Get your Durban Poison here!

I promised that my new book would be available on my website and, lo, it has come to pass. Praise be.

I’m happy to devalue your copy by scribbling something in it. If you want it inscribed to someone other than yourself, supply the name in the box marked Order Notes.

There is limited stock available. Seriously. I am not just saying that to sell more books. I’m not like the others. Also, given the reputation of the Post Office, early orders are advisable unless you want to get it in time for Christmas 2020.

PDFs of my other titles are also available. Just click on Contraband.






5 thoughts on “Get your Durban Poison here!

  1. Thatizwe Gumede

    Dear Ben,

    I got my copy of Durban Poison from Exclusive Books at Menlyn a week ago. I planned to finish reading it in one sitting, but the boss of the Gumede household (a.k.a. Mrs Gumede) kept giving me house chores. Great book, Mr Trovato.

    Thathizwe Gumede.

  2. Dawn

    Please link Capitec bank to your Payfast account…..wanted to donate last year and it was not an option. Want to buy books now, but not an option….thanks.

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