up giant Orlando stadium and after is up to you to cry or shut the fuck up.

    1. Sportingrsa says:

      You (obviously) support the breeding statement, which is ridiculous, misguiding and politically opportunistic. Yet you call the author stupid! I don’t know you, thus can’t determine your stupidity index; but you are blind to the shameful advocation of economic models proven over the decades to lead to poverty and immense social suffering. The same model that chases Middle Easterns and North Africans towards Europe and South Americans to North America. Please wake up because its voters like you that lead to disastrous social experiments; that place politicians like JZ and JM in power.

  7. THABANI NYAWO says:

    Written by a very goog author. I don’t care if he is black, white or coloured. Gotta get a Bell’s fod ya

  8. Andy Nicholas says:

    Ben this is manna from heaven for another old white guy looking for any excuse to have sex with his wife……or anyone elses

  9. Thanks for all your articles, enjoy the laugh and strategic political talk.

  10. i could not stop laughing over this thread post. my sense of humor is quite twisted as is and this??

    well.. tis sheer brilliance.

    encore, encore. author, author. lol

    thank you.

    1. TheHulk says:

      Many a true word spoken in jest, his mocks the poor people, the desperate and those poor soul who look up too an idiot like him, a mill stone will be tied around his and he will be cased into the deepest part of the ocean, 11 km down, crushing pressure, bitterly cold and pitch darkness, awaits him

      1. seems to me there are more racists on earth and in here than there were in the colonial ages. sorry that most people feel that way. i guess what I believe about white trash is true but thats just me.

  11. Mark says:

    Juju would be great for comedy if he wasnt so freaking scary… he’s like what would happen if the offspring of Bob Mugabe and Idi Amin met and fucked… yes, more baby fucking! With all due apologies to Pineapple Express.

  12. Sharon says:

    Maybe we must cut Juju some slack. If “peaceful” “protests” don’t work he’s aiming to remove gvt through the barrel of a gun!! If ever there was a chameleon…

  13. Malinda Nel says:

    There are TWO Malema babies out there. The last one was mentioned in the newspapers during the year when the mother (NOT Malema’s wife) wanted some moola…

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