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Xmas shopping for the cheapskates and the drunk

It’s that time of year when the ravening dogs of capitalism are out of the cages and straining at their leashes. Their eyes are red and wet and their foam-flecked jaws snap and slaver. Soon they will slip their choke chains and, howling and biting at our heels, they will herd us into the malls and shopping centres until panic drives us crazy and we plunge desperately into debt.

Or you could crack open another beer and order some of my e-books right here. Christmas shopping is at its best when done lying on the couch half-cut.

Upon payment, you’ll receive a link to the e-book which can then be emailed to whoever you like on Christmas Day. If you prefer, I can email the link to the recipient myself, along with an electronic version of an inscription. Just let me know in the ‘Note’ section on the purchase page.

The books are R50 each, including my latest, Durban Poison. You’d be even more of an idiot not to buy one than I am for selling at that ridiculous price.

Click on ‘Books’ on this site or go here…


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